Stories Sell – Video Marketing to Captivate the 21st Century Audience  

Everyone wants to hear a story. Stories are engaging and exciting, bringing us away from our routine lives to experience something new. This has served as the formula for many successful video marketing campaigns – from the Malboro Man to Skittles ‘Taste The Rainbow.’

These campaigns were wildly successful by presenting an attractive message through video marketing. In the social media landscape, where content is always being shared, visual content grow traffic 12 times faster than those that don’t.

We can sit here all day with statistics on how video marketing is the most effective form of marketing but really, it boils down to making use of visual and audio elements to bring your brand to life and associate it with the message you want to send.

Here are why videos are the best way to tell your story.

Videos are a vehicle for the imagination.

Videos bring your product to life, evoking certain memories and meaning for your audience. For a restaurant, a visual of sizzling ribs is always associated with a delectable meal, making your audience hunger for it. For event spaces, instead of pictures, guide your audience through a video tour and let their own imagination take over. Play a fast-tempo tune to create an exciting party vibe or a slow classical tune for a romantic dinner atmosphere. As long as your customers can imagine the experience at your venue, half the battle is already won. 

what you might miss out while planning a webinar


Videos are the vehicle for product trust. 

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No video = no proof. Photos are no longer reliable as it has become so easy to manipulate them. Horror stories permeate the Internet on how nice-looking venues on the Internet turned out to be a nightmare in reality. However, videos still retain a sense of authenticity that is not easily taken away. 


Videos are the vehicle for learning. 

Want more people to learn about your video? Research shows that people are more willing to watch explainer videos to learn more about a product. If you want your video to stand out at the next level, try an animation video to express your product where the only boundary is your creativity. 

But if you are a numbers person…


Videos are the vehicle for viral content.

First, it was Youtube. Then, Instagram. Now, Tiktok is taking over. These reigning channels for content promotion all rely on visuals to sell. According to research, social video content generates up to 1200% more shares than images and text combined. [efn_note] [/efn_note]  It makes your product more memorable. Viewers retain up to 95% of a video’s content compared to 10% in text. [efn_note] [/efn_note] Most importantly, it sells your product. Videos on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. [efn_note] [/efn_note]

landing page benefit to your brand

How to start?

Hiring a professional video crew would be ideal to help you in producing the best quality video. However, the core of any good video content is the message. If you have a precise and concise message, all you need is a smartphone camera, a well-lit room and you’re good to go!

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