Unique Gifts for Each Type Of Mother – Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s day is here! Despite the Circuit Breaker, are you still planning a meaningful celebration at home? That’s the spirit! Join us on Instagram with #CelebrateAtHome and tag @venuerific to inspire others with your fun celebrations while keeping safe. 

Be it the stereotypical tiger mother to the endearing “best friends” mother, their love and heart for you remain the greatest guarantee you will ever have in your life. Hence, we have curated a list according to the type of mother she is and some gifts best suited for them.

Type: The Mythical Tiger Mum

Tiger mothers are the stereotypical strict disciplinarian. Yelling is her way of communicating and the cane is her way of showing it. In the end, as you grow older, you realise her tough love is still love. What can you do to best appreciate a seemingly no-nonsense mother?  


Gift: Good grades. Just kidding. But seriously, if you have a tiger mother, it is best not to spend too much money on gifts. Avoid any opportunity to be yelled at, I would say. This is why a heartfelt, home-made card is the best. However, try glamorising your home-made cards with some creative alternatives. 

explosion box for mother's day

Image Credit to It’s’ Always Autumn

An explosion box is an amazing work of art and the best thing is that it is entirely DIY-able. 

Type: The All-Rounder Care-Taker

mother cooking with daughter

Your mother is the woman of the house, taking care of every household chores. She does an amazing job of caring for our daily needs to the point that we almost take it for granted. For such a hard worker, what can we do to alleviate that burden off her?

Gift: A rare, luxurious meal from Hard Rock Cafe Singapore!

hard rock cafe singapore mother's day gifts
Image Credit to Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

Spare her from preparing dinner on Mother’s Day and instead, order in some extravagant and luxurious meal to treat her! Hard Rock Cafe is offering a delectable NY cheesecake for every two main orders. With 15% off all deliveries, this is a fancy meal at affordable prices! 

Type: Career Woman

career woman

The chic and sophisticated mother is killing it at home and the business world. She is probably savvy and rather well-to-do, which means you probably cannot get her anything that she cannot have. However, juggling work and family life means she might not be able to spend as much time as she likes with you. 

Gift: This sweet Rose Herbarium Ballpoint Pen. ($18)

great gift for mother's day

Image Credit to Yurika Kanamaru 

After a laptop, a pen is likely the most important tool that a career woman needs. With this pen that represents your love for her, she can finally bring a piece of you whenever she goes. 

Type: Zumba Fanatic

zumba dance session singapore

Image Credit to Fit Club SG

Is your mother into zumba? Not surprising, given how thousands of mothers all over the island have joined in. If so, she must be especially devastated that Zumba sessions have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. 

Gift: Organise a virtual party on Zoom for your mother with all her Zumba friends!

Your mother probably misses her Zumba friends as much as the sessions or even more. If you can wait, on the 2nd week of May, Arpanam is helping to host virtual parties alongside food and packaged cocktails! 

Type: Best Friend

mother's day gift

Image Credit to Smart Parents SG

The best friend type is cool and open-minded, making you comfortable enough to share your deepest thoughts and secrets with her. Often, you are rewarded for opening up to her. Her life experiences translate into valuable advice that has guided you well over the years.

Gift: Elevate your late night heart-to-heart session by organising a relaxing spa day for some bonding!

home spa session

Image Credit to Bel Mondo Beauty

  1. You need some face masks from Sephora and slices of cucumber
  2. Prepare a foot spa with the aid of online articles
  3. Play some music
  4. Relax in the living room and just enjoy Circuit Breaker life

Type: Helicopter

Image Credit to Venngage 

Being always the first to leave the party and threats of being grounded are probably very relatable childhood experiences living under a helicopter mother. She is the overprotective mother bear that worries for you the moment you leave the house. 

Gift: Fill up a beautiful gift box with printed photos of the precious memories your family shared! 

gift less ordinary for mother's day

Image Credit to Gifts Less Ordinary

You can even engrave your personalised message on the box. This gift is sure to touch your mother’s heart as she sees how you have grown over the years. Perhaps, she might even come to a realisation that you are old enough to spread your wings and fly. 😉

Venuerific is also offering video editing solutions. Simply send us your old photos or video footages and we can create an amazing video compilation as your gift!

Don’t forget. Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

Pamper your mother even more by winning $30 F&B vouchers from the 1855 Group (available for use at The Spot & Wakanui) to be used after Circuit Breaker ends! Simply post photos of your Mother’s Day celebration at home and tag us at @venuerific with the #CelebrateAtHome for a chance to win!

At the end of the day, your mother just wants to spend more time with you. The greatest gift you could probably give her is quality time and attention.



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