Best Venues for an Impressive Christmas Party in Kuala Lumpur

Are you starting to hear a Christmas song wherever you go to? Grab a paper, create a checklist, and start planning your Christmas Party before your preferred venues get booked out! Choosing a venue for Christmas Party can be confusing but you have come to the right place. We’ve got you covered! Are you into a […]

5 Practical Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Christmas Party in Singapore

It’s no surprise when it comes to events, there is huge wastage whether it’s leftover food, plastic utensils, one-time use of decorations, and more. As we all take a step towards creating a more sustainable environment in the world, Venuerific team has put together a list of different ways to host your Christmas and year-end […]

8 Best Hotels in Singapore for a Best Home Away from Home Staycation Experience

Singapore offers the luxury of different types of hotels you can choose from when it comes to staycation. The staycation phenomenon is becoming a trend, especially for busy people who don’t have time to plan their vacations to other cities or countries but at the same time get to enjoy all that a hotel has […]

9 Gorgeous Locations For Private Pool Parties in Singapore

It’s great to be in sunny Singapore. With bright blue skies and great weather (almost) all year round, we are ready to head outdoors. Lounging in the cool pool waters is a great way to unwind. Plus you’d get a gorgeous tan at the end of the day. Having a private pool adds a unique […]

Christmas in Singapore: 6 Cool Party Venues in Singapore for Christmas 2019

The festive season is almost here. As soon as it turned November 1st this year, did you start seeing the Christmas decorations and wonder how the time went by so quickly. Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re staying in Singapore this holiday season, hop out of your house/office and find a private […]

6 Best Christmas Party Venues in Singapore | Where to Host a Christmas Party This Year

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s amazing not just because of the presents or decorations, but because we get to be with loved ones and celebrate the end of the year on a jolly note before we welcome the new year! If you are planning to […]

7 Awesome and Affordable Private Party Venues in Singapore: Where to Host Your Next Party in Singapore

Need an incredible event space for your next party? These unique party venues in Singapore can let you host a small group to a large group for a private party. Singapore is well known to have a wide selection of venues, from restaurants, cafes, and unique event warehouses! We’ve got you covered with the perfect […]

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