Throw an unforgettable 30th Birthday Party

Finally turning 30.. after a long road has passed. A 30th Birthday Party is definitely one that deserves a celebration. Throwing an unforgettable, extravagant and glammed-out birthday bash for yourself or your special someone will be of significance in meaning. Explore more on how to make that 30th birthday party look spectacular and filled with sentimental memories in this section! From decoration ideas to fun activities that you can do with your friends and family. Not to mention the cake and catering options. Scroll down to find out how you can, “Throw an unforgettable 30th Birthday Party“.

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Theme & Venues

(Photo credit : Pinterest)

Faber Peak Singapore

(Photo credit : Faber Peak Singapore)

Bring your 30th birthday party ON by choosing your desired theme! Classy Chic theme with pink-maroon gradation balloons will make the atmosphere of the venue be more lively and beautiful. A city-view venue like Faber Peak Singapore have transparent windows which would catch the natural lighting from the outside and beautifully light up the room. Not to mention providing you with the ideal photography setting you desire. If you choose this theme, we’d recommend you wearing an elegant midi dress like a Bodycon or Pouf style with pastel hues which will make you look ethereal whilst keeping you comfortable during your special party day.

Cigar Bar Setting for Party

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(Photo credit : Larkhill Mansion )

Country & Colonial style decoration for your party is another one of our suggestions that you can try! Apart from the hip and manly outlook, it also brings back a blast from the past of a colonial era into your party. A round wood table with cigar, ashtray, beer, and rum is a good combination to complete the theme for your 30th birthday party. Holding your party at a colonial-style venue is just a cherry on top of the cake. Astonishing B&W Estate will be able to provide you with that!


Luxurious Cake Singapore

(Photo credit : Lady M Confections)

(Photo credit : Pinterest)

Does it get any better than having Mille Crepes Cake for your 30th birthday party? Bet not! This debonair cake is enriched with a perfect blend of vanilla, green tea and earl grey flavours that will make your guests smile due to its special taste and luxurious look. Every tier of this cake is made from selected ingredients that won’t disappoint, we guarantee it! Go check Lady M Confections !

For those of you who want to have a different look for your cake, you may request for a customised cake with the theme you desire. Maybe a Unicorn-themed cake? Or Jack Daniels like the above? Customize it how you like it!

Food & Drinks

funny custom cupcakes

(Photo credit : Pinterest)

(Photo credit : Pinterest)

Forget the generic chocolate cupcakes. Now, you can give a fun-touch even on your cupcakes. Imagine having multiple portraits of yourself on the cupcakes? No, it’s not narcissist if you have a good sense of humour! Or is it? Just kidding!

Wanna have simple drinks for your 30th birthday? Buy a soda and create a design for the cover. You can customize it according to your preference. Maybe a simple wish or anything funny to tickle the funny bones of your guests. Get creative! A simple thing like this can impress your guests and make your 30th birthday party be extraordinary and unforgettable.

Fun Activities for your 30th Birthday Party

  1. Dancing ??
    Get on your dancing shoes, shake yo booty and be happy on your 30th birthday! Connect the body and soul. Shake off the negative energy and dance the night away!
  2. Cooking Class ??‍?
    Make homemade memories, seasoned with love by holding a cooking class as one of the fun activities in your 30th birthday party. You will be able to bond with your loved ones especially given the amount of teamwork needed.
  3. Painting ?
    Look around you, there are many beautiful and unique things that you can use as an object for painting. Otherwise, use your imagination to drive your brush on your canvas. Guests will get a chance to express their creativity and bring their paintings home.
  4. Karaoke ?
    Raise your glasses up, grab a microphone, and sing like no one is watching. Let your voice shine and express your love through a heartfelt message for your guests. Only if you’re comfortable of course!
  5. The Two Truths and a Lie Game ?
    In other words, The Friendship Test. Your friends will gather together and take turns telling true facts and one lie about themselves. People will try to guess which of the statements are facts and which the lie is. Remember, the ones who guessed it right are your true friends!

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