Fun Birthday Party Ideas and Where to Hold It in Singapore

fun birthday party ideas and venues in Singapore

Planning to celebrate your upcoming birthday in Singapore this 2022? Or wanting to throw a surprise party for your loved ones? Whatever it is, a dull birthday celebration is always a big no. Therefore, we’ve created a list of super fun birthday party ideas with a perfect venue for each of them. Scroll down to see how to celebrate your birthday with more than just singing “Happy Birthday” and having dinner. From kids birthday, 21st birthday, to adult birthday parties, these activities are suitable for all! Venuerific helps you find the best birthday venue Singapore has to offer.

1. Archery Tag @ Hyperspace

birthday party ideas: combat archery tag
large event space for birthday party

For you competitive person out there, this is definitely the perfect birthday celebration for you. With the size of 3000 ft, you can freely run around during indoor archery tag at Hyperspace. If archery sounds too intimidating for you, you can always try everyone’s favourite – laser tag! No matter how old you are, playing a tag will always be fun and memorable. Check out Hyperspace By The Fun Empire!

Address: 91A Lavender St., Singapore 338719
Capacity: up to 150

2. Art Jamming @ Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House

art jamming
unique event space for birthday party

Pour out your creativity and show how talented you are to your friends by hosting an art jamming session for your birthday. It is possible to host an art jamming session at the comfort of your own house. However, since we’re talking about an extraordinary birthday party, why don’t we take it to the next level? Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House is the perfect birthday place in Singapore for this. You can even feel inspired by looking at Jan Larsen’s masterpieces. Check out Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House!

Address: 61 Kim Yam Rd, Singapore 239362
Capacity: up to 50

3. Picnic @ Wheeler’s Estate

picnic in the afternoon
large outdoor venue for birthday party
Image credit to Wheeler’s Estate

Get on your cutest outfit and bring your friends to experience a chill and relaxing picnic! This is the perfect way to spice things up if you just want to have a casual meal and chit chat with your closest ones on your birthday. The whopping 2 acres of open space at Wheeler’s Estate is perfect to celebrate a birthday party with a picnic theme, for kids and adults! Check out Wheeler’s Estate!

Address: 2 Park Ln, Singapore 798386
Capacity: up to 350

4. Karaoke @ 7th Heaven Cafe

fun karaoke for birthday party
private karaoke room for private party
Image credit 7th Heaven Cafe

Whether it’s a party with friends or family, nothing beats a good old karaoke. Sing your hearts out at one of the rooms at 7th Heaven Cafe. Since it is doubled as a cafe, you can afterwards fuel up with amazing food and drinks. You can even put birthday decorations in the room, perfect for throwing a surprise party. Check out 7th Heaven Cafe!

Address: 1/A Tampines Street 92, #03-02 SAFRA Tampines, Singapore 528882
Capacity: up to 100

5. Bowling @ Civil Service Club

bowling for birthday party
bowling arena for birthday party

Are you a big fan of sports and want to incorporate that into your birthday party? The all-in-one and versatile Civil Service Club is the answer! Located in many areas in Singapore, you can host any kinds of birthday parties including a bowling competition here. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie! Doing a challenging activity with your loved ones is going to create an unforgettable and meaningful memory!  Check out Civil Service Club!

1. 2 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508503
2. 91 Bukit Batok West Ave 2, Singapore 659206
3. 60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664

6. Private Pool + BBQ Party @ Stal

fun pool party for birthday celebration
rooftop with large pool for events

If hosting a private birthday party at a hotel rooftop is out of your budget, you don’t need to feel down. Stal is a versatile event space with access to a rooftop with a large pool! While having a fun pool party, you can also complete it with a BBQ cookout. Not only that, the first floor of this super cool place is full with impressive metal art sculpture. No need for extra decorations! Check out Stal!

Address: 28 Senang Cres, Singapore 416601
Capacity: up to 40

7. Yacht Party @ No Name Yacht 3

yacht party for birthday celebration
luxurious yacht for fancy birthday party
Image credit to No Name Yacht 3

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? This yacht from The Yacht Club Singapore is ready to take you away and help you create a birthday party with a bang. This elegant yacht will give a fancy and luxurious vibe to your simple birthday party. Nothing can compare to enjoying the sunset in the evening with your friends! Check out No Name Yacht 3!

Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
Capacity: up to 8

And that wraps up our list of fun and easy birthday party ideas and venues in Singapore, we have a little reminder. No matter how you celebrate, don’t forget to follow the health protocols of each venue and have fun!

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