7 Best Movie Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Singapore

7 Best Movie Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Singapore

Kids love movie inspired birthday parties. Nothing beats watching your favourite movie come to life! Planning a birthday party can be easy with the right theme and knowing the right tricks. Read more to uncover our hidden party hacks and savers tips!

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1. Avengers

Avengers assemble, it’s time to party! 


Colour Palette 
Red, Blue, Gold, Black

Party Essentials:

  1. Themed snacks 
    *Party Hacks:
    Recreate Thor’s Hammer Bites with cubed cheese and pretzel sticks 
    Layer coloured jelly to create Captain America Jello
  2. Super Hero Capes
    *Party Hack: Create this on your own in less than 5 mins


2. Star Wars

The force awakens and wants to celebrate.

Firstly, everyone loves Star Wars- adults and kids alike. Secondly, your kid would be the coolest kid on the block hosting a Star Wars themed Birthday party.

Colour Palette
White, Black, Grey, Gold



Party Essentials

  1. Themed Backdrop 
    *Party hacks: Purchase and glue black vanguard paper together. With a paint brush, splash white/silver paint to create a galaxy effect
  2. Themed Snacks
  3. Decorations
    *Party Hacks: DIY Balloon Tie Fighters!


3. Lion King

You love Lion King? You child loves Lion King too? It indeed is the Circle of Life. 

As a matter of fact, we have recently released a Hakuna Matata Jungle Themed celebrations package! Find out more!

Colour Palette
Green, Brown, Orange, Pale Yellow


Party Essentials

  1. Decorations
    – Hanging Decorations
    *Party Hacks: Create your own hanging decorations using twine and your own Lion-King print outs

    – Balloons (Orange, White & Gold)
    *Savers tip: Purchase regular balloons and colour the stripes in with a permanent marker
  2. Themed Snacks
    Timon and Pumbaa Dirt Cups
  3. Nature-Themed decor

4. Monsters Inc


A timeless classic. Celebrate your Kid’s first birthday with Mike, Sully and Boo. Loving this dessert table? Find out how we brought it to life!

Colour Palette
Pink, Purple, baby blue


Party Essentials

  1. A backdrop from the colour palette
    *Savers tip: Visit any neighborhood fabric shop and request for some cloth (total price: about SGD$5)
  2.  Decorative Fringes
    *Party Hacks 

5. Little Mermaid

Trust me, the grass is greenest under the sea… A versatile and awe-inspiring theme.

Colour Palette
Light Blue, Dark Blue, Aqua Green, white, Beige, Red

Party Essentials

  1. White or Blue Backdrop
  2. Seashells and Sand (Lookalike)
    *Savers tip: Get cheap and good decorations for your mermaid themed party at fish & pet shops. A commonplace to find seashells and sand-like pebbles (Commonly used as tank decorations)
  3. Little Mermaid Inspired Photo Wall


6. Minions


Undeniably adorable! Get this incredible macaroon tower with our partnered pastry chef!

Colour Palette
Black, white, yellow

Party Essentials

  1. Themed snacks

    2. Make Shift Minions
    *Party Hacks: Create your own minions with bananas and Minion print outs 

7. Lilo & Stitch

Ohana means familyFamily means nobody gets left behind at this Celebration!

Aloha mi amigos! Transport your party to Hawaii and bask in the the sunny facade of a Lilo & Stitch themed party!

Colour Palette

Party Essentials

  1. Leaf / Flower Garlands
    *Savers tip: Get them for just $2 at your nearest Daiso
  2. Decorations 
    Get Coconuts and pineapples to complete the look
  3. Party Games
    Try the Limbo!
    *Party Hacks: Simply wrap a bamboo pole with gift wrapping paper to complete this look. Easy!

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