10 Best 1st Birthday Party Venue Ideas in Singapore

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Celebrations are set to make a big comeback because of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Everyone is excited to have an event—especially for the new parents who want to host their kids’ first birthday party. Now comes the fun but stressful part: searching for the perfect 1st birthday party venue in Singapore.

This can be a tall order. No need to worry, because here are the 10 best picks in Singapore that will surely create a memorable experience for families. Venuerific has event entertainment Signapore options too to spice up your parties by the way!

Indoor Play Spaces in Singapore

1. Kaboodle

Kaboodle space, with soft play materials and hard wooden floors and a playground themed birthday party
Image from Kathy Thomas Blog

One of the best indoor birthday party venues in Singapore for a 1st birthday is Kaboodle, which is a creative-playground-turned-events-space. This venue has board games, card games, and a lot of other engaging toys for children. 

Book this as your child’s 1st birthday party venue and get exclusive access to its three main areas: a block play area, a café, and a multipurpose area. Create a play-themed birthday party to liven your child’s day. Discover more about how kids can have fun while learning with Kaboodle

Address: Katong Square E Coast Rd, #86-88, Singapore 428788
Capacity: 1- 40 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Wifi, a TV Screen, games, Events team
Food and Beverage Option: Vegetarian-friendly, Finger-food, coffee, tea, wine

2.  City On A Hill

Spacious area with table tennis, bean bag chairs, and two counters with their own chairs and a sports themed first birthday
Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

A place for the arts, City on a Hill provides a unique experience with music and sports for kids and parents. This 1st birthday party venue takes “multi-functional” to a whole new level, housing an auditorium, a dance studio, a music room, a digital lab, a baking/art studio, and a project booth under one roof. 

Host a dance class, invite a live band, or even bake a birthday cake in this venue—creating different sections to your child’s birthday party (sure to win the hearts of hyperactive children!). Sports themes will work well too. See how you can transform City on A Hill.

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #B1-01, Singapore 598332
Capacity: 1- 50
Amenities: Air conditioning, Ping pong table, Pool Table, Projector, Tech Support
Food and Beverage Option: Coffee, Tea, External Catering Not Allowed

3. Here.SG

A ball bit with a grid wall that has "Carpe Diem" written on it and a baby inside a colorful ball pit.
Image from Hello Rascal Kids

Another example of birthday party venues sure to light up your guests’ faces is Here.SG. Located at Farrer Park, this 1st birthday party venue has fun and customizable retro interior that screams “Instagram” and “play.”  

Here.SG also boasts a mini ball pit, arcade games, and its own Mahjong table—and it is just getting started. Spend your kids’ 1st birthday party in a 2022 Venuerific Choice Award nominee for ‘Most Popular Event Venue,’ Here.SG!

Address: 576A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218190
Capacity: 1- 50
Amenities: Projector, Electronic Darts, Basketball Arcade machine, board games, a poker set and more.
Food and Beverage Option: External Catering Not Allowed

4. Happen.SG

Three platforms with different heights and pillows for each one. Popcorn and licorice for a movie night themed party.
Image from Moms and Munchkins

For people that want to cater to all types of fun, Happen.SG is one of the best birthday party places on this list. This multifunctional space has a karaoke machine, games, a stage, and 1,700 sqft for you to get creative with! 

Homey, slumber party or movie night themes fit great with this 1st birthday party venue, since it can also be transformed into a unique play experience. Explore Happen.SG as one of your kids’ birthday party venues!

Address: 27 Jln Besar, Singapore 208796
Capacity: 1- 50
Amenities: Air conditioning, Xbox Kinect, Playstation 4, card games, board games, Events Staff
Food and Beverage Option: Bar Tab, Full Bar, External Catering Not Allowed

Event Spaces in Singapore

5. lyf one-north Singapore

Image from Today’s Parent

With an indoor pavillion, an outdoor ampitheatre, a rooftop, and several function rooms, lyf one-north Singapore is a perfect for children activities. Set up an art area with finger paint, watercolors, or crayons and have kids decorate to their hearts’ content!

You can do this around the lush greenery or through a room brightened by natural light. Whichever room your book from lyf one-north Singapore, you’re sure to have a space conducive to your kids’ creativity.

Book your next room at lyf one-north Singapore!

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