How to organize a simple yet successful networking night

Who has the time and who wants to be caught up with all the organizing and liaising for a networking event? Pulling off a successful networking event could be your gateway to partnerships, collaborations and making valuable connections. Hosting a unique type of a networking night from the umpteen out there could help make a lasting impression as an company. So, here you go find out the easy-peasy way on: How to organize a simple yet successful networking night?

☝? A not-so-boring venue 

Instead of the usual co-working space, big empty room or hotels think out of the box and find a place that is trendy, hip and unique. A venue could mark how successful your event will be. Go out and explore your unique options or simply browse through Venuerific at the comfort of your desk.

  • If you are a young, vibrant and dynamic team why stick yourself to the norm. Go for industrial lofts/apartments.
  • If you are a well-established firm/company and are hosting a classy suited networking, you can look into refurbished heritage shophouses, private bungalows.

✌? Not-the same samosa and soda

Inviting your guests or clients after work and feeding them some tit bits might be a little mean don’t you think? Skip the usual beer cans and sodas, what if you could keep quenching their thirst with craft beers?  Provide them something special and make them feel exclusive. Hearty meals give way to heart-felt conversations cause a full and satisfied person is a happy person.

  • Craft beers are made using traditional methods of brewery and have a richer taste in comparison to the usual ones.
  • Have a variety of sweet and savory bites from tiny cakes to small slices of pizzas.

☝?✌? A not-so-dead vibe

Let’s be frank, we have all been there. The awkward conversation starter. Make it easy for your guests to mingle around with the crowd and avoid awkward small talks. So, let’s go back in time, it was so much easier to just make friends when we were kids through the games we played. Make that happen again. You can simply help your guests break the ice through such little fun.

  • Small entertainment stations around the space.
  • From life-sized jengas, pool tables, dart machines, beer pong, ping pong or even old school hopscotch.

?? What if I told you such a party package already exists?

1) The perfect not-your-ordinary venue stocked with entertainment 

A mysterious hip and hidden underground bar that lies unobtrusively under the Haw Par Glass Tower. Walk through a circular staircase and you will be greeted by a mannequin that has been vandalized, well quite artistically. It almost feels like you have discovered a hidden chamber.

  • Minimalistic decor such as cemented walls/floor and neon lights
  • Fit a crowd of 400 people with ample of moving and breathing space
  • Fix of entertainment with a wide variety of arcade games from cards to darts

2) They have got your back and stomach!

The spark to the beginning of this bar was a mug of American craft beer. Hence, they take their beers quite seriously and provide you  with the best quality of beers on tap and bottle. You can easily liaise with them to create a customized menu on what you want to offer for your guests. From classic nachos, pork belly buns, mac& cheese balls, chipotle drumlets to the the plain’ol fries.

This Venuerific Networking Night Celebration Package Includes:

  • FREE 1st drink for a pax of 80 (Additional drink is $10/drink, originally $15/drink)
  • Venue available for 3 hours during weeknights

Networking Celebration Package on Venuerific

So, stop the race, cut the chase and just get this package. One click and your networking night is just the date away!

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