A sweet and simple guide to your baby’s 1st birthday celebration in Singapore


Your baby’s first birthday is a start to the celebration of their life.  Throwing a first birthday party can seem overwhelming with all the never ending baby nurturing tasks.  However, we present you, a guide to having the sweetest party with minimal planning and preparation. Wouldn’t you just want to jump for joy and celebrate your little one’s first ever birthday party? Your baby probably would not remember this party but you might as well make the best of it while your little one is still the little bundle of joy in your dainty arms. So here you go, A sweet and simple guide to your baby’s 1st birthday celebration in Singapore.

1. Choosing a venue

Home is usually the easiest place to host a first birthday party as it is the most hassle free and safest option. However, it can be a little too small to accommodate all your guests. In addition, who would want to end up scrubbing and cleaning the house from all the spills and leftover trash scattered all around your house? Save your precious “parent” time to catch up on some much needed sleep you’ve been missing on. Being it the first birthday, a bright & bubbly venue should do the trick! Take a look at this industrial cum bohemian restaurant decorated with plenty of greenery. Plentyfull.

2. Choosing a theme

A party theme may not be of importance to your 1 year old or the guests. However, a theme can really help in terms of the vibrancy of the party, making it feel more exclusive to your little one. Well, genuinely speaking, it also gives you a sense of direction on how to organise the party!  You can choose themes based on your baby’s gender or a cute and trendy cartoon character. Perhaps even a garden-themed party? Imagine a venue filled with flowers and greeneries with some touches of colourful decorations. There’s bound to be beautiful photos that come out with a setting like that!

3. Choosing yummy Food & Beverages

Keep the food simple! Finger food won’t interrupt play time or socialising. It works well for both the young and old. Tiny crustless tea sandwiches, mini homemade muffins, fresh fruits, cheese cubes, crackers and mini yogurt samples are some good options to consider. You can also try to create your food with some cute animal decoration. Important: Take note some of their little friends that might still be toothless.

One crucial thing to note when deciding on food options is the choking hazards that the food may bring to the little ones. Food like popcorn, raisins, nuts and marshmallows are just some of the examples. For beverages, it’s a good idea to have milk, water and fruit juice for the kids and sodas for the adults. The cake is and always will be the highlight of the dessert table. So it’s no surprise if most people do tend to spend a little bit more money on a cute cake or time on a handmade birthday cake!  Scroll below for some inspirations.

4. Making it fun with Game & Activities

Bursting balloons can be a tad bit too frightening for most kids but not bubbles! These magical, transparent, floating bubbles never seize to amuse children and make them wiggle in merry. Get those bubble guns out and fill the room with bubbles for your kid and their little friends to play with. Perfect candid moments for the album, we reckon! Turn up some jumpy rhymes or beats and dance along with the little ones as well. 

Before the date of the party, you may even ask your guests to send photos of themselves as babies. On the day of the party, hang all the photos around the room, with their permission of course! An interactive game to go along with it is to get your guests to match the photos of to the people in the room! Be sure to prepare some attractive prizes for the winners. 

 5. Making it special with Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are always a sweet and nice gesture to gift and thank your guests for turning up and celebrating the best moments of your child with you. You can choose something simple yet memorable!  

It’s not over yet, we still have some general tips for you

  • Stow away precious ornaments and breakables.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the party area for hazards, such as forks and small, swallowable objects, and clear them away quickly.
  • Have somewhere clean, handy, and well-equipped for diaper changing.
  • Breastfeeding moms may appreciate somewhere quiet and private to nurse.
  • Make sure you have a willing volunteer to take plenty of photos and videos. You may be too busy, and you don’t want to miss those shots of your baby digging into her first birthday cake!

That’s all the steps for a sweet and simple guide to your baby’s 1st birthday celebration. Does all of the planning seem nerve wrecking? Too much details to take note and take care of? Well, no worries! WE HAVE GOT A ONE-STOP SOLUTION. Uh huh you heard it right. Gone are the days where you have to settle every individual vendors from the Venue to F&B, on your own.


Little One's 1st Birthday Party Celebration Package on Venuerific

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  • Beverages (Non-alcoholic 3 hours free-flow for 100pax)
  • Dessert Table (5 variety of desserts: macaroons, sugar cookies, pops, cupcakes, ribena jelly)
  • A1 Backdrop (Theme of your choice)
  • Cake (Flavour of your choice)
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  • FREE gift of balloons from the Venuerific team (50 balloons)

So simply purchase this package and your celebration is just the date away! Dress up your little pumpkin, Dance around with them, Eat some delicious food, Smudge your face with cake, sing a happy song and be merry!

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