The Ultimate 21st Birthday Bash that will be the talk of your clique in Singapore

Hitting the “Big 21” is a huge deal! It’s the peak to the start of our adulthood. So it’s only right that we start it right! We know planning that ever-so hyped 21st birthday celebration is never easy! It has to be perfect! Not to mention aesthetically pleasing as well to get that perfect Instagram-worthy shot. So here you go, the guide to “The Ultimate 21st Birthday Bash that will be the talk of your clique

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This is what you can expect prepping for your ‘lit’ birthday celebration.

First up, that Insta-worthy spot! It’s all about the Aesthetics.

(Location: Needle in a haystack , Cloud9)

Expect plenty of sleepless nights looking through countless number of feeds on Instagram or Pinterest just to look for inspirations for your themed party. Not to mention the sourcing out for an affordable yet hip-looking venue that is accessible for your friends to actually get to. Perhaps an industrial-themed, two-storey spacious loft that is well-equipped with Wifi, Projector and comfy seats would be sufficient? A foosball and pool table along with pool amenities to take it a step further? Why not! It’s your 21st birthday after all. It’ll definitely help keep your guests entertained and avoid the awkwardness of your friends meeting your other friends. We’ve all been there..


Next, Blanc & Grub! Too literal? Okay, Wine & Dine it is! 

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Stressful enough? Well, there’s more. F&B! This will make or break your celebration. You’ll need to outsource for affordable and trustworthy caterers that will not only provide good food for your guests but warm too, might I add. If all these thoughts of planning don’t make you jittery, there’s still a themed cake that you have to consider. Like all birthday parties, having that trendy cake is just quintessential since it would probably be the star of your photos. Well, aside from you of course!

Ahaa! We’ve got a one-stop solution for you!

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If you’ve stumbled upon our website hoping for a miracle and stress-free 21st birthday celebration, you’re at the right place! This 21st Birthday Package option is a one-stop destination for you. We’ll provide you with premium buffet options that include western and asian food delights. You pick! Themed cake? For sure! Maybe that unicorn themed cake that is all the rave right now? It’ll be delicious of course. Handmade, artisanal cakes that are not only pleasing to the eye but sinfully tantalising. We’ll throw in a photographer too just because we treasure picture-perfect moments just as much as you do too. You just gotta sit back and let us do the work for you. Just show up, looking your best and have a blast at your one and only 21st birthday bash!

What to expect:


Needle in a Haystack!

Cloud9 Events

These are loft-style creative spaces that are designed to accommodate sizeable events like parties or corporate functions. You can now be the talk of your clique for throwing that snazzy party in a hip space.

• Cake & Pastries

We have also partnered with Butter Studio to bring to you exclusive artisanal cakes that are specially handmade along with rustic gourmet bakes on the side. These tasty treats definitely tastes as good as  it looks. Moist and fluffy on the inside, these handmade goodies are time-tested recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Oh, need I mention, they’re customisable too! Like we said, leave your worries to us.

– Salted Caramel Red Velvet

Layers of signature red velvet cake, classic cream cheese frosting and house-made sea salted caramel sauce

– Lady Ispahan Cake
A heavenly combination of delicate rose scented floral cake layers, fresh raspberry filling and refreshing lychee infused frosting
– Speculoos Ondeh
Layers of Pandan cake infused with cold-pressed fresh Pandan juice filled with Speculoos cream frosting and topped with cookie crumbs

• Catering

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Conveniently, catering will be added into the package as well with an all-inclusive 9-course set menu of Oriental Delights.

*All items are halal-certified with no pork/ lard/ alcohol  

The Ultimate 21st Birthday Bash that will be the talk of your clique is just a click away!

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