Intimate & Beautiful: Budget Wedding Venue KL Options for 2024

man and woman getting married in front of wedding venue options

Planning a wedding venue Malaysia is a joyous journey filled with excitement and dreams of creating a memorable celebration. While Kuala Lumpur offers a myriad of wedding venues, finding the perfect one that suits your budget without compromising on charm and elegance can be a daunting task. But fret not! In this blog, we will explore some of the most intimate and stunning budget wedding venue KL options that’ll surely top the 2024 lists.

1. B’york KL

greenery in wedding venues with natural lighting
Images from B’york KL

B’york KL is a serene and adaptable venue, offering an ideal setting for various parties and celebrations. The experienced team behind the venue, known for their previous successes at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur, ensures every event is well-managed and memorable. The lush greenery and natural elements in the space create an elegant Oasis or playful jungle-themed ambiance. Moreover, its convenient proximity to public transportation makes it a favorable choice for guests traveling from different locations. Book one of the top budget wedding venue KL options, B’york KL, on Venuerific today!

Price: $$ / $$$$$

2. The Grey Box (GMBB)

industrial style rooms
Images from The Grey Box (GMBB)

Looking for a venue for a minimalist, industrial-style wedding? And an industrial-style budget wedding venue KL too? The Greybox is a versatile venue capable of accommodating a wide range of activities, such as art exhibitions, fashion shows, music performances, gigs, corporate talks/events, mini trade shows, community bazaars, lectures, seminars, workshops, and more. Its top three features include a multi-functional event space that can be easily adapted to suit different event types, as well as convenient access to public transportation, making it easily accessible for attendees. Book The Grey Box (GMBB) on Venuerific today!

Price Range: $$ / $$$$$

3. The Estate on Federal Hill

outdoor wedding venues with greenery
Images from The Estate on Federal Hill

Experience a magical and breathtaking wedding celebration at The Estate on Federal Hill. With its prime eight-acre location, the venue offers an enchanting view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, setting the perfect backdrop for your special day. Experience the versatility of its multi-functional event space. Enjoy the vast garden area, and be captivated by the stunning KL skyline view – making it an unforgettable budget wedding venue KL that goes beyond an address. Book The Estate on Venuerific today!

Price: Starts at RM4,000

4. K’seena House

outdoor wedding venue designs
Images from K’Seena House

K’Seena House, located in Kuang, Selangor, is a charming 100-year-old heritage home complemented by a 24,000ft² lush garden. It offers a spacious and picturesque budget wedding venue KL setting for your wedding. Guests can immerse themselves in the laid-back ambience and admire the exquisite historical interior of the house, making it an ideal choice for a memorable celebration. Book K’seena House on Venuerific today!

Price: Discount at first bookings starts at RM3,000