What You Might Miss Out While Planning A Webinar

A successful webinar session delivers your message effectively while value-adding to your brand image. However, a live webinar is not as simple as a Google Hangout. You have to juggle between slides presentations and the full extent of broadcast capabilities while engaging the audience. Beyond the session, effective marketing and planning is crucial to an impactful and productive webinar. It may appear to be a daunting task and these are some common things most people miss out while planning a webinar.

1. Choosing the Right Platform


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Out of the dozens of them, selecting the right webinar platform is key in increasing your audience count as it could quickly become a barrier-to-entry. The best method is to try out the registration process yourself to make sure it’s user-friendly and non-invasive in any way.

 Some webinar platforms allow only a limited number of users and come with “helpful” advertisements that only interrupt the flow of the presentation. Consider utilising paid features such as password-locked sessions which are great for guaranteeing privacy and security. If all you need is live webinar services, Zoom is a great alternative at an incredibly modest price. 

2. Don’t underestimate the Power of Slides

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Distractions at home are plenty, making it easy to lose the audience’s attention over a virtual platform. This is where your engaging and creative graphics will come into play, to draw their interest. A creative form of presentation like the one above will impress your audience. Otherwise, minimalist slides do the trick by portraying a professional and sophisticated image. Just look at the Apple presentations!

Once the audience are impressed, they are more likely to stay on. Furthermore, the slides will help your audience keep track of where the conversation is heading towards. Another tip is to pepper your webinar with polls and a Q&A at the end, sure-fire ways for your audience to feel involved in the discussion. 

3. Start Early 

Starting your webinar early cultivates a warm and friendly environment. Get to know your audience by asking simple icebreaker questions. It is also a good time to tease out what your audience is hoping to learn, allowing you to make minor tweaks to your speech or even including their queries in the Q&A. Greeting them individually as they arrive also helps to make them feel welcomed. 

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4. Use a Switchboard

switchboard for webinars

Switchboards allow you to switch your screen at the click of a button, easily alternating between your graphics, speakers and the host. Though it will project a professional image onto your webinar, using a switchboard does require some practice to get it right. 

Most hosts struggle with delivering the message while juggling the switchboard, bringing us to our next point.  

5. Have a Producer to Take Questions

For example, you have a live chat function that allows participants to ask questions. How do you keep track of those questions while continuing to engage with your audience?  

The answer is quite simple – experience.  It cannot be taught. Hence, if you are just starting out, it is best to have a producer who is in charge of technicalities such as taking questions and juggling the switchboard. Meanwhile, the host can focus on delivering a quality and impactful webinar. 

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6. Marketing Your Webinar Through Effective Means


With so many virtual webinars populating our social media feed, how do you differentiate yours from the rest? How do you raise the value of your webinar above the rest? 

Firstly, consider the type of content that your fan base loves. Leverage those winning ideas to drive traffic towards an engaging landing page. Once they are there, the landing page should quickly introduce your webinar topic and speakers with a clear call-to-action. EDMs are an effective way to reach mass audiences quickly. According to Unbounce, a renowned webinar program, more than half of their registrations are from emails.  Utilise your different social media platforms to run ads and promote the event on relevant groups. Also, it is important to send email reminders so they won’t miss it.

7. Don’t Mock the Importance of A Mock Rehearsal

Preparing your guest for the webinar could possibly be the most vital aspect of planning a webinar. Audiences are quick to pick out if they are gaining new information which would determine the turnover rate. Mock rehearsals also tease out any gaps in the presentation flow and improve the coordination between your producer and the speakers. Furthermore, you will also find out if the spot you are in is a quiet and conducive place. 


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