Best Virtual Event Platform in Singapore 2021/2022

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Even though virtual events have been recognised since the 1990s, the usage of virtual event platforms increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the restrictions on MICE. While hosting virtual events, you have to put as much thought and planning as in-person events. It is crucial to choose the platform and tools that will ensure the success of your virtual event. No need to stress about it, we have curated a list of the best virtual event platforms available in Singapore for an engaging and memorable virtual event.

1. Onlive


Image credit to Onlive

One of the ways to make your virtual event memorable is to make it engaging. Onlive is an all-in-one platform for businesses and organisations that wants to create an engaging virtual event such as c. With Onlive, you can create your own customized registration site and get access to real time analytics of your revenue, demographics, and more. Whether it’s a live recording or on-demand video, Onlive supports up to 19 concurrent speakers, with many options of layouts. With two-way stream interaction tools, attendees are free to interact by sending reactions, questions, and requests to the speakers. 

“The software is so easy to set up. Within days we were able to start taking transactions and selling tickets to our customers”


2. Mice Neurol

virtual event using Mice Neurol

Not only for virtual conferences, Mice Neurol is a customisable end-to-end virtual event platform to cater exhibitions, incentive trips, product launches, AGMs, festivals, fundraising, and more. What’s more is that you don’t need to learn how to operate the platform! Sit back, enjoy, and the Mice Neurol Team will handle all the customisation, deployment, and operation of your event. Furthermore, Mice Neurol will assist you in designing, website construction, sending out invitations, live stream production, gamification, and many more.


virtual event uisng TRINAX

Image and video credit to TRINAX

With its extensive list of features, TRINAX lets you create an uninterrupted and seamless streaming experience for your virtual event. TRINAX is also ready to cater many types of event, customisable according to your needs, such as 360-degree mice experience, omni-channel virtual event, interactive 3D virtual carnival, and more. From event registration, interactive live stream, integrated video conferencing platforms, chat functions, to games and quizzes, their online tech support is ready to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“Just a quick message to comment on a great online format for your virtual event, I honestly enjoyed it”

Anthony Grubb
Client Technologist

If you’re hosting a simple virtual event such as virtual board meetings, webinar, and virtual class, these platforms are suitable for you!

4. Zoom Events

zoom events

Image credit Zoom Events

If you’re planning to host a single webinar, using Zoom Meetings is feasible. However, if you want to host a multi-session and multi-day event seamlessly, Zoom has released a platform just for that – Zoom Events. Zoom Events has their own ticketing and registration system, complete with their own event hub where all of your events will be listed with the necessary information about each of them. Zoom Events offers you 6 different plans according to your number of attendees, starting from 500 to 10,000+ attendees.

5. GoToWebinar

virtual event on GoToWebinar

Image credit to GoToWebinar

GoTo has a series of products for many types of virtual events. Just as its name suggests, GoToWebinar is a platform to create and manage your multi-session webinar. Whether it’s live or pre-recorded, GoToWebinar provides you with features that will make hosting a webinar easy. You can use its personalized registration form that suits your marketing needs, and have access to their analytics dashboard to track your attendees engagement. They also have diverse engagement tools, such as polls, surveys, live Q&A, and more. Charging your event also won’t be a hassle with their safe and easy payment method with Stripe.

“GoToWebinar has allowed our organization to produce more high-quality webinars for our members during this time when face-to-face meetings are not a option”

Lindsay Plath
Professional Development Coordinator

6. Microsoft Teams

virtual event on Microsoft Teams

Image credit to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Live Events is a platform suitable for webinar and video broadcast that streams to large online audiences. It is an easy to use virtual event platform, no need to learn any complicated operations and you’re only going to need several people working behind the scenes. All you need is an organiser who incharge of the event set up and event managing, producer who makes sure the attendees are having a great viewing experience, and presenter who presents the audio, video, and screen during the live event.

Not only is it inclusive, virtual events are an important tool for marketing as you can track the data of your audience. Now that you’ve seen the list of the best virtual platforms in Singapore, you can move on to the next step. Consider your needs, and choose the one that offers the most suitable and tailored experience for your virtual event.

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