5 Best Practices For Virtual Conference In Singapore

5 Best Practices Virtual Conference Singapore

Planning a conference can be a daunting task – from the details of the programme, to getting relevant speakers and marketing it to your target audience. Moreover, with the ever-changing circumstances in light of the pandemic, things can get overwhelming. We feel you and we have got you covered! Whether you’re planning an upcoming virtual exhibition or a virtual career fair, here are some of the best practices you can incorporate in your next virtual conference!

5 Key Points For Success

1. Have a Clear Agenda 

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Before delving into the details of your virtual conference, it is vital to clearly state the main objective(s) of your event. Doing that would not only give you a direction on how to plan your event but also provide the reasons as to why an individual should sign up for your conference. For starters, you could think about these two questions: 

  • What is the goal of your virtual conference? 
  • What are some takeaways your participants can benefit from?

2. Create a Programme Plan 

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With the objective in mind, you can now move on to creating a Programme Plan. This not only helps you organise specific content for each day of the conference, but it is also a way to get people interested and excited about the event. Share with your audience the speakers that would be joining and topics that would be covered over the virtual conference. This would pique their interest and increase the chances of them joining the event.

3. Involve Your Participants 

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After multiple rounds of discussion with your team, you might find yourself in a brainstorming rut. But here’s the good news – you don’t have to do this alone! Involve your participants in this process. Simply asking a question on your social media account can trigger a floodgate of new ideas. Moreover, creating content centered around their most frequently asked questions will enable you to create a virtual conference that is beneficial for them. A win-win situation for all. 

4. Share Your Virtual Conference 

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After coordinating an exciting lineup of speakers and programme flow, it is time to disseminate this information. Be as creative as you can during this stage! Create short videos and design marketing collaterals that are shareable across your social media platforms. You can even include some free downloadable content for them. This would give your audience a sneak peek into what they can expect from the virtual conference.

5. Engage Tech Professionals 

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Having to handle multiple elements that go into a virtual conference is challenging. Thus, would require a team to create a successful event for all. As with any virtual meeting, it is easy for participants to feel disengaged during technical issues and potentially leave the meeting. Therefore, to reduce the chances of this happening, work with tech professionals!

Not only would that ensure a better experience for your audience, but it would also mean that you can focus on what is important! Venuerific partnering with Aemorph provides a Live Stream Solution where you can run your virtual event in Singapore at ease while we take care of all the behind-the-scenes work for you. Besides managing your live stream, keep your audience engaged with our exciting live emcees and seamless broadcasting switching. Discover more ways to create a successful virtual conference with us here.

Benefits of Virtual Streaming

Although, we long for the day where we can gather in person again. Until then, we can still make the most of every opportunity as there are a slew of perks that come with virtual streamings!

1. Cost Savings 

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Having a Virtual Streaming event is a win-win situation for both you as well as your participants. Not only do you save thousands of dollars on renting a venue, but your local and international participants would also be able to save on travel costs at the same time.

2. Reach More For Less

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As people would be able to connect from anywhere around the world, having a virtual conference would mean connecting with more people worldwide. Besides that, having a virtual event would eliminate the limited capacity that physical venues have. All in all, enabling you to reach more people for less.

3. Increase engagement from the audience 

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Large conferences can be intimidating for some participants to actively contribute their opinions and this may result in losing some valuable insights. However, with video conferencing platforms offering live chats and polling systems, you’re able to speak to multiple participants through the chat and get immediate feedback. Additionally, breakout rooms can serve as virtual booths, where participants can join relevant rooms to find out specific information. Furthermore, with the Virtual Background feature, you would be able to connect with your participants easily through a simple scan of a QR. Thus, virtual conferences not only help to eradicate the issue of missing out on important discussions but increase engagement in the process too.

Are you already planning your next virtual conference already? Before you go and jot down the ideas you have, Venuerific is able to amplify your story together! Besides Live Stream Management, Aemorph Productions, Venuerific Official Production Partner is committed to bringing those ideas to life. From Professional Video Production, Animation Videos to Product Photography, you can trust us to elevate your brand and reach your target audience effectively. 

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