Events in Singapore can continue during Covid-19 with Digitalisation

The phrase ‘going digital’ will not sound unfamiliar to you. It has been rooted in our lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially with the mandated safe distancing. With lockdowns and restrained physical activity, continuing our operations digitally is the best way forward in this contactless world. As digitalisation enters our work, home and social arrangements, it is here to stay even after the pandemic is over. But what does this mean for the events industry?

With routine government announcements, the future of larger-scale events may look bleak. But it is not the end for larger events just yet! In fact, far from it. Digitalisation can be an efficient and even more affordable tool for event celebrations. Weddings, for instance, can become virtual for the attendees via live streaming. Physical seminars and exhibitions can transition to online webinars and virtual trade shows. Basic yet professional digital services can go a long way in helping chart an alternate pathway for events. 

Live stream with Venuerific

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As an events planner, if you are still confused about how to plan a virtual event, this blog will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need! Venuerific’s productions arm, Aemorph Productions, will facilitate you in hosting your next virtual event. From corporate meetings to live performances and even weddings & solemnization, we have got your back! So keep reading to find out more.

Try adopting live streaming

The pandemic may have put a temporary pause on large scale events but the show must go on. Digitally. Live streaming is becoming a popular digital solution where in-person events can cater to a wider remote audience, thus enlarging their outreach. As human-to-human contact remains curbed during this volatile period, live streaming is a clever and efficient way to connect with more people in real-time. 

1. Corporate Events and Live Performances

Live streaming has many benefits for businesses and organizations. It allows organisations to overcome the barrier of physical location and continue with their pre-planned events. By adopting live streaming, your organisation can safely adhere to the social distancing measures but still increase your audience reception. Doing this all on your own, however, may be tricky! Venuerific’s Aemorph Productions specialises in the technicalities that go into broadcasting your live events in Singapore. Our professional service will be able to provide you with a seamless broadcasting experience for your local and even global audiences! Check out our videos below to get an idea and visit our productions page here!

Hegen’s live-streamed event by Venuerific

Venuerific team live stream event

Venuerific team preparing for a live stream event

2. The Virtual Wedding

Have your wedding preparations in Singapore been hindered by Covid-19? With the pandemic persisting for more than a year now, it might not be the best solution to keep putting this date off. Instead, think out of the box! Live stream your wedding so that your loved ones can join the celebration, even remotely. While your initial plan may have been to invite 300 guests, today a hybrid mix of a physical and virtual wedding is the next best thing. 

The Virtual Wedding by Venuerific (video)

Venuerific’s ‘The Virtual Wedding’ package is a one-stop destination for any wedding planner! Covering on-site filming, high-resolution broadcasting and providing virtual guest rooms, this service will ensure a complete wedding service. Additionally, with the virtual guest rooms, you and your spouse can greet your guests in a personalised fashion, digitally. Learn more about the services and pricing plans of this exclusive service here!

The Virtual Wedding with Venuerific

The Virtual Wedding with Venuerific

Tap on professional videography services

Venuerific’s well built live streaming service stems from the repertoire of video services we previously prepared for our clients. Working towards amplifying a company’s branding, Venuerific’s video services can be tailored to carve out the key message for your target audience! This digital solution is highly attractive in today’s social media era, where branding is now conveyed in a much accessible fashion. Get a taste of our previous well-made campaigns by clicking on the video below!

Venuerific’s video for Sofitel Singapore

You could also choose to hire our videography services for personal event coverage such as weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties and more! Visit our page to find out more!

Virtualise with Venuerific

In this era, one would truly be missing out if they didn’t use digital tools to their advantage. With prolonged restrictions, the events industry has been affected substantially. The best way forward is to embrace digitalisation that will offer greater resilience in event planning, even in the face of adversity! Venuerific’s Aemorph Productions offer a wider suite of services for you to tap on! Plan your corporate event, virtual graduation or webinar workshop with Venuerific and celebrate anywhere~ Click on our official video below and visit our productions page to learn more!

Aemorph productions (from Venuerific)

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