Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Host a Virtual Wedding in Singapore

With the current safety measures against COVID-19, many couples may be thinking “Should we get married now? Or is it best to postpone and adjust the plans?”. Well, we think love can’t wait! And we know, secretly that’s what you feel deep inside too. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to still get your wedding on schedule and a hybrid or virtual wedding can be your answer!

Still not sure why you should consider hosting a virtual wedding? We’ve got you covered with Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Host a Virtual Wedding in Singapore.

1. You can still get married now!

asian couples are taking their wedding photoshootPossibly one of the biggest reasons why you should have a virtual wedding is you can still get married now! You don’t need to put it on hold and reschedule every single thing on your wedding lists such as the wedding venue, makeup artist, photographer, videographer, and many more.

Bet that all of us agree, it is very distressing to reschedule your wedding considering all the logistical arrangements involved. Most importantly, things will become more complicated when you take the vendors’ availability into consideration. You may be forced to find another date or give up your down payment. Nah!

Other than that, you can reaffirm your love once more by deciding to stick together with your partner despite how tough the year has been. Your anniversary will definitely be extra memorable for the years to come!

2. Intimate wedding dream

intimate garden wedding party with closed family and friends

Have you ever dreamed of having an intimate wedding only with your closed family and friends? Or have a simple ROM and then go for a destination wedding? Yes! Some of you want to do that, but probably the reason why it’s difficult is your parents want you to have a big wedding reception so they can invite their friends and colleagues or both of you have a long list of friends and it’s hard to choose who to invite.

Now, while you can’t have your destination wedding because of the travel restriction or have a big wedding reception to fulfil your parent’s wishes, don’t be sad! Because it’s now much easier to hold an intimate wedding with the help of technology! With a virtual wedding, you can have everyone you want to invite (long extended family, friends, colleagues) to celebrate your special day together with you and your spouse. You can also add interactive elements within your live stream to make it engaging for both your physical and virtual guests. This way, nobody feels left out and your physical wedding will still be intimate.

3. Save budget

wedding budget planning with the long list of vendor

It’s not a secret that a wedding is expensive, especially if you have a lot of guests to invite. If you lessen the number of physical guests, you can save the budget for other things that you might not be able to do before. For instance, with a virtual wedding, you get to spend less on expensive banquet dinners. With the funds saved from a smaller physical guest list, you can upgrade the wedding venue that you may have given up previously due to the higher cost, or you may want to save them to visit an additional country for your long-awaited honeymoon next year when borders open up. 

If you’re a DIY bride, you may also wish to decorate your own wedding hall. Well, the good news with a virtual wedding is that you have less area to decorate! Simply focus on the areas that are shown in the live stream and save the budget for decoration.

4. Invite anyone, anywhere

virtual wedding event using a big screen on the stagePicture credit to The Straits Times

Everyone can attend your wedding! From your far relatives from the other side of the globe or your friends who can’t be at your wedding due to personal reasons, they now can join your wedding virtually as well wherever they are. It also means that you can still have a big wedding celebration and invite everyone you want without any limitation amidst the pandemic. 

Whether they are in a tuxedo paired with shorts, or a sleeping gown with no make-up, another plus point of a virtual wedding from your guests’ point-of-view: they can attend your wedding wearing whatever they want! It’s just too convenient!

5. Unique wedding experience

the bride and groom taking a new normal wedding photoshoot
Picture credit to Minnesota Bride

Your virtual wedding might be one of the most unique experiences you will ever have! These days, a wedding needs to follow safety protocols such as wearing masks (the bride and groom are not spared from this!). Some newlyweds may think that it won’t be as perfect as the usual weddings, but there is no need to worry because there are a lot of fashionable wedding masks and poses that will look cute in your wedding photos.

Moreover, with a virtual wedding, you can still have a private connection with all of your guests based on their table and even have an online quiz about the newlywed! Wondering how you can do it? Read until the end of this article 😉

6. The big party later if you want

hotel grand ballroom with round table seating style for wedding receptionHotel Ballroom at The Joyden Hall, Singapore

multifunctionall hall with rock and roll style and wooden floorRock & Roll Wedding Reception at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

outdoor standing wedding party area with colourful lights and backdropHalal Wedding Venue in Singapore at Yassin Kampung @ Sunset Way

Still want to have a big wedding reception? Of course, you can! Even though you have a virtual wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a party later. Having a virtual wedding means you have a chance to celebrate it now (a virtual wedding) and celebrate it later (a wedding reception).

Having a wedding reception later also gives you some benefits. First, you have plenty of time to plan it. Second, there might be a lot of wedding venues or vendors with an affordable price/package/promotions. Last but not least, the most important thing is you can have a physical wedding celebration with all of your family and friends once the condition is totally safe.

Need some unique and affordable wedding venue recommendations in Singapore? Check this out.

How’s that for you?

wedding live streaming production service

If you have already decided to have a virtual wedding, it doesn’t mean you need to prepare everything by yourself. You can get help from a professional team to help you so that you don’t have to worry about the technical issues during your Big Day.

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On top of that, your guests will also be able to enjoy high quality and interactive sessions by integrating features such as private chats, Q&A within your live stream session.

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