The Best Virtual Wedding Platforms 2020-2021

True happiness is being able to celebrate the biggest day in your life with your friends and family no matter where they are! So, don’t let COVID-19 stop you from spreading the love!

With advanced streaming technology, your loved ones can still be a part of your wedding day. Once you decide to host one, the next step is to choose the streaming platform based on your needs. 

To help you, we’ve put together the list of The Best Virtual Wedding Platforms 2020-2021.

Facebook Live or Instagram Live

couples are doing their virtual wedding solemnisation at their living room
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This could be the most straightforward option for many of us with friends and families who are active on either platform. The best thing about FB/ IG Live is that they are completely free for anyone to use. You can set up an RSVP Page or create Countdown Stories, to send reminders to your guests as the day arrives. Furthermore, your virtual guests can continue to interact with you by leaving comments and reactions during the live stream.

However, if you choose to DIY the live stream, there are some limitations you have to work with during the event. Firstly, you can only capture the event from one angle, and often, this will be from a wider angle. As such, you may miss out on capturing intimate scenes such as the newlyweds’ expressions as they exchange their vows. Secondly, video quality can be a concern, especially if you are thinking of doing the live stream with a mobile phone. Can you imagine if there’s a technical problem and you can’t have your guests watch the full celebration?

Youtube Live

virtual wedding solemnisation event at church recorded for wedding live streaming
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Youtube Live is another option for your live wedding video streaming. It’s also free for anyone to use. All you need to do is create a Youtube channel and share the link to your virtual guests. You can invite unlimited guests to your wedding live stream and even download the video once the event ends. 

But do note that you will need more than 1,000 subscribers in order to broadcast using your mobile phone (which probably has a nice camera). If not, then you need to use your desktop/laptop webcam.


marriage live streaming event using zoom platforms
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Zoom has become a popular option for web calls in work and social functions. Moreover, this platform definitely produces better quality videos as compared to streaming on your social media pages. With its consistent quality, it is no wonder that Zoom is one of our recommendations for you to hold higher quality virtual wedding events.

Within its basic account, you can have up to 100 guests with a 40 minute maximum of events. However, since it’s your wedding, you may not want to rush through your ceremony. Hence, the basic subscription may not be the best option for you. Instead, consider the Business or Enterprise Account ($ 199,90/year) where you can host up to 300 – 500 guests for up to 24 hours of event duration.  

To ensure the highest quality, consider hiring professional crews to capture and broadcast different angles in your wedding.

The Virtual Wedding

the virtual wedding poewred by venuerific

screen view of the virtual wedding event

Created by the same team behind Venuerific, The Virtual Wedding is the latest virtual wedding solution in Singapore. Beyond just a broadcasting platform, The Virtual Wedding Singapore provides a one-stop solution to cater to all of your virtual wedding needs. 

First, enjoy high quality broadcast with customised graphics and professional video switching in your virtual wedding or solemnisation. Our team will be there in every step to create and deliver high-quality assets and broadcast sessions, so your virtual wedding can be as engaging as the physical event!

Second, be assured that you won’t be missing any important moments in your virtual wedding or solemnisation live stream. Our professional camera crews will be stationed at the event to capture the ceremony from every angle. 

Third, create opportunities for personal interactions with private virtual guest rooms. With this function, you can virtually assign your guests based on the friend circles they are in. You can also have private meet & greets, and express your gratitude to the friends who attended your virtual wedding in these separate rooms.

multiple tables for private meet and greet during virtual wedding event

Worry less, because you don’t need to think about any technical issues with The Virtual Wedding! Other than that, you can also have up to 300 virtual guests in one session.

Moreover, there are other additional customisable options to make your virtual wedding or solemnisation more engaging. They include services voice over emcee, music & sound, live emcee, and more. 

Discover more here and get your FREE consultation with the production director!

Google Hangout

bride and groom is having their wedding live streaming at their house
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Consider Google Meet if you’re looking for a small-scale virtual wedding platform, with only several guests. This popular platform allows anyone with a Gmail account to join your session as long as they have the link to your event. Your guests can also join directly via Google’s inter-connected products like Gmail, Meet App, or the website.

Despite its convenience, there are a few limitations that come with the platform. For instance, if you’re using its free account, the maximum number of participants is limited to 100. Your event is also limited to a maximum duration of 1 hour. Just like Zoom, you can also choose to upgrade your Account in order for more features. Simply upgrade to GSuite Essentials account with USD8 charges per active user per month. With the upgraded Gsuite Essentials account, the maximum duration of your meeting will be increased and the number of participants will be bumped up to 300 hours and 150 pax respectively.

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each virtual wedding platform, it’s time for you to make the call! We believe virtual weddings should be as engaging as the real-live event with the use of advanced technology. But don’t take our words blindly, choose the best platform that you think would suit your needs. Most importantly, the right platform should free you from the worries of (virtual) wedding planning! Remember, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so make sure you can get the best experience ever.

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