6 Unique Wedding Party Theme Ideas with Suitable Venues in Singapore

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After a romantic and unforgettable proposal, it’s now time for you to plan the most important day of your life, your wedding day! In recent times, couples are getting more creative with their wedding themes in order to create unforgettable memories with their loved ones, wondering what is the best theme to suit your couple goals? Scroll down and let us show you the way 🙂

Here are the 6 Unique Wedding Party Theme Ideas with Suitable Venues in Singapore.

1. Rustic Mexican Outdoor Wedding @ Faber Peak Singapore or @ Blu Jaz Cafe

For you cheerful couple who love bright things and hot dancing, Mexican wedding decorations will suit your big day! The perfect colour combination from wine red, ashy blue, and olive green will look very alive, especially in outdoor venues.

unique wedding theme singapore

Image credit to Bloc Memoire Photography

colourful mexican decoration

Picture credit to Bloc Memoire Photography

outdoor garden event space in singapore

Picture credit to One Faber Group

The beautiful outdoor dining space surrounded by nature puts Faber Peak Singapore on our top list for this rustic Mexican wedding theme. Bring on some Mexican textiles and hang a piñata to add more fun elements to the party! Also, you won’t need to add a lot of green palette to the decorations, because that greenery covers it all.

mexican cafe singapore

Another suitable venue for your Mexican theme wedding is Blu Jaz Cafe. The Robin egg blue venue colours and Mexican style paintings will add that additional touch of the laid back and fun Mexican atmosphere to this little popular heritage street in Singapore. Your guests’ belly will also be spoiled with the Mexican & Mediterranean foods served here. Most importantly, there is food for everyone with halal and non-halal menu options in this Singapore wedding venue.

Both of these Singapore event venues offer you an outdoor and indoor area in the same location, so you don’t have to worry to have a wedding party in the rainy season! Discover more!

2. Funky Boho Wedding by The Pool @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa or @ Amethyst

For anyone who is not sure, a Funky Boho wedding basically means combining the soft, earthy and romantic feel with fun summer elements inspired by nature. This is the perfect choice for those of you who want to have an outdoor wedding style where whimsical decorations blend in harmony with the scenic nature.

singapore fun pool party

Picture by Nigel John &  Love My Dress

poolside summer party decoration

Picture by Stephanie Elliott Photography

rustic wedding venue with pool singapore

Image credit to Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The large pool at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa will definitely bring your wedding to the next level. Start the big day by exchanging your wedding vows on the romantic pool deck, and the next minute, you can jump straight into the after-party vibes with all your guests with having drinks, grooving to the music and jumping into the beautiful pool in this colonial-style architecture. Juxtapose the romantic and exquisite flower decor with pineapple fruit vase, custom table placemat made from leaves, and pastel balloons as a table set up and voila! A funky boho wedding for you and your free-spirited soul guests!

A beautiful double decker yacht on the sea

Image credit to Amethyst

Well, if the pool is not big enough for you, how about getting married surrounded by an open sea? This wedding solemnization venue in Singapore is definitely a dream-come-true for all you ocean lovers out there! Amethyst with its majestic flybridge, provides you with an unobstructed panoramic view and allows you to capture perfect snaps of your boho-style wedding dress with a scenic view! With a large entertainment and dining area on the flybridge, you and your invitees can enjoy a sweet afterparty to conclude your boho-style wedding. Check out their ‘Destination wedding photoshoot’ package as a luxury add on, entailing a sophisticated wedding photoshoot on the yacht for your and your soon-to-be spouse to cherish forever. Learn more about this beautiful yacht here! 

unique wedding party venue singapore

3. Timeless Black and White Themed Wedding @ The Arts House or @ Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge

The possibilities are endless with the black-and-white theme as it’s simple to stick to the colour scheme (one less problem you need to think about), and the results are usually the classic, exquisite, stunning themed weddings like the photos below. Insert stand-out accents in the shades of black and white on the opposite sides to make a bold and elegant impression, and at the same time create the perfect balance to the decor. Are you convinced? Now, let’s look at our choices of wedding venue in Singapore for this classic wedding theme.

large black and white venue singapore

Picture credit to Hollywood Pro Weddings

black and white wedding decoration

Picture credit to Rensche Mari Photographer

classic wedding venue singapore

Image by The Arts House

Much to everyone’s surprise, the first wedding venue on our list is a building of historical significance called The Arts house. This highly customisable and multipurpose space in Singapore definitely holds a special place in Singaporeans’ hearts as the previous Parliamentary Chamber where all important state decisions were made. Check out the Blue Room (ironically), where our Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew and other Members of Parliament used to relax in and hold discussions with his cabinet ministers. After all, how many of us can say we were married in the Parliament? Currently, The Arts House is having a special 10% for bookings from Venuerific. Book The Arts House today.

singapore wedding venue with sky view

Image by Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more relaxed and intimate environment, Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge might just be the one for you! Its Private Dining Room allows up to 22 pax, allowing intimate and quality time with your closest family and friends.  Located 43 storeys above Collyer Quay, you and your guests will also be treated to the stunning view of the Marina Bay skyline. Send in an inquiry to the friendly staff at Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge and discuss how you can complement their white decor to complete your black-and-white themed wedding or solemnisation event! Discover more!

4. Rock and rolling Wedding Party @ Hard Rock Cafe Singapore or @ Gabbar

Rock your wedding day by adding chic touches like wearing bold makeup, custom black leather jacket and boots!

rock theme wedding dress

Image credit to Firefly Ambience

rock and roll wedding decoration

Image credit to Pretty & Punk Weddings

rock event space singapore

What better place other than Hard Rock Cafe Singapore to bring you into the rocker state-of-mind? Decorations such as guitars, photos of your favourite rock singers, and of course a mini stage to share happiness through your favourite rock songs are all in one place. Get the wedding concert started now!

rock and roll wedding space singapore

For you badass couples who need more inspiration for rock and roll wedding venues, check out Gabbar. From the lighting set-up, music-themed wall art, to a performing stage with professional equipment, and most importantly its delectable Indian cuisine, this venue is a must-have for all you, Rockers. Besides the wedding venue, both of them also can be your after-party wedding venue ideas. You’re welcome. Discover more!

large wedding party venues singapore

5. Super Day with Superhero Wedding Theme @ 222 Arts Club or @ HUONE Singapore

Are you one of the many comic book fans who stand up in disagreement when your friends mistakenly identified Wonder Woman as a Marvel comic book collection? If you are, then yes, this Super Day theme is 100% the right choice for you. Use your creative ways to add the SuperHero touch in every corner of your wedding. Let’s impress your fellow Frans (friends and fans)!

unique superhero wedding attire

Photo by Nelwin Uy Photography

superhero wedding theme decoration

Image by Etsy

Beautiful open event space with wooden panelled flooring

To throw a grand superhero-themed wedding party, you would need an equally grand space. Check out this spacious venue, 222 Arts Club, which is an increasingly popular wedding destination among couples who enjoy experimenting with their space. Design this event space however you like, with Star Wars’ lightsaber mood lighting or a DC/Marvel-themed decor.  222 Arts Club brings your unique superhero-wedding dream come alive in an affordable fashion. This 5000 square foot space offers a congenial setting for inspiring setups and can easily accommodate groups of large or small scales. With utilities such as a makeup room and a green room, a DJ console, stage and sound system, this eclectic venue is a perfect setting for your wedding super day! Learn more here. 

singapore wedding place with mini stage

Image credit to HUONE Singapore

Be the stars you have always wanted to be on your wedding day. HUONE Singapore is not only an affordable multipurpose event venue, but also comes with a mini stage and spotlight so you can shine bright on your Big Day! Make full use of this stage by getting all your guests to dress up as their favourite SuperHero characters and have a costume showdown at the end of the night. Discover more!

6. Nostalgic Back-To-School Wedding Day @ LDF Kallang Riverside or @ Aliwal Arts Centre

You may not have a time machine, but you can still bring your wedding guests back to the school days with this theme, especially those who are the witnesses of your high school love story. Add in chalkboards and school desks as part of the decorations. Next, dig deep into your storeroom to find past exam papers (only if they are all As) as budget-efficient decorations!

wedding with school bus

Picture by Maria Vicencio Photography

back-to-school wedding decoration

Image by Danfredo Photos + Films

large function hall singapore

Picture by LDF 老地方 @ Kallang Riverside Park

For a #throwback party, LDF 老地方 Kallang Riverside is surely on the top of our list. The unique concept of the space is reflected in its name. ‘老地方’ is read as Lao Di Fang and holds a double meaning in Mandarin. In its literal translation, the term means ‘old/ nostalgic’ place, which is reflected in its rustic decor and facilities like arcade games and old school board games, bringing us all back to the 90s. In spoken terms, ‘老地方’ also translates into ‘The Usual Place’, almost a reminiscent of that unofficial official hang out location with your friends and partner, where you used to meet every day. Definitely, the space to look back on all the good times and enjoy quality time with your loved ones on the most important day of your life! Book LDF 老地方 Kallang Riverside through Venuerific today and get 5% off your booking.

white wedding event space singapore

Picture by Aliwal Arts Centre

A similar wedding venue that can bring you back to nostalgic school time is Aliwal Arts Centre. The simple colour tone of this venue, high ceiling, and window’s style support the ambience. Discover more!

As Intimate wedding and solemnisation ceremonies are here to stay, it’s time for us wedding planners to rack our brains to create unique and unforgettable wedding experiences with these unusual themes. Whether you are looking for a wedding restaurant venue or outdoor wedding venue to complement the theme of your choice, browse through hundreds of unique venues in Venuerific for your upcoming wedding party in Singapore!

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