Average Cost of Wedding in Singapore and How to Spend Less!


Planning a family with your partner? Congratulations! The first thing that comes to your mind is trying to calculate how much a wedding in Singapore costs? Weddings in Singapore cost a fortune! However, instead of panically trying to save up and borrowing money from your friends, there are actually many ways to avoid extra wedding spendings.

Here is our advice on how to have a cheap wedding but still keep up the success of the event!

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Before we get to the solutions, let’s take a look at the problem – scary numbers (to know what we are dealing with)

Usually, at a wedding in Singapore, people spend:

  • Hotel banquet (Lunch/Dinner) – $110/$160 per pax
  • Unique event spaces – Venue rental $1,000 to $2,000 or $45 to $65 per pax
  • Bridal package – $3,500 to $6,000
  • Photography & Videography – $2,500 to $4,000
  • Venue decoration – $2,000 to $4,000

With that being said there are a few tips to ultimately cushion the blow of that.

We came up with an infographic highlighting the average cost of two main categories of venues that you can hold your wedding – Hotels; and other Unique spaces.


There are some general expenses that are inevitable for the wedding couple. Such as the bridal package, photography and decorations. However, a bulk of the money goes into the “venue” aspect of the wedding – essentially, where you choose to hold your wedding.

With an increasing trend of millennials hosting wedding lunches instead of dinners, we understand that there is a demand for trendier venues which do not conform to the traditional idea of a wedding a.k.a your typical nine-course Chinese banquet.

Here are some factors that have reshaped how weddings are held:

1) Budget


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With the rising cost of living and property prices, couples now have to consider whether it is indeed worth it to splurge on their wedding celebrations or save every penny for their new home.

2) Social media

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Everyone has an Instagram or Facebook account, even your grandmother probably has one. As such, the fact that a venue has to be “Instagram-worthy” has become an important factor for couples these days. Whether or not your guests get to capture that perfect Instagram photo depends entirely on where you choose to hold your wedding. a Pre-wedding shoot has become an essential part of the celebration. Make sure to also check out our another blog, Magical Places Around The World for Your Dream Wedding Photoshoot. 

3) Themed-wedding

A creative and colorful idea for a themed wedding in Singapore

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Suits and ties? Gowns and tiaras? Gone are the days where weddings are thought of as a formal and solemn event. Couples these days want their special day to be fun and crazy, and having a themed-wedding allows your guests to ditch their formal wear and loosen up.  As another cute idea, you can throw a wedding in a Boho style! Here is our Guide to Realistic, Simple yet Elegant Bohemian Wedding!

Here are some of the non-traditional wedding venues that offer unique spaces for you to plan your dream wedding in Singapore:

1. Rooftop Garden at Gateway Theatre

There are many overrated rooftop spaces in Singapore. However, there also are many not found in plain sight, such as the rooftop garden of Gateway Theatre.

This unique space also allows individuals to book the entire rooftop garden! Booking this space would translate to privacy and the liberty to liberty to decorate.Cheap Outdoor Venue for a Wedding in Singapore

2. Smoke & Mirrors

The venue itself has a panoramic view of the entire Marina Bay Area. One of the most picturesque and romantic places to have a wedding in Singapore.Budget Rooftop Venue for a Wedding in Singapore

Instead of booking a table, there is also an option to book out a partial or the entire venue!

3. SMU Event Spaces

Met your sweetheart in college? Here is how you can recreate your love at first sight moment at SMU. It has been growing increasingly popular to hold a wedding banquet in their auditorium and hall.

University Hall Space for a Wedding in Singapore

The wedding in Singapore might be very pricey, but you can avoid a lot of expenses by thoroughly planning in advance and considering all the options. There are so many venues available for a much cheaper price than the number that hotels would usually call. By choosing a unique venue, you not only can save up but also add an unforgettable twist to your wedding. Come up with a theme to add some vibrant colours and watch your wedding be the most talked about event of the year! And it does not have to be a day after which you will have to save up on your lunches 🙂

After all, don’t sweat it out and enjoy your magical day!

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