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spacious and bright event space in Singapore

One-Group – the places where your heart belongs in Singapore.

One-Group, or One Rochester Group Project, is a lifestyle and hospitality group with a diverse portfolio of fine restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges and clubs in Singapore.

1-Altitude Bar, a venue of Singapore's One-Group

Photo credit: 1-Altitude

What is One Group?

Established in 2008, the venues from One-group hosted hundreds of thousands of occasions. First dates, celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, A-list parties! They have taken into consideration every possible celebration cause to create a perfect and unique experience in each of their locations. A quick visit or a whole day event will leave you craving more. Bathe in sought-for comfort and high-end hospitality!

One Group Concepts include: 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar, 1-Host, Alt Cafe & Bar, Altimate, Bee’s Knees, Botanico, Monti, Pixies, Stellar at 1-Altitude, The Summerhouse, Wildseed Bar & Cafe. 

From crazy rich EXTRAVAGANZA to more private minimalism – you can find a perfect venue for any vibe that lies close to your heart.

Founder: Joseph Ong

Joseph Ong, the founder of One Group

Photo taken from: Singapore Tatler

The backbone of this flourishing business group is Singapore’s leading figure in entertainment and hospitality – Joseph Ong. His career consisted of a series of errors and trials.

His story is truly inspiring. Noteworthy, he built this whole empire from scratch all by himself. Mr Ong did not come from a wealthy background: Joseph grew up in a 1-room flat.  The One Rochester Group project, which was started as an MBA project, has grown into a $25m collection of lifestyle F&B establishments. Furthermore, Joseph has become software MNC Symantec’s youngest vice president for Asia-Pacific and Japan in 2013 at the age of 41.

Following his success, Joseph Ong wrote a book, Remote-Entrepreneurship. It outlines a novel approach to management where there is collective leadership and a remote owner.

Thus, his reputation as a big authority in this dangerous shark-business was not just granted to him. He has achieved through hard work and high-quality service.

We have created a list of 3 best One-Group venues, which you should definitely visit:

1. Botanico at the Garage

spacious and bright event space in Singapore by one group spacious and bright event space in Singapore by one group

Location: Botanic Gardens

Vibe: Casual, Cozy, Elegant, Family-friendly, Trendy

Housed within a beautiful 1920s Art Deco conserved architecture, Botanico at the Garage is snugged right in the centre of blooming Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is a perfect destination for those seeking for an enchanting experience amidst UNESCO’s protected heritage site.

Botanico’s flourishing dining hall and an air-cooled outdoor terrace, surrounded throughout by greenery, offers private dining spaces that could be decorated to any theme of your taste and preference. Be it to tie the knot, celebrate special occasions or launch new products, the heritage building is a versatile venue that plays hosts to timeless memories and priceless moments. Discover more!

2. The Summerhouse

Event Decor at Summerhouse by One Group Wedding decor at Summerhouse by One Group

Location: Seletar

Vibe: Casual, Cozy, Elegant, Family-friendly, Vintage

The Summerhouse evokes a sense of home with a hint of higher-class stylish comfort. The architectural integrity of the two-storey black and white bungalow was elaborated by splendid verandas sheltered by generous overhangs. What a picturesque view! The Summerhouse provides a unique garden and nature-themed wedding or event experience in the greatness of its heritage bungalow.

Connecting with a farming collective of Singaporean and Malaysian growers and producers, The Summerhouse focuses on nature-inspired cuisine in which fresh seasonal produce and refined techniques are used to construct inventive flavours. Specially crafted menus for weddings and events are also created to ensure guests from all walks of life experience a gastronomic journey they’ll never forget. Discover more!

3. 1-Altitude

Outdoor event space at the highest bar of Singapore, One-Altitude Indoor event space at the highest bar of Singapore, One-Altitude by One-Group

Location: Raffles Place

Vibe: Corporate, Modern, Trendy

1-Altitude Rooftop Gallery & Bar is located 282 meters above sea level. It is the highest alfresco bar in the world and one of the top bars of Singapore with a spectacular 360-degree view of the city. This iconic place is a favourite go-to spot of the Singapore elite for glamorous parties.

Expect to be treated to breathtaking sunset and nighttime views! Also, don’t miss out on some of the best high-end cocktails and beverages on offer.

live music from top local bands and internationally renowned DJs, delicious drinks, finger-licking appetisers, as well as one of the most beautiful views in Singapore… It’s always a celebration of life at 1-Altitude. Discover more!

After all, it is safe to say that One Group venues embody the excellence of Asian hospitality along with European aesthetics. All the values, which Singapore represents, are delivered in everyday work of Joseph Ong’s One Group team of only professionals. Hold your event at One Group and let yourself and your guests lose yourselves in vivid entertainment, the exquisite taste of food and unforgettable memories.

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