How to Plan a Successful Virtual Wedding in 2020-2021


More couples are getting married virtually! From a wedding party of 50 to 300! Everything is possible in this new and way to host your wedding and solemnisation. The limitations to today’s guestlist and distance no longer need to stop you from having your friends and family join you for the most important celebrations in your life. Not sure how to plan your virtual wedding and solemnisation? Here are a few tips on How to Plan a Successful Virtual Wedding in 2020-2021.

1. Choose Your Dream Wedding Venue

private intimate chinese-style room for weding solemnisation
Royal Eternity House

multifunctional event space with cozy and warm ambiance
The Moon

outdoor area surrounded with nature and blue sky
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

With advanced technology (and internet), it’s easy to just move your wedding or solemnisation ceremony into that small function room below your condo. But no one should have to give up their perfect wedding venue. From whimsical outdoor gardens to rustic colonial buildings, the right venue creates the perfect memories for both you and the guests who are there to witness the start of your new life. So it’s important that we remain firm on our choice of venues in this once in a lifetime event.

Pair the perfect venue of your choice with a spread of quality and fresh food, booze and desserts that you may not be able to get from your neighbourhood catering, there you have it! An enjoyable evening in the making!

Oh, and did we forget to mention the picture-perfect backdrops you can get from your dream venues as compared to the plain white wall in your house? Your physical and virtual guests are guaranteed to be in awe of your excellent choice. Check out some of the other tips and venue recommendations we have for your wedding solemnisation in Singapore below.

First, you can choose a zen and intimate venue where you can have your Tea ceremony and solemnisation in 1 place, like Royal Eternity House.

Second, choose among these unique venues, The Moon, 20 Depot, or Here.SG and add elements of novelty to your wedding solemnisation while having an intimate quality time with your loved ones, not forgetting your virtual guests.

Third, consider holding your wedding and solemnisation event in heritage building like Amara Sanctuary Resort SentosaLet the beauty of nature and exquisite decor of the hotel decorate your wedding. No need to rack your brain for additional materials as every angle will be Instagram appropriate!

2. Find The Best Virtual Wedding Services

virtual wedding session at sofitel singapore sentosa

virtual wedding services with private room guest

Another important part of your virtual wedding is to have a live streaming wedding service! So you don’t need to worry about the technical things on your wedding day, such as equipment to use, how to switch between video and live feed, how to engage everyone in the event, or bad internet connection. The Virtual Wedding, by Venuerific, creates the perfect channel for your friends and families who could not be there at your wedding physically to still celebrate the union of you and your spouse virtually.

Make it easy so you don’t need to have to worry! As a one-stop wedding live stream service, The Virtual Wedding offers you with 3 main services. First, the on-site professional video crew at your wedding venue to capture your moment perfectly. Second, high-quality broadcast, customised animated graphics and a floor manager to control the switchboard, so your virtual guest can have a different angle of your wedding day. Third, another package will allow you to have multiple private guest rooms where you can have a personal interaction with your guests.

An additional customisable add-on is also available such as voice over emcee, live emcee, music & sound, additional private room, and more. Just because it’s a virtual wedding, doesn’t mean you need to do it with less preparation, right? 🙂 Discover more here!

3. Invite Your Guest Virtually

Picture credit to Canva

This is already practised quite often before the pandemic situation. More commonly in corporate events, with hosts sending calendar invites or Eventbrite links to their colleagues. At this point in time, when it comes to your solemnisation and wedding party, why not create a simple but beautiful wedding invitation at Canva (they have a lot of free templates where you can just drag & drop), invite your guest through Facebook Event or even create a Whatsapp group.

4. Get Married!

You have your dream wedding venue in Singapore, professional live stream service, a beautiful wedding dress, flower, and invitation. Now, it’s time for the groom and bride to enjoy the most important milestone in your life! No need to worry about any technical issues, just let it flow because you already planned it well. Also remember, you can celebrate it virtually with all of your family and friends all over the world.

5. Share Around Your Wedding Event

After your wedding celebration, re-watch your wedding procession from the recording video and make sure to read every wish, emoji, or Q&A session from your family and friends everywhere on the chat feature (How can you do that? The Virtual Wedding will get you covered!). Take a screenshot of funny or meaningful moments and share it on your social media.

No matter your reasons to have a wedding this year, you can still celebrate the greatest moment in your life with all of your family and friends wherever they are. Enjoy the process because you will have the most unique wedding ever!

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