Best Restaurant Deals during Phase 2 (HA) in Singapore

Singaporeans love to eat. We are big-time foodies. So when another lockdown threatens to rain on our parade, let’s be rest assured that restaurants in Singapore will arrange the best deals for us to have our meal on the go. Venuerific wants to shed some light on these initiatives to help the F&B industry gain wider exposure and help you find the best delivery/takeaway options available islandwide. While dining at our favourite restaurants may not be an option for now, you can still enjoy great flavours from the comfort of your home.


Best restaurant deals in Singapore at SIRI HOUSE

SIRI HOUSE has planned something innovative for this lockdown season. They have special restaurant deals lined up for you, inviting you to enjoy their flavours from home!. One of them is cutely titled as “Netflix and Fill’. As the name suggests, SIRI HOUSE will be sending you a date night package with 6 courses and a bottle of cocktail to share! Perfect for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions during this lockdown season. Pamper yourself with their date night package, priced at just $128! 

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at SIRI HOUSE - Netflix and Fill

Netflix and Fill, photo credit to SIRI HOUSE

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at SIRI HOUSE - Ala Carte & Bottled Cocktails

Ala Carte and Bottled Cocktails, photo credit to SIRI HOUSE

For families, you can enjoy larger sized meals with SIRI HOUSE’s Dining Bundles. If you are dining at home with 2, 4, 6 or 8 people, then this bundle is for you! Mix and match your own selection of appetizers, mains, sides and desserts. Their dining bundle prices start from $58, and come with complimentary cold brew tea.

Top this off with their bottled cocktail sets! Their Imbiber Gift Sets consist of 3 bottled cocktails at $95 or 6 bottled cocktails at $180. After all, staying at home also means being able to drink responsibly. Lastly, their ala carte options are also available for takeaway and delivery. Delivery orders above $100 are free and any ala carte order above $168 gets a complimentary Cold brew tea (perfect for 4 to share). If all this wasn’t already enough, with every order, you can collect stackable cash vouchers for dining in at SIRI HOUSE once the lockdown is lifted! Make sure to check them out then. 

Order delivery from here: and self-collection here: 


Promotions: Netflix and Fill (Serves 2) - $128, Dining Bundles (serves 2, 4, 6, 8) starting from $58, Imbiber Gift Sets (cocktail bottles of 3 or 6) - for $95 and $180, Free Delivery above $100 and Complimentary Cold Brew Tea for ala carte orders above $168

Address: Block 8 D #01-02 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672

2. Sofi Cafe & Pizza

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Sofi Cafe & Pizza

Craving for some Italian? Instead of looking at the same old Italian options on Foodpanda or Grabfood, try something different with Sofi Cafe & Pizza. This restaurant has been catching a lot of buzz and for all the right reasons! With authentic Italian food priced reasonably, the owner Sofi, brings you through an extravagant gastronomic experience. Sofi Cafe & Pizza is also renowned for its Keto food options! They are currently offering a great lockdown deal so try their Keto meals now!

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Sofi Cafe & Pizza - Pizzas

Sofi Cafe Pizza,  photo credit to Sofi Cafe & Pizza

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Sofi Cafe & Pizza - pastas

Sofi Cafe Pasta, photo credit to Sofi Cafe & Pizza

Their Stay Home Special Deal serves sizable portions of 2 main courses, 12-inch Burrata Cheese Thin Crust and a 10-inch Burrata Keto Pizza with Egg. On the side, you will also get a serving of Tiramisu (Keto option available) and a Stick Date pudding with Toffee Whipped cream. YUM! Sounds delicious right? Great for sharing and priced at only $68. Lockdown never sounded this good. Do check out this tasteful restaurant once it opens for dining. 

Order from here or whatsapp msg 91698847 for self-collection. Delivery charges apply unless your order exceeds $150.


Promotion: Stay Home Special Deal (till June 13) - $68

Address: 10 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar Singapore, Singapore 089670

3. Famous TreasureBest restaurant deals in Singapore at Famous Treasure

Need great Chinese Takeaway Food? Well, look no further than the Famous Treasure! This acclaimed restaurant is a household name for serving up generous Chinese dishes. It also carries an extensive range of rare and boutique wines and whiskeys to complement the dining experience. While they are closed for in-house seating, you can still relish their signature dishes at almost 50% off! Yes, you heard that right!

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Famous Treasure - Fish Head Curry

Popular Fish Head Curry, photo credit to Famous Treasure

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Famous Treasure - takeaway specials

Photo credit to Famous Treasure

Exclusively for self-collection, the Famous Treasure is giving away selected dishes at just half their original price! This includes their Roasted Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork, Crystal Chicken, Braised Fish Head with Leeks, Prosperity Fortune Treasure Pot and more! The lockdown is now a great opportunity to taste their popular creations at a great discount. Make your way down to Capitol Piazza to enjoy this limited time offer! Learn more about their discounted takeaway options here

For takeaway orders call 9730 7548 / 6881 6668. This discount does not apply to delivery.

Menu (for delivery): 

Promotion: For self-collection/takeaway only, selected dishes at now 50% off. For takeaway orders call: 9730 7548 / 6881 6668.

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #02-28 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905

4. KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant

Miss dining out with your KOMYUNITI? So do we! Ever since the lockdown, we haven’t been able to eat out with our friends and miss them dearly. But KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant is trying their best to keep everyone’s spirits high with their great takeaway deals. You can now purchase their delectable menu and enjoy it with your loved ones at home. 

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant - food spread

Food spread by the KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant - takeaway and delivery specials

Photo credit to KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant

KOMYUNITI caters a wide variety of cuisines from Korean to Local to Western infusions. Choose between their bibimbap bowl, signature club sandwich, popular Nasi Goreng Istimewa, Farm Chicken Salad and more! Get up to 20% off when you order from Gradfood or Deliveroo!

This restaurant also caters to those craving a mid-day drink or an evening cocktail to unwind after a long day. Their specially-made bottled cocktails (serving 2) are now available only as a takeaway special! Try their fan-favourite Aged Manhattan (Whiskey), Old Negroni (Gin)Barrel-aged Old Fashioned (Bourbon) and more! Each of their bottled cocktails are priced at $26.75 (inclusive of GST) and the above set also comes in bundles of 3. Do visit them once they are open for dining in!

Call 6866 8067 to place your order for the bottled cocktails (only available for takeaways).


Promotion: Get up to 20% discount on their meals when you order from Grabfood or Deliveroo! Bottled Cocktails only available for takeaways, call 6866 8067 to order. 

Address: Level 10, 366 Orchard Road Singapore, Singapore 238904

5. Eat At My Kitchen

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Eat At My Kitchen

For now, Private Dining experiences are limited to our homes. But before lockdown, Eat At My Kitchen was a thriving, private dining outlet for many. Now opening their doors to takeaways, we can still enjoy the co-founder, Lynn’s, delicious home cooked meals from the comfort of our own homes. Open only on Fridays and Saturdays for takeaway, their humble menu has now expanded to include dishes in total for their guests to enjoy. 

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Eat At My Kitchen - brunch menu

Brunch by Eat At My Kitchen

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Eat At My Kitchen - takeaway specials

Photo credit to Eat At My Kitchen

Amongst the entrees, you can choose from Garlic Prawn Pasta, Roasted French Spring Chicken, French Beef Bourguignon, Seafood En Papillote and the classic Fish and Chips. Sounds both sophisticated and homely! If you are a family of four, there is another combo for you to enjoy! In their Family Meal for 4, you get French Beef Bourguignon, Roasted French Spring Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, 2 servings of Aglio Olio, 2 servings of Pilaf Rice and 4 servings of Fig & Sticky Date puddings for dessert. All at just $118 (without GST)! Do check them out once they re-open for dining in. 

To place an order, Whatsapp Lynn at 96952272 or Janet at 90107418, one day in advance for self-collection. 

Menu for takeout:

Promotion: Special takeout menu; Family Meal for 4 - $118 (without GST). Whatsapp Lynn at 96952272 or Janet at 90107418 to order. 

Address: 8D Dempsey Road, #01-01A Singapore, Singapore 249672

5. Lobster Air

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Lobster Air

Photo credit to KLOOK

Lobster Air is a fine dining restaurant, specialised in … you guessed it, lobsters! Lobster Air is a part of the unique aviation cum culinary scene in Singapore. While flying right now seems like a distant dream, with Lobster Air, you can fly high with their aviation-themed decor. Too bad that visiting this unique restaurant is not possible right now. But, you can still taste their first class food, which is now delivered free islandwide (once minimum order is met)

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Lobster Air - free islandwide delivery

Takeaway Options, photo credit to Lobster Air

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at Lobster Air - takeaway specials (high tea)

Photo credit to Lobster Air

Their menu consists of signature pastas, all-day brunches, soups and oysters as well as desserts! Their signature pastas carry the luxurious serving of a full or half lobsters. If you are into something different, their menu also carries fusions like Tom Yum Seafood Trio Spaghetti and Salted Egg Linguine with Prawns. You could also check out their Lobster Cheesy Pizza! Lobster Air is currently offering free islandwide delivery (except Tuesdays) from 11.30am to 9pm. For free delivery, minimum orders must be met (see below). Get up to 20% off when heading down for self-collection/takeaway!

Place an order 1 day in advance via whatsapp @ 97108787.

Promotion: Free Islandwide delivery (Order 1 day in advance; Closed on Tuesdays), For Free Delivery: Within 2KM: No Min Order, Within 10KM: Min Order $50, > 10KM: Min Order $80. Self Collection/Takeaway: 20% off on total bill

Address: 371 Beach Road #02-36, Singapore 199597

7. King’s Cart Coffee

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at King's Cart Coffee

Photo Credit to King’s Cart Coffee

For all the coffee lovers out there, staying at home might be the best time to experiment and try different coffee flavours to judge which suits your palette best! Have you tried the King’s Cart Coffee yet? This modern all-in-one coffee house has a variety of services – from coffee bean supply to mobile coffee carts and even serving food! During this lockdown period, they are coming up with sets and bundle deals (coffee + food)! After all, what could sound better than slowly sipping your coffee and having a bite as you work from home? 

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at King's Cart Coffee - Bundle deals

Bundle Deal by King’s Cart Coffee

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at King's Cart Coffee - takeaway specials

Photo credit to King’s Cart Coffee

The set deals, priced between $10 – $17, are made up of a quick bite + coffee. The options include a croissant, scrambled egg on toast, a rice bowl or a high tea set. And can be paired with your choice of Cold Brew, White Coffee or Butterfly Lemonade. Sounds mouthwatering. And for the bigger bundle deals, priced $32 and $40, you can pick between 2 mains – Soba/Rice bowls or Double Pasta – and 2 coffee drinks. Ideal for sharing! 

Ordering this at night? No problem, just switch up the coffees with craft beers for added $10! All the deals come affordably priced at $50 or under, and if your order exceeds $80, the delivery is free! There’s also a 10% off for all takeaways/ self-collection.

Place and order via whatsapp @ 8814 8445. They are also available on Grabfood!


Promotions: Set Deals - from $10 to $17; Bundle Deals - $32 and $40. 10% off all takeaways and self-collection. Free islandwide delivery (except Jurong Island or Sentosa) above $80 purchase. Order through whatsapp at 8814 8445. Also available on Grabfood. 

Address: 328 Joo Chiat Road Singapore, Singapore 427585

8. The Social Space

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at The Social Space

Photo credit to The Social Space

Have you heard of The Social Space? This is an innovative, multi-concept shop that features a tea bar & cafe, retail area and a nail salon! With a strong branding aligned towards promoting sustainability and a conscious way of life, The Social Space is another outlet offering takeaways and islandwide delivery. While there are no exclusive promotions here, you would be giving back to the community by ordering from here. They pride themselves on providing a platform for individuals with higher barriers to employment opportunities. By supporting their business, you support these individuals too. 

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at The Social Space - cafe

Cafe at The Social Space

Best restaurant deals in Singapore at The Social Space - takeaway specials

Photo credit to The Social Space

In terms of food and drinks, they have a lot to offer! Their selection consists of savoury toasts, rich smoothie bowls, thirst-quenching homemade drinks and sweet desserts. Try their Roasted Brussel Sprouts Toast with Tahini butter or their Roasted Eggplant Toast with Miso dressing. For smoothie bowls, they have seasonal options such as Berry Berry Good or The (green) Hulk or Tough Nut for all the nutty lovers out there. Beyond food, you can also check out their online shop (selling vibrant and eco-friendly products) here

For takeaway, you can opt for their food+drinks set too for a complete meal. They also have islandwide delivery available, so you can easily order their food from all over the country!

For their Marina One outlet, whatsapp 8109 8676 to place an order. For their Kreta Ayer outlet (closed on Tuesdays), whatsApp 9341 9639. 


Promotions: Takeaways and Islandwide delivery available, whatsapp 8109 8676 for Marina One and whatsApp 9341 9639 for Kreta Ayer to place your order. 

Address: Marina One - 5 Straits View, #01-03 (Garden Tower), Marina One Residences, Singapore 018935. Kreta Ayer - 333 Kreta Ayer Road, #01-14, Singapore 080333.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of restaurant deals in Singapore, currently available during the lockdown period. We definitely heard our stomachs growling looking at the delicious foods lined up by each restaurant. Now is also a great time to support our local businesses who have been impacted with the latest round of restrictions. Till the dining experiences can open up once again, enjoy these culinary delights from your homes!

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