Landing Pages Are The New Storefront Of Your Brand (But Better!)

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

– Bill Gates

This saying has taken on an even darker turn in the wake of the CoVid-19 crisis. While life has come to a standstill for many of us, many F&B outlets are instead scrambling to put their delivery services online in a bid to survive. In this digital era, where sales are transitioning online, the Internet is the new omniscient directory page and landing pages are the storefronts. 

Without a foothold in the new digital landscape, your business will inevitably be lost in the clamour for online attention. This is where online landing pages come in by acting as a storefront to display your brand message and offerings.

How Landing Pages Act As A Storefront

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Landing pages are similar to physical stores but vastly superior in its capabilities. 

Physical Store: 

Every physical store has a cashier counter, where transactions can be made. To advertise your products, you also have to print out flyers and menus to advertise your goods and services – all of them which cost money. 

Landing Pages:

Whether it is to download a brochure or to facilitate online transactions, landing pages are designed in a convenient manner to make it easier for your customers to act. What’s more, the customer doesn’t even have to endure the queue just to make a purchase. The greater the ease of transaction, the better rates of conversion you will have. 


Physical Store:

Would you trust a run-down, dilapidated-looking store to sell authentic Nike shoes? Most likely not. A well-designed store gives you the impression of better quality goods. 

Landing Pages:

The age-old adage: first impression matters. Landing pages are actually the ‘first’ product your customers see. It must carry your branding to give a sense of authenticity. After all, people are definitely slightly warier on the Internet while making payments. It’s worthwhile to curate a landing page that emits ‘security’ and ‘quality’ – with a cost much lesser than renovating your store. 

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Physical Store: 

You display your goods and discounts in plain-view so passersby will be allured to what you are offering. Most of the time, customers will only briefly scan your storefront for a few seconds before making the decision to enter or not. However, your customer base is limited to only foot traffic. 

Landing pages:

With landing pages, your store now has access to the biggest marketplace in the world. However, your landing pages must quickly capture the audience’s attention. Users often leave websites in a mere 10 to 20 seconds so your landing page must make your offers clear and best phrased to deliver your intended message. 

Landing pages go beyond what a traditional, physical storefront can do. 

The benefits of having a landing page for your business are plenty.

Landing pages capture important data and information. Find out what aspect of your marketing efforts work and which one doesn’t. Discover which social media platform is the most useful too for your marketing efforts and focus your efforts there. You can also find out which products sell the best and which products need more marketing effort. Simply put, this will help you better allocate your resources and generate more revenue in the long run. 

Remove distractions and focus on your products. Landing pages are a one-way call-to-action that cannot be missed. They remove all distractions on social media platforms and present to your customers with only a few options – to buy your products! 

Open Up New Opportunities. Free publicity is the best publicity. Having a curated landing page opens up new doors for collaborations and written promotions by popular bloggers. 

what you might miss out while planning a webinar

Landing pages are crucial to your marketing efforts. Without a well-designed landing page, the leads you gained from your social media marketing are quickly lost.

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