5 Most Successful Video Marketing Trends of 2020

The world has never relied on the Internet harder than the year 2020. From casual surfing on the Internet to the urgent digital transformation of businesses, video marketing has become the new representative of your business. We all want to get as much of our message out there as possible and this requires engaging media content. With that said, here are the top five successful video marketing trends of 2020.

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1. Animation Videos

There are tons of reasons why animation videos are capturing the hearts of the Internet. They easily bring your difficult concepts to life while simplifying the most complex of topics. From biology to rocket science, they make tough subjects into fun and easily understood topics. Furthermore, with the use of bright visuals, catchy music and different types of animation styles, they draw your audience in and leave them wanting more. Add in a splash of your corporate colours to further cement your brand’s image!  

2. Live Videos

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Live streaming on social media sites has been gaining popularity with every passing year. From presidential addresses on Youtube to gamers on Twitch, there seems to be no limiting factor to the reach of live streaming. In fact, 80% would actually watch a live-stream from a brand rather than a blog post. Furthermore, live videos are proven to be great at generating engagement through comments. This is great news if you are launching a new product and are looking for instantaneous feedback. If needed, you can even record down these live videos and re-purpose them for future use. 

3. 360-degree video 

360 degree videos come in two formats: interactive and non-interactive. 

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Non interactive 360 degree videos are still great at capturing the audience’s attention as they inject a dose of much needed freshness into your video content.

An interactive 360-degree video is the definition of fun audience interaction.  It allows the audience to immerse themselves into the environment and explore the world from the comfort of their homes. Hence, it comes as no surprise that such videos are gaining massive traction during a period where everyone is stuck at home. As of now, it is primarily used to showcase travel locations or event venues like museums. 

4. Training Videos


Training videos are also commonly known as ‘explainer’ videos. With many companies undergoing a digital transformation, training videos are now highly sought after to lessen the barrier to entry to their new products. Another way quality tutorials help to sell is by showing how to use your products as you have intended. All of these benefits add to increased conversion rates with a more engaged audience. 

5. Vlogs

There’s a reason why many successful YouTubers are vloggers. Vlogs provide a constant stream of audience engagement and keep them up-to-date with your brand’s latest happenings. This cultivates a growing relationship with your customers where your brand is constantly at the back of their mind. It also makes your brand more likable by giving it a human identity for your audience to feel like they are building a real connection.
However, a successful vlog would typically require very personable characters to tap on. One tip would be to focus on documenting rather than creating. Start right now!

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