7 Must-Attend Virtual Events in Singapore 

They say you can only come out of Circuit Breaker as 3 things. A hunk, a chunk or a drunk. Instead, we say you should make the best use of your time and make it a slam dunk. This is the 7 Must-Attend Virtual Events in Singapore to look forward to.

1. Support Local Bars @ 1887 Virtual Bar

Image Credit to 1887 Virtual Bar

Support local is the new rallying cry! Bars are more than just a place selling drinks. It is an institution where some of the best memories are made. Hence, WGS’s 1887 Virtual Bar was formed to support our local bars. Simply purchase a cocktail voucher from the menu, which is redeemable after the bar reopens. With many guest bartenders highlighting the show, tune in to win free cocktail kits and discover unique cocktail concoctions to elevate your Circuit Breaker experience. It’s the best way to get a taste of the real bar experience. Check out their link below for more information: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Akf-2gpz8vO7JivuZ777wg0pT01q_yJg

2. Virtual Marathons

What are virtual marathons? Simply put, you sign up for a virtual run with amazing prizes and complete it OTOT! Exercising is one of the few ways to get some fresh air so why not get a medal for doing so? And we must add, some of these medals look amazing.

Image Credit to Web42Race

Selected marathons, such as the Horoscope Challenge featured in the pictures, have no cut-off timing so you don’t have to worry about being in tip-top condition. To find other virtual marathons, do so here: https://web.42race.com/race/taurus2020

3. Virtual Bingo Sessions

Image Credit to Andsoforth

Inject some excitement back into your life with the exhilarating virtual bingo sessions hosted by andsoforth! This is a great family experience as you wait eagerly for your number to appear and shout BINGO! Tickets, sold at just $5 a piece, run out quickly so waste no time in grabbing your tickets for their sessions on  23rd May – https://www.tickettailor.com/events/andsoforth/370963# 

4. Virtual Concerts by Local Talents Such as Joanna Dong

Image Credit to Joanna Dong

Image Credit to Take Back The Nights

Instead of feeling like you’re in prison, take this time to appreciate a return to simplicity. There will rarely be a time like this again when you have so much personal free time. To pass the time, listen to live streams by local singers such as Joanna Dong. Take Back The Nights is a series of online concerts that seeks to support our local artists. It’s a unique and wonderful type of auditory experience that is different from studio-recorded sessions. 

5. Zouk Digital

Image Credit to Zouk Singapore

Zouk Digital has daily activities lined up from workout sessions, insightful discussions to your favourite clubbing music. Get fit while exploring new DJs that you might potentially fall in love with. With more exciting activities promised, Zouk Digital could just be the saviour of Circuit Breaker. Check out Zouk Singapore’s instagram page for more details!

6. Virtual Museum Tours With Shakespeare and Supervillains

Image Credit to National Heritage Board

Singapore’s own National Heritage Board have outdone themselves again with comprehensive tours available online. Travel back in time and hang out with Shakespeare or simply explore Singapore 50 years ago. This will surely spark some interesting conversations with your grandparents! Otherwise, if the news of movies being postponed is wearing you down, have your own epic fight against villains in the exclusive DC’s League Of Evil Exhibition. 

7. Remote Escape Room

Image Credit to SCRAP CO

Delve into the world of escape rooms with Real Escape Game WorldWide! This is organised by SCRAP of Japan but totally open to sign-ups in Singapore. Escape the deadly Werewolf village by asking the staff to do the heavy lifting while you devote 100% of your brainpower to solving the puzzles. If you have never tried an escape room, this is the one for you. Just be warned, the world of escape rooms is easy to get into but difficult to get out. 

16 – 23 May: https://escapewerewolfremote.peatix.com/?fbclid=IwAR2WZvN1-nnz2_D74yByiSpWPCSNGd5jISc-PKh2-8dod8g-h3H7collpzU

23 – 30 May: https://escapewerewolfextended4.peatix.com/?fbclid=IwAR1chFV9OS4yW7RZSuz-q8H03kflazOQb48fatLpm173wcDopK_PLSuz4KA

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We are already past the halfway mark to the end of Circuit Breaker. Let’s stay strong and continue celebrating at home! 

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