Four Ways to Live (Not Survive) Through The Malaysia Lockdown

This is a surreal time for all Malaysians. Life, as we know it, has come to a standstill. You look outside and feel as though it’s The Purge. 


As partakers of one of the worst modern pandemics ever, quarantine measures have left us stuck at home with only the basic necessities. However, this dire situation does not mean we have to constantly feel down and live each day without a purpose. We are still able to live life to the fullest. Hence, we are suggesting Four Ways to Live (Not Survive) Through The Malaysia Lockdown.

1. Learn to Make Amazing Meals From Convenience Stores like Family Mart

Your favourite char kway teow stall is closed down. You cannot cook a meal to literally save your life. Food delivery services are overwhelmed. If you are a foodie, this could be the biggest obstacle you are facing! 

But what if I told you that you could actually make delicious meals from convenience store snacks? 


Italian Risotto

What you need

  1. Fire Noodles (Samyang)
  2. Rice 
  3. Cheese 
  4. Egg (Optional)

Video Credit to EJ Recipe

For extra flavour, add an egg on top of the fire risotto.

Check out EJ Recipe’s channel on Youtube for more amazing recipes to spice up your regular convenience store meals!

2. Meeting Up With Your Friends… Online

Remember those days of renting a DVD and going to a friend’s house to watch? 

With the new ‘Netflix Party’ feature, you can relieve that experience virtually! In the comfort of your own home, stream shows in real time with your friends and share your reactions. The admin can also use all the normal features like pausing, skipping forward or backwards. However take note that there can only be one admin. 

Once you are tired of just mindlessly watching shows, try out these selection of online mobile games and compete with your friends!

Draw Something

Entertainment Value: 4/5 

Image Credit to Draw Something, Zynga

Return to this classic game where you have to guess what your friend is drawing. An addictive game for all ages!

Identity V

Entertainment Value: 5/5

Image Credit to Identity V

For the horror fans out there. Your party of four is being chased by horrifying creatures of the dark and you have to find a way to escape! What ensues is countless hours of adrenaline-fueled excitement and fun. If you prefer to feel the exhilaration of a good hunt, you can even play as the Hunter!

Telegram Werewolf Game

Entertainment Value: 4 / 5

This is a great game to test how well you know each other.

Firstly, you need the Telegram Messenger App. Then, add your friends and start a round of Werewolf by simply adding a chatbot (facilitator) into your group chat. 

The objective is to take on different roles and find the Werewolf among your group by teasing out reactions from your friends. Just do so before night falls as this is when the Werewolf comes out to hunt!


Cooking Battle!

Entertainment Value: 4.5/5

Image Credit to Cooking Battle

You have probably heard of Overcook on the Nintendo Switch where you have to use any means possible (including sabotage) in order to cook and serve more dishes than your friends. Cooking Battle is the twin of Overcook on the smartphone! Their characters are all well-designed with their own unique skill set to make every game different.

Team up with your trusty buddy and go against other players in an exciting 2v2 multiplayer game!

3. Make a routine with these few activities

During this period of staying at home, don’t let the bed take all of your time! Resist the allure by staying active throughout the day. Find ways to fill up your daily schedule to feel motivated.

Try out Home Yoga


For a free yoga session, you simply have to find a suitable yoga channel on Youtube. The online instructors will guide you through a meditative session of calm and peace, perfect to weather through this uncertain period. 

Read a new book

Since the whole Covid-19 saga started, pandemic-themed books have seen a soar in sales. To get a glimpse of the ‘What-Ifs’, we highly recommend Stephen King’s ‘The Stand.’

Image Credit to Screengeek

It talks about how a super-virus wiped out almost all life on Earth and humanity’s desperate attempt to rebuild civilization. Even if Covid-19 is not as serious as the fictional supervirus, the book still serves as an interesting and apt read. 

Don’t risk heading out to get this from your local bookstore. Have the book sent straight to your home via Book Depository. Otherwise, the National Library of Malaysia has over 10,000 ebooks for you to borrow and read at home!

Declutter your life

To pull up the greatest quote of 2018… 


Decluttering is the latest millennial trend. Too much clutter in your home can cause stress, discomfort and even impede how well you rest. Get rid of all the stuff that you no longer need and opt for a tidy home. If the old doesn’t go, the new one can’t come. 

4. Fun and Interesting Skills to Learn 

This lockdown probably has left you well-rested and hence, restless. Take that precious energy and channel it into learning a new skill! 


Mastering Photoshop is a fun way to pass the time… as long as you come to realise the power you can wield with good Photoshop skills. You can even create masterpieces like this!

Image Credit to wellbangokay

Learn to Dance


Urgh, that was hard to watch. 

Dancing is an important social skill. You never know when the need to dance well will come up in everyday life but when it does come up (i.e to impress a partner), you will be glad that you learned how to do so. 

Learn to Code


You don’t have to be a nerd to learn coding. Coding is a highly valued skill that is only growing in popularity. From designing websites to creating your own games, there are many reasons to learn coding. Furthermore, there is a myriad of online lessons that you can enroll for free. 


During this unprecedented crisis, the Venuerific Team wishes everyone affected by the lock-down good health and even better spirit. 

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