Guide to Virtual Events During Kuala Lumpur’s MCO

A collective groan was heard all over Kuala Lumpur as news broke that the MCO would continue for at least another month. Despite our disappointment, it is paramount the crisis is fully averted before we resume our normal lives. If you are running out of things to keep you entertained, fret not! We have established a part two Guide to Virtual Events During MCO To Keep You Entertained.

1. Unique Virtual Party Games You Never Heard Of

Tired of playing the same old party games with your friends? 

Jackbox TV

Image Credit to Jackbox Games

Try out! Jackbox’s wide plethora of party games will leave you entertained for hours at a time and for weeks on end. Our personal favourite is Fibbage, where you have to answer the most random trivia questions. The twist? Add in your own answers to bait your friends into thinking it’s the right answer. Jackbox games might be slightly pricer but all you need is one copy to share with your friends. 


Image Credit to Platoapp 

Platoapp is a free option with more relatable games. What do I mean? Are you itching for a game of taidi? Or don’t mind revisiting classics such as Ocho(a variation of Uno) and Werewolf? Chat and play in real time with complete strangers or get your friends to join you. With 42 party games available, Platoapp is the ultimate free party game app. 

2. Online Karaoke Session

Karaoke fans might have to endure a long wait. Even after the MCO in Malaysia is lifted, there is no guarantee that karaoke sessions will resume immediately. Are you just going to let your beloved singing skills rust like this? 

Image Credit to Phone Corridor

If you are confident of your singing skills, try out the widely acclaimed Smule application where you can sing impromptu duets with people from all over the world. Otherwise, if you are a tad shy, try out Yokee’s Karaoke application. Both options have a wide list of song options so what are you waiting for? 

3. Exercise For Free

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, don’t scroll away! Exercising is not as tedious or tiring as you might think. With many virtual gyms conducting free online lessons, this is the best time to try out new and fun exercise routines. 

Image Credit to Motion Lab Malaysia

Check out Motion Lab (@motionlabmy) or Flyproject ( on Instagram which holds regular sessions with different types of exercises. If you love a good yoga session, this is also a great time to explore other yoga trainers all for the price of nothing! Hot Yo Studio ( live streams daily classes at 6 pm on their Instagram live page. 

4. Dive into the World’s Most Famous Accounts through podcasts

Podcasts are beyond a regular talk show that you see on television. Without visual content to draw you in, podcasts typically rely on solid, thought-provoking content as their main selling point. If you are looking for local content, there are quite a few Malaysian podcasts out there such as the Seram Podcast – a Malaysian horror podcast that brings local superstitions to life. Regardless of your interest, whether you are into sports or fashion, there is a podcast out there relevant to you. Otherwise, dive into intriguing podcasts from all over the globe such as Gladiator which details how a NFL star became a murderer or The Tip Off, the thrilling world of investigative journalism.

5. Virtual Plays and Concerts

Salute to theatres all over the world that are providing free online plays to keep the cultural scene alive.  

The KL’s Cempaka Performing Arts Centre is no expectation. Their artistic director, Scott McQuaid, has produced his first-ever audio play on Youtube. Join in this amazing auditory experience as you explore the crimes of the infamous Jack The Ripper in the fogged London streets through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes. (wooo… scary)

Image Credit to Pop-up Theatre

If you have not heard, the Communications and Multimedia Ministry’s new project, Muzik Dari Rumah, will bring more than 300 artists to produce 130 scheduled programmes which are available on Muzik Malaysia’s website and Youtube. Another outlet is JaotimKL which gathers Malaysian singers to perform on Instagram live. Jam along to your favourite artists in the comfort of your own home today!

Celebrate anywhere with Venuerific!

We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong for just a while longer! If you need more ideas on how to keep yourself entertained, check out our blogs below!

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