Venuerific Awarded ‘Best Event Venues Marketing Platform’ CMO Asia 2018

On July 31st, Venuerific was one of the selected corporations to be invited to and awarded at the 9th edition of CMO Asia Awards. The event was held at the beautiful hotel, Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa. Venuerific has received an award “Best Event Venues Marketing Platform.”

venuerific-best-venue-branding-marketing-platform-2018- award

The award recognizes the best performing marketing and brand decision makers across industry segments. The nominees not only launch new campaigns that emote with audience, but also adaptively respond to the customer needs and implement the newest strategies to appeal to larger masses.

About Venuerific

The groundbreaking platform, is the biggest events venue marketplace. They feature over 180+ listed venues only in Singapore, totaling to over 900 venues across Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia. Since entering the industry 5 years ago, Venuerific has disrupted the orthodox way of venue sourcing for events and has gained a recognition of the highest-quality service in the events market of Southeast Asia.

The events industry is undergoing a total transformation. There still persists a stigma around the organisational part of celebrations/events being exhausting. We all imagine all those countless calls to the venues about their availability and prices, stressing out about the decorations, food catering as well as the countless continuous liaising. However, nowadays, the whole process of setting up an event is settled with just one inquiry on the website.

Having bootstrapped since the very beginning, Venuerific team continues to upgrade the platform constantly to resolve hassles of event organising. The noteworthy example is their feature of all-inclusive celebrations packages, called ‘Celebrations.’ One package includes the venue, food catering, decorations, a photographer, and other add-ons to make one’s event even more unique. And then just leave the rest to the Venuerific Celebrations Team who will give you exactly what you wished upon!

venuerific-best-venue-marketing-platform-2018- award

Venuerific Venues Marketing

In the second quarter of 2018, Venuerific has extended its repertoire to Media production, covering all events around Singapore with video marketing and editorial coverages. The launch of Venuerific Media with such segments as “Venuerific Tries” and “Venuerific goes to” was an instant success. Venuerific had been invited to large scale functions such as ARTBOX 2018 and F1 Afterparties: Amber lounge & Podium Lounge.

The creativity of the marketing team never goes unnoticed. Always in the firsts to catch up with the global trends, Venuerific organically interweaves the promotion of their venues with entertainment. Different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and their Blog deliver diverse content, leaving audiences to crave for more.

venuerific-best-venue-marketing-platform-2018- award

In regards to the award, the Chief Marketing Officer of Venuerific, Cynthia Jee Yoon Kim, commented: “It is truly a big honour to be recognised for our endeavour to enhance the events industry with some of the most unique venues we have discovered in Southeast Asia and more importantly our role in helping venues understand their fullest potential. Our marketing team has always sought after creative ways of connecting event organisers with our venues. We have some exciting plans ahead that we look forward to unveiling in the latter half of 2018.”

The 9th Asia’s Best BRANDS Awards 2018 is presented by CMO Asia.

Venuerific is Southeast Asia’s largest event venues marketplace
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