6 Ways to Remain Productive While Working From Home

Working from home is a new experience for most of us. In the beginning, I’m sure most of us were excited by the prospect of working from home. After all, this is how online advertisements are constantly trying to click bait us with titles like ‘Work from home and earn $XXXX amount!’ 

However, it takes a great deal of discipline to get things done from home. Surrounded by constant distractions like yelling children or the League of Legends desktop icon, how can you remain productive while working from home? Here are 6 Ways to Remain Productive While Working From Home.

1. Be In Proper Work Attire

man working from home

While working from home, it is tempting to wear your pyjamas in order to work ‘comfortably’. However, it will most likely backfire on you as you will find yourself too relaxed for any work to be done. An unexpected video call from your boss may also leave you scrambling for some semblance of professionalism that your pyjamas cannot give.

Instead, don on a set of proper work attire so that you will be mentally prepared to work. It would be even better if you follow your usual morning routines such as putting on makeup or showering.  

2. Choose a Conducive Work Environment


conducive work environment


Your environment is as important as your attire by immersing you in a productive work environment. While working from home, you might be tempted to watch television or finish random household chores. If needed, head out to a nearby cafe. Here are some of our favourite work-friendly spaces!

Personally, I like having white noise in the background as I work. Consider switching your work environment regularly to keep yourself refreshed and motivated. 

3. Create a Schedule

weekly planner while working from home

When there is no boss breathing down your neck, it is easy to procrastinate in the guise of flexibility. To avoid this common mistake, plan a work schedule and stick to it. Start and end work by a fixed time. If you are struggling to follow your schedule, ask a colleague to check in with you regularly. 

benefit of working from home

4. Take A Short Walk During Lunch

short walk to remain productive

Having a midday exercise at noon gives you the energy to overcome the inevitable food coma from your lunch. Lunch is also an opportune time for a short walk as you can head out for food (and save on delivery costs.)

No one knows how long this work from home scenario will continue for. Hence, we need to continue to keep ourselves healthy during this period. 

5. Breaking Your Social Media Habit

social media hinders working from home

Social media has single-handedly reduced the attention span of our generation. If we are to work productively at home, we have to regulate our use of social media. It is so easy for a five minutes browsing session to end up taking precious hours that could be used to finish our daily objectives.

One recommendation is to log off all your social media accounts on your work laptop. Otherwise, place your smartphone somewhere you cannot see it – Out of sight, out of mind.

6. Take Regular Breaks

For our fellow workaholics out there, make an effort to take regular breaks throughout the day just like you would do so in the office. Take some time to brew coffee or chat with your family members. These small mental breaks will help to replenish your motivation and creativity, ensuring better quality work. 


The golden rule of WFH – See no evil, hear no evil. 

Don’t give into temptations from your bed or the PS4! Quickly find out your preferred work environment and stick to it everyday. Remind yourself you are still ‘working’ from home. Good luck, everyone! 


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