How to Plan An Awesome Party (With Best Recommendations)

Ever been to a party where you felt awkward and hung around by yourself in a corner? Erase those memories forever and learn to plan an awesome party that involves everyone in the fun! We give you the top recommendations for each aspect of your party that are guaranteed to bring a memorable party. 

1. Theme

The theme of the party is an essential hype element. It gives your participants something to look forward to! Try not to make it overly complicated if you have elders or make it so simple that the youngsters are unable to flaunt their creativity. When it comes to icebreaker topics, the choice of outfit also serves as an excellent conversation starter. Lastly, round it off with an award presentation for the best-dressed outfit! This will motivate your guests to return next time with even more creative costumes.

Some great themes that the Venuerific team personally loves

  • Onesie parties

Image Credit to Daybreaker

  • Hollywood Theme

  • Low-Cost Cosplay

Image Credit to LowCostCosplay

For more inspiration, refer to his hilarious compilations over here


2. Location

Half of a party’s vibes depend on the venue! Is there anything to do at the event space or are we forced to create our own entertainment? Furthermore, you have to consider the accessibility, capacity and parking space of the venue. As such, we have some recommendations for a great party! 


HERE event space with pretty mood lights for birthdays event space with ballpits

Image Credit to HERE

This amazing event space with customisable mood lighting will have your guests vibing the moment they enter. With so many entertainment options such as karaoke, pool table and console games, there will never be a dull moment at your party. And who says you are too old to soak in the ball pit for a great photo op? Discover more!

Address: 576A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218190

Capacity: 1 - 80 pax

Major 99

retro arcade machines at major99 pub at major99

Major 99 is more geared towards corporate events with a huge capacity size of up to 300 pax. Don’t get too caught up in your memories and not give others a chance to play those nostalgic arcades games! You can even host a fun beer pong or pool competition. Let out all your work stress by belting out to some karaoke songs. Discover more!

Address: 4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #02-02 Broadway Plaza, Singapore 569841

Capacity: 50 - 300 pax

Into The Woods

nature aesthetics of into the woods

cosy corner with console games

Image Credit to Into The Woods

Into The Woods is a truly unique event space in Singapore that inspires a whimsical and dreamy mood with its forest setting. Lounge around on the bean bags while letting good chatter fill the air. The tranquil and laid-back setting will let conversation flow naturally. Discover more!

Address: 214 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058763

Capacity: 10 - 50 pax

Pizza Express

pizza express buffet spread for events

Image Credit to Pizza Express

Pizza is the universal party food. It is fuss-free and offers a variety of flavours to cater to everyone’s taste! Pizza Express has a total of 13 types of delicious pizzas and even more appetisers and desserts to complete the party. With its high windows to allow in natural light, this event space feels cosy and communal. Discover more!

Address: 7 Straits View, Singapore 018936

Capacity 50 - 300 pax


3. Cake Options

If there’s a party, there has to be a cake. Cakes are a great way to spruce up the overall aesthetics by giving the image of a well-planned out party. Check out Sensational Cakes and Baker’s Thirteen for some unique cakes such as this:

Image Credit to Sensational Cakes

Image Credit to Baker’s Thirteen

4. Party Games you can play 

Whether it is a corporate milestone celebration or a birthday party, party games are a must to inject some fun and laughter. 

  • Minute to Win It Games

Minute to Win It games are really popular. Just as the name describes, they are timed games with a quick objective. 

Image Credit to Hero Images/Getty images

This is Stack Attack! The objective is to stack the cups quickly into a pyramid and collapse them all back into a single cup! 

Otherwise, music lovers should play Name That Song! Play 5-second snippets of different songs and the team that guesses the most, wins! 

  • Diversity Bingo

Create a bingo sheet with grids showing various statements that correspond to different members in the group. Have them try to tick off all the grids in the bingo sheet by mingling around and getting someone to sign off the grids when it applies to them. This is a fun and interesting way for your guests to get to know each other better!

5. Door Gifts

If your budget allows for it, have some door gifts for your guests that will surely cement your party as one of the best parties. 

  • Personalised cards

Create small cards with a picture and some kind words reflecting on your friendship or thoughts to them. Friends and family will definitely appreciate this heartwarming gesture.

  • Surprise Egg Goodies Bags

    Image Credit to 90s Candy Society

Throwback to the good ol’ 90s with some nostalgic snacks. These surprise eggs each contain a snack reminiscent of the 90s and will definitely be loved by most. It is available at the 90s Candy Society website. 

Celebrate anywhere with Venuerific!

Comment below if there is something we missed out or you have more tips on how to celebrate a party! Otherwise, check out our blogs below for more amazing party ideas:

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