Keep Calm and Carry On: 5 Ways to Destress in Singapore

Person A: Don’t be stressed, think positively! 

Person B: Sure, why didn’t I think of that? Thanks, I’m not stressed anymore!

– No conversation ever

Stress is a normal state of mind in the 21st century. We are constantly pressured by successful people on social media, pressured by work deadlines and if you are Asian, pressured by your parents. 


Staying at home and Netflixing is one way to manage stress but excessive binge watching has negative consequences for mental health. Before casual Netflixing turns out to be counter-productive, we recommend these 5 Ways to Destress in Singapore. 


  1. Have a Short Staycation @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
  2. Go for High-Tea @ Royal Eternity Tea House
  3. Learn a New Skill @ Iki Maker Union
  4. Host a Stress-Free Party @ Host 
  5. Workout @ Home

1. Have a Short Staycation @ Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

cool pool by Amara Sanctuary Resort


At Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, you might believe you are actually in a luxury villa of Bali. It is peacefully enclosed in nature with a stunning view of the ocean that makes your worries magically disappear. You don’t even have to endure a 3 hours flight to get here.


assortment of food like burgers and satay at Amara Sanctuary


Play to your heart’s content in Universal Studios Singapore and experience all of Sentosa’s attractions! After a fulfilling day, retreat to the luxurious Amara Sanctuary Resort for a decadent dinner amidst a laid-back evening. Book today!


Address: Sentosa Island, 1 Larkhill Rd, 099394

Capacity: 10 - 450

2. Go for High-Tea @ Royal Eternity Tea House

aromatic tea selection at Royal Eternity Tea House

Royal Eternity Tea House


Make a deliberate choice to slow down your pace of life and enter into a new realm of tea appreciation at the Royal Eternity Tea House. This gem is an amazing deviation from the cafe trends in Singapore, making it worth your while to seek it out.
They don’t serve your typical Tieguanyin. Instead, be awed with their aromatic selection of rare tea flavours like the 金骏眉 (Jin Chun Mei) and the 古树白茶 (Ancient White Tea). Discover more!


Address: 37 Neil Rd, S088822

Capacity: 1 - 60 pax

3. Learn a New Skill @ Iki Makers UnionArts workshop at Iki Makers UnionDe-stress at Iki Makers Union

Art therapy is a proven form of stress relief. At Iki Makers Union, pick from a wide variety of art workshops hosted by qualified instructors. Forget those compulsory art classes you have to take in school. Their fun and unique courses include silversmithing or illustrative embroidery that are ideal for the whole family. Bring back your craft as a keepsake!
This is a popular venue so it is best to gather your colleagues or friends and book the entire workshop for the best experience!


Address: 22 Lor 21A Geylang, Singapore 388431

Capacity: 1 - 60 pax

4. Host a Stress-Free Party @ Host

Host SG

amazing birthday party venue

hen party at Host SG

Image Credit to Host

Parties are a great way to destress but planning a party is not. However, at Host, they have experienced party planners that will arrange everything for you. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a wild hen’s party or a memorable birthday party, all you need to do is to bring yourself.
On the flip side, another alternative is to take part in their no-stakes, creative workshops. There’s no pressure to interact, just pure focus on your craft – a great way to de-stress. Book this event space today!


Address: 9 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238959

Capacity: 10 - 60 pax

5. Workout at Home

Image Credit to Health Hub SG


Working out is the great, zero-cost stress-reliever. And no, we don’t mean those hardcore workout sessions you see online but rather light training plans.

However, the mere thought of exercising may cause some of us to deflate and click away. The gym membership is too expensive, some might say.

With the Nike Training app, you can start simple and easy. It’s also free! No matter your level of fitness, the app has carefully curated training programs for you. Say good-bye to the sluggish and low-energy days and welcome each day in your best condition. You’ll be surprised at how spending 30 minutes every morning working out can significantly impact your day for the better.


Celebrate anywhere with Venuerific! 

Stress is an inevitable part of life. We cannot control what happens to us but only how we react to it. We hope that everyone will be able to relieve their stress by enjoying the finer things in life through fun events! If you are looking for more ways to relieve stress, we also recommend yoga! Otherwise, check out our homepage for more amazing and unique venues!


best venues and activities to destress with


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  1. Had a blast with my wife at Amara! Thanks for the recommendation. I hope there’ll be more stayca-blog soon, looking forward to it

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