How to Find the Perfect Events Venue

It’s that time of the year again and your company has announced to host their biggest celebration yet. Not only is it going to be bigger, but also better with more things to do and see. Whilst it’s an exciting day for most, it’s definitely not for the team who has been assigned to help plan the event. The same goes whether you are planning a private event such as seminar, product launch, birthday party, wedding or other types of event.

event-management-planner-memesThe first and foremost important task for the event team is to source for the perfect events venue – it’s the toughest and absolute factor that will determine how the event will be planned out. Here are some essential aspects you need to take into account when finding a suitable venue for your event.


The foundation of any successful event is to understand the purpose and nature of the occasion. For example,hosting a professional seminar in a night club would not be so suitable.  By keeping the purpose & nature in mind, you will able to filter out which venues are suitable or not.



Simply put it this way, the style of the place should reflect the essence of your event. Having a venue with the right ambiance means less decoration is required, which subsequently means savings in time, money and effort.



Choosing a venue with the right amenities will save you the hassle of sourcing for a third party vendors and most importantly avoiding additional cost. Create a checklist of all the amenities required for your event and ensure the venue can provide such necessity before signing anything. Event amenities are items like lighting, speakers, microphone, projector, staging and  others.



Failure to consider the size of the event venue and number of attendees it can fit can be disastrous. Always ensure to confirm with the venue owner for the approximate number they can fit, both sitting and standing. Do overestimate attendees then underestimate to avoid miscalculations. But, also ensure the venue is not to big either as it creates heartache managing your crowd.



Finding the right location for your venue will depend on a few factors; size of the event, flexibility of attendees, accessibility of venue, and budgeting. The bigger the event, the more likely you will want to pick a well known venue. Flexible attendees means venue location does not really matter. Accessible venues will increase the chances of your guest attending. Higher budget usually translates to more expensive locations such as the CBD.



The bulk of your budgeting will most likely be spent on the events venue. Make sure to do your homework by comparing venues, shopping for prices and making early deposit for the right venue. Here are a few tricks and tips you should also know. Dining establishment usually will waive the venue rental fee, but this is subjected to minimum spending. The bigger the size of the event, the more negotiating power you will have. Lastly, always make sure to put all agreed arrangements of the event into a signed contract.


Editor’s Conclusion

Finding the right venue for your event can be challenging at times and also time-consuming. There are so many factors that event managers need to consider before making a single decision. To avoid any failures, make sure to plan early and put in effort to find venue that matches the event criteria and objectives. Do make sure to use available websites out there that can help to discover new venue ideas and reduce your stress level. Good luck and have fun while you’re at it 🙂




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