Christmas Party Ideas by “Santa” and Venuerific

December is the season of parties, parties and more parties! One of the key events would no doubt be Christmas, which most people would find themselves attending more than once. What kind of Christmas parties will you be attending this year? Here are a few ideas crafted specially by “Santa” and our team.

Booze with Santa

Need a reason to drink? Christmas is the perfect excuse for drowning in booze. Invite your best party mates out to a nice bar or lounge, no way the party could go bad this way.

Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-drunkExcite-O-Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star   Wasted Probability: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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Where to go? Head out to the upcoming pubs, bars or lounges. Look out for our next blog post on where to find the most happening places in Singapore.

Santa in a Suit

As most businesses nowadays have lowered their event budget, most likely you will celebrate Christmas in the office. Definitely, not the most exciting place to celebrate since you are probably spending more than half your life there. But, HEY maybe your promotion is on the line. So, head out there and make your face seen by the boss, else the bootlicker three desks away from you will be your next boss.

Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-SantaExcite-O-Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star   Corporate Progression Index: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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Where to go? The “prison” that you have spent five days of the week in, now you get to party in it.

Chill with Santa

Christmas, another reason to hold a house party, and definitely the most cost saving type of Christmas Party on the list. The most common type of Christmas party you have around, make use of this chance to catch up with friends or family members whom you will not meet again till the next year. By the way, try building a gingerbread house this year just to make it unforgettable.

Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Ginger-Bread-house Excite-O-Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star   Gift Exchange Surprise Rating: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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Where to go? Preferably some else place, so you don’t have to clean up the mess that you guys left behind. By the way, you may check out Venuerific, we do have some places which feels like home.

Sing with Santa

Having a singing session at a karaoke outlet as a Christmas Party, may only be found only in Singapore. Singing is no doubt one of the favourite pastime of Singaporeans, you can find people singing at any type of events or parties. So why not have it for Christmas?

Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-SingingExcite-O-Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star  Chances of Being An Idol: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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Where to go? KTVs or bars with karaoke, these are places where you can sing to your delight without being a public nuisance. If you are really good and want to hold a concert, take a look at our previous post: Unique Event Ideas and Venues in Singapore, one of the venue is a mini concert hall.

Dance with Santa

The most popular for the youngsters around, including those who are young at heart. Easiest way to celebrate Christmas and prepare for new year with a bang. Dance your heads out at your favourite Clubs while awaiting for countdown to Christmas with the DJ and tonnes of other fun people. Before you head down, why not learn a couple of moves from our Santa 🙂

Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-danceExcite-O-Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star   Calories to burn: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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Where to go? Check out the latest clubs in Clarke Quay, Orchard and Marina Square. Need more specific ideas? We will be covering this topic as well soon!

Sail with Santa

Who doesn’t love a party on the sea? Even Santa would love to do so. Read our other blog posts of yacht parties and you will know how easy it is to host an off the land party. Having yacht party is on the rise, so why not have one in the sea.

Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-YachtExcite-O-Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star  Chance of Getting WetVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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Where to go? You mean to say you are still not sure of it? Ok, read Yacht Events are underrated in Singapore, the answers are in there.

Hope you enjoyed our blogpost and sparked some Fun Christmas Party ideas for you to explore. Get busy, cause this festive season is only around the corner.

Yes kids, Santa does exist, but only if you believe in him 🙂

christmas-grinch-party-venuerificExcite-O-Meter : Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star   Evil Meter: Venuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-StarVenuerific-Singapore-event-venue-place-christmas-party-Santa-Star

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