Unique Event Ideas and Venues in Singapore

How often have we complaint that living on this tiny red dot is boring? Venuerific team feels the same way and have come up with some unique event ideas and venues for you to share. Be your next birthday, bachelor party, company celebration or hosting an event to impress your clients, we believe they all should be unforgettable.

Tree Top Dining: SuperTree By IndoChine
Dream to build a tree-house fortress in your backyard when you were a kid? Yeah, we had this idea too, only to realised we don’t a backyard with a huge tree. SuperTree by IndoChina famed and located in Gardens by the Bay, is the tallest and an award winning events venue. Coupled with the night city view of Singapore, this place is second to none.

SuperTree by IndoChine (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
SuperTree by IndoChine (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Super Tree by IndoChine (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Unconventional Art: Deck
We had a hard time finding this venue initially. Why? On first look, it looks like containers or storage house. After passing it twice, we realised this is an event space as unique as you can get in Singapore. Inside, is amazing photography artworks, with stairs and paths weaving through each leading to various sections of the venue. Deck is a non-commercial art venue for photography visioned to build a community space for photography in Singapore.

Standing: 200, Sitting: 100

Deck (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Deck (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Deck (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Master Chef Cook-off : My Private Pantry
Had friends who always boast about their culinary skills but never invites you over for dinner? problem solved. Throw a friendly cooking competition to see if you have the potential to be a the future Michelin Star Chef.

Standing: 50, Sitting: 30

My Private Pantry
My Private Pantry (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
My Private Pantry (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
My Private Pantry (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Mini Private Concert: Beep Studios
Ever wished to hold your own idol concert, with fans chanting and screaming your name as you dazzle them with your vocals? Here is your chance to fulfill this dream, Beep Studios offers a space like no others built strictly for music artist to record their album.

Standing: 300, Sitting: 120

Beep Studios (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Beep Studios (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Unique Studio suitable for concerts and other events
Beep Studios (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Out of the land Party: Mikanna Luxury Yacht
Throwing a party at home, club or hotel seems so conventional, right? How about in middle of the sea? Close your eyes and picture being pampered in the evening by the sea breeze while savouring wine or champagne, what an alluring scene it would be. Do remind everyone to bring extra clothes so that you are able to dip in for a swim.

Standing: 26, Sitting: 26

Mikanna Luxury Yacht (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Luxury Yacht Rental in Singapore
Mikanna Luxury Yacht (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Yacht Rental in Singapore Best Value by Venuerific
Mikanna Luxury Yacht (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Dining with a heart: Nox Dine in the Dark
Walking and dining in restaurant which is pitch black with minimal lighting, doesn’t that sound exciting? Definitely, your sense of taste, smell and touch is said to amplified as you no longer use your vision. What is more, at Nox, you would be lead and served by the visually impaired. A fantastic effort in showing the us that there is no such thing as handicap.

Standing: 60, Sitting: 60

Nox Restaurant and Bar (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Nox Restaurant and Bar (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Nox Restaurant and Bar (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Art Jamming Session: Cups N Canvas Pte Ltd
Aspiring Picasso, do what you do best at: Unleash your creativity and express yourself with some oil-paints. Get everyone to decide on the best piece of art (winner walks away with a prize), enjoy a few cups of coffee, bites and a good time with your buddies.

Standing: 70, Sitting: 50

Cups n Canvas
Cups n Canvas (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
Cups n Canvas (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Mix and Match: GF+A Global

GF+A Global supplies quality European tiles, mosaics and interior accessories to homeowners and interior design professionals in Singapore. If you are an interior designer, architect or someone who appreciates home decors this venue can teach you a few things on how to mix and match tiles for your home.

GFA Global (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
GFA Global (Unique Events Venue Singapore)
GFA Global (Unique Events Venue Singapore)

Standing: 100, Sitting: 40

We know planning an event have never been a easy task to be assigned to, much less have one which is unique and interesting to have. This have been the one of the few reasons Venuerific is founded on. We certainly hope to have been of great assistance in your effort to create the next perfect event.

Always Dicovering,
The Venuerific team

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  1. Great ideas! Our company will be having an anniversary celebration 2 months from now, and I’m already planning it right now. Might consider proposing some of your ideas to my boss. Keep it up!

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