How to Host The Perfect Suprise Party

Throwing a surprise party is never easy. It requires lots of organization, stealth and luck. But there’s definitely something about pulling it off successfully when you see the look of surprise and joy on the recipient’s face.

Disclaimer: So while we’ve come up with some tips to throwing a surprise party, there’s no guarantee that everything will work out without a hitch! Alternatively, you can leave it in our hands to save yourself from panic attacks and unneeded worries. Otherwise, you have been warned. Proceed with caution.

1) Go or no-go?

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Some people love surprises but some people actually detest them. Steer clear and keep this read for future use if the person you’re considering to throw a surprise party for doesn’t like surprises.

2) Find a partner-in-crime

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Like we said, there’s going to be a lot of planning and details to be taken care of. Unless you’re Superman/Superwoman, you’re going to need someone trustworthy to help you out. It’s a bonus if your partner-in-crime is good at keeping secrets and poker/straight faces.

3) All clear

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One of the failures of a surprise party has got to be conflicting plans. Make sure people know that you are planning a surprise party so that they do not make plans, or worse, plan another party for the surprisee on the exact same day. Think family, relatives, friends, schoolmates, and colleagues of the surprisee. You get the drift. Since you’re already planning a surprise party, invite as many people as you deem fit to minimize the risk of conflicting plans too.

4) Keep your lips sealed

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It’s called a surprise party for a reason. Get everyone in the loop and swear them to secrecy so they don’t accidentally blurt things out or let the cat out of the bag. Do not talk about the party unnecessarily as well.

5) Prevent communication slip-ups

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You want your guests to be very sure of the plan, (date, time, venue, dress code, etc.) but do refrain from sending out too many updates. Technology is convenient and around us every second. However, the more updates you send, the more you increase chances of the surprisee accidentally chancing upon an e-mail/text/Whatsapp on someone’s laptop or phone. If possible, call your guests one by one and let them know first-hand. This will ensure that there isn’t any ambiguity in plans as well.

6) Surprise within a surpriseperfect-surprise-party-venuerific-blog-surprise-within-a-surprise

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Here’s an old trick in the book to prevent rousing any suspicions from the surprisee: Plan a smaller-scale party (which does not need to be a surprise) before heading to the actual party so that he/she will at least be dressed up for the occasion. You don’t want the surprisee to feel out of place when everyone is dressed up while he/she isn’t. Also, be the ‘babysitter’ of the surprisee so you can ensure that he/she makes it on time and all your plans proceed smoothly.

7) Liar, liar, pants on fire

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If your surprisee is someone really observant or sharp, he/she is bound to suspect something and tease you relentlessly. Unfortunately, some of us make pretty awful liars. You’re going to have to suppress your urge to let slip the surprise, look him/her in the eye with a straight face and say that nothing is amiss. Don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

8) Pray hard

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Now that you’re almost there to throwing the perfect surprise party, it all boils down to the element of luck. Pray hard that everything goes as planned and may the odds be ever in your favour! If all else fails, we’re pretty sure that the recipient will appreciate your effort nonetheless. Don’t forget to keep the party a smashing one still!


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Knowing us, you know we’re definitely going to recommend some venues for surprise parties as well right? From anniversary or engagement surprise parties to welcome or farewell parties, here are some of our picks for your surprise.

P.S. We’ve covered several venues picks for birthday parties from our ‘Turning the Big 21’ post if you haven’t read that already!

Orgo Bar & Restaurant
Orgo, which means organic chemistry, is helmed by renowned Japanese mixologist Tomoyuki Kitazoe. True to its name, Orgo focuses on the use of fresh ingredients in imaginative ways. Expect a comprehensive Spanish tapas and French dining menu as well as an extensive cocktail and wine lists. Located on the rooftop of the Esplanade with a panoramic view of the thriving Marina Bay area, this venue is great if your surprisee is someone who is classy/sophisticated and enjoys the finer side of life.
Standing: 400, Sitting: 80

Chupitos Bar
With over 130 power-packed shots that may include candy, fire, tricks and maybe some naughty props, dare your surprisee at Singapore’s only specialized shooter’s bar. Think Dragon’s Breath, Listerine, Incredible Hulk, Paddle Pop shots and the quirky list goes on. Have it your way, raise your shots glasses and experience an unforgettable night!
bar area with lot of alcohol drink optionsStanding: 120, Sitting: 80

Ice-Cold Beer
Ice-Cold Beer lives up to its name whereby beers are served in beer glasses chilled to -3°C thanks to the ice tanks set in the main bar counter. A wide selection of local and international beers (over 60 types of bottled and draught beers) and bar snacks (mini hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza are available as well. Great for a welcome party with a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can mingle around.
bar with lot of alcohol drink optionsSitting: 180
To book or for more information:

Actors The Jam Bar @ Orchard
If your surprisee has always wanted to live the dream as a rockstar/superstar, this venue is a perfect fit. Anyone is welcome to pick up the mic or any instrument and showcase their talents at Actors The Jam Bar. Let him/her take the stage or hold your fort and sing a heartfelt song for him/her. To spice things up, there are different themes such as ‘Acoustic’ or ‘Top 40’ each night too.
perfect-surprise-party-venuerific-blog-Actors-The-Jam-BarStanding: 120, Sitting: 60

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant
Named after a legendary love story, Blisshouse’s unparalleled allure lies in its fantasy, fairytale interior that’s reminiscent of spending a soothing and calming day in the Garden of Eden. A meal at Blisshouse offers fresh, full-flavoured modern seductive taste combinations too. Spring an anniversary/engagement surprise party or a proposal and stay together blissfully forever.
perfect-surprise-party-venuerific-blog-BlisshouseSitting: 200

Cloud 9
Another ideal venue for that romantic surprise; Step into paradise at Cloud 9, the rooftop bar at Naumi Hotel which will thrill you with an unobstructed panorama of city skyscrapers that seem to disappear into the skyline amidst a picturesque background of national monuments and architectural landmarks. Moonlight on your shoulders, night skies overhead, sparkling waters calling your name. Beautiful moments like these are meant to be savoured and shared after all.
perfect-surprise-party-venuerific-blog-Cloud-9Standing: 50, Sitting: 24

49 Seats
Nestled away in Chinatown with a cosy, warm and casual seating ambience, 49 Seats offers a variety of fusion western cuisine, quality spirits, beers and more at affordable prices. Already popular amongst the younger adults, this is definitely a venue to consider if you’re part of the said crowd.
perfect-surprise-party-venuerific-blog-49-SeatsStanding: 100, Sitting: 70
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