5 Birthday Venues for 5 Party Personalities

If there’s one thing that sets the mood of a party, it’s the venue you choose. And boy, isn’t searching for a venue such a tedious AND time consuming process! Fret not, we at Venuerific have opened our doors to Malaysia and have not only simplified the process of finding a perfect venue, but we have also personally selected five different venues to throw the ultimate birthday party in KL that caters to all.

People like to party differently, some like to go hard while some like it laid back. We have put together a list of five different venues to go with the five different party personalities (in no specific order) right here in Malaysia!

1) Keeping It Classy

If you’re thinking of having a classy birthday party featuring good food, we have the perfect venue for you. Thinking of high cocktail tables and mouth watering Italian food? Sassorosso Italian Restaurant does not only offer great ambiance but the Italian cuisine hits the spot too. Located in a beautiful bungalow in KL, Sassorosso is available for bookings.Birthday-venues-venuerific-blog-SassorossoBirthday-venues-venuerific-blog-Sassorosso-long-tableStanding: 100 , Sitting: 80
To book or for more information: https://www.venuerific.com/my/venues/sassorosso-italian-restaurant

2) The Rockstar

Are you the type who enjoys a good live band on a Saturday night and would love for your buds to share your sentiments instead of heading to a club? Then have your birthday party at the Rockafellas Bar in PJ. A neighbourhood bar to many, this cozy rockstar themed bar is perfect for that little rocker child in you who has been dying to get out. Rockafellas features different bands six days a week (as they are closed on Mondays) playing a variety of genres from blues, soul and of course, rock and roll.
Birthday-venues-venuerific-blog-RockafellasBirthday-venues-venuerific-blog-Rockafellas-pool-tableStanding: 250, Sitting: 100
To book or for more information: https://www.venuerific.com/my/venues/rockafellas-bar

3) Tea, Coffee and a Birthday Party

Prefer coffee over a beer? Acme Bar and Coffee offers a great lofty feel with the option of keeping it private on their top floor which accommodates 36 people. If you plan on having a small do, this venue is suitable for you. The top floor is cozy and full of character. Acme is located on the first floor of Troika, celebrate your birthday here and feel the magic for yourself.
Birthday-venues-venuerific-blog-Acme-Bar-CoffeeBirthday-venues-venuerific-blog-Acme-Bar-Coffee-modern-interior-designStanding: 100, Sitting: 36
To book or for more information: 

4) Theme It Up

Fancy a party like they used to do it in 1920s? The roaring 20s themed party is one dressy party alright! Have a Great Gatsby themed birthday party at The Malt and Leaf. From the finest whiskeys to the freshest cigars, Malt and Leaf is the place for you. The feel, ambiance, flavour and essence of The Malt and Leaf is undeniably sleek and tasteful providing the perfect atmosphere. Located on the sky level of First Avenue in Bandar Utama, the view is stunningly breath taking.
Birthday-venues-venuerific-blog-malt-leaf-the-roofBirthday-venues-venuerific-blog-malt-leaf-the-roof-tabletopStanding: 150, Sitting: 100
To book or for more information: https://www.venuerific.com/my/venues/malt-leaf-the-roof

5) Go Hard or Go Home

If your motto for the night is drink, drink AND drink, party up in style at the newly revamped Rootz KL. Have your ultimate VIP experience on your birthday here at Rootz KL, decked with a state of the art sound system, a wide dance floor and the sexiest tunes.
Rootz KLRootz KL (2)Standing: 300, Sitting: 250
To book or for more information: 

We hope you found a venue that suits your party personality! If not, simply log on to https://www.venuerific.com/my/ and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Stay tuned to us as we go bigger and better! 🙂

The Venuerific team

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