5 Safe Locations to Survive after the Apocalypse in Singapore

Recently, Singaporeans were presented with a snippet of what would happen if an apocalypse broke out. We freely ransacked supermarket aisles, creating literal Mama shops and surgical mask cartels… What happens if an apocalypse really happens? It could be a result of global warming, unstoppable super viruses or everyone’s favourite, a zombie outbreak. As society […]

12 Unique Coworking spaces in Kuala Lumpur

Coworking spaces are a sacred site for startups, serving as the birthplace for many great entrepreneurships like Uber and Instagram. Freelancers and independent professionals have similarly flocked to them, lured by the promises of a community-based work environment. In an emerging market like Kuala Lumpur, unique coworking spaces are in hot demand.  With the advent […]

Keep Safe from Wuhan Coronavirus in your Events and Venues

The danger of a potential spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV needs no further explanation. While Singapore is far from the epicentre of the outbreak, the virus has infected more than ten thousand overseas. It has even reached our shores.   So far, the government’s timely response to quarantine returning Singaporeans and tourists from China has […]

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe from Wuhan Coronavirus In Events

The Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is the world’s latest supervillain. Its tyranny peaks when unleashed among people squashed in a tiny space. Large crowds of people. Small space. That describes Singapore. Still, life goes on. Work continues. Events are being hosted. We find a way to smile despite the looming threat of death around us. As […]

6 Unique Ideas for a Zero Waste Valentine’s Day 2020

The festival of love is finally here. On the most romantic day of the year, there is no lack of love as couples reaffirm their commitment towards each other. But in the midst of all these romantic extravaganza, we might have neglected someone important. No, not the singles. Not your pets. But Mother Earth.   […]

5 Best Venues for Yoga Team Building in Singapore

Your body hears everything your mind says.  Naomi Judd   Singaporeans live to eat. Hence, during Chinese New Year, it’s a given that we feast to our heart’s content. However, the post-food-guilt pressures us to find free time to exercise (which never actually happens). Furthermore, we are among the most stressed at work globally. As […]

Funan Mall Guide: 11 Must-Try Food And Unique Places To Visit

Funan reopened its doors on 28 June after $560 million worth of renovations which took three years. Hundreds of excited shoppers lined up to discover the giant 889, 000 sq feet mall with 6 retail floors and an urban farm. From the moment you enter, you will understand why it is a Digital Mall. Pay […]

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