6 Best Restaurants in Hong Kong for Dinner Parties

We all know that Hong Kong has some of the best restaurants in Asia. However, when picking a restaurant for a special occasion, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you! The following are the best restaurants in Hong Kong for dinner parties. 

1. Plaa – Best dinner party venue HongKong that serves Thai Cuisine

Plaa is the best restaurant in Hong Kong that serves Thai cuisine
Photos from Plaa

Plaa is a restaurant in Hong Kong that is a collaboration between two well-known chefs and restaurant owners from Hong Kong and Bangkok: Richie Lin and Ian Kittichai. When translated into Thai, the restaurant’s name means “fish.”

If you want to have a taste of contemporary Thai Cuisine, Plaa is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong for dinner parties for you. You can inform the restaurant in advance if you have certain dietary requirements. Some ingredients and condiments can’t be excluded from the dishes, such as:

  • Fermented products like fish sauce, shrimp paste, and soy sauce
  • Sugar/ salt
  • Cooked off alcohol (they can exclude raw alcohol)
  • Thai herbs such as coriander, lemongrass, galanga, and ginger
  • Alliums such as onion, leek, and shallot
  • Mushrooms in the form of stock or broth (they can remove solid pieces)
  • Modified starches such as corn, potato, water chestnut starch
  • Chilli (They can slightly reduce the spiciness) 

Certain dietary requirements can’t be fulfilled due to the complexity of Plaa’s menu, such as:

  • Vegetarian/ vegan 
  • Seafood/ shellfish 
  • Gluten-free 

Plaa is the best restaurant in Hong Kong for dinner parties if you want to be constantly reminded of the peace of seashores and waves. David Chipperfield Architects, a company based in London, designed the interior of the restaurant. The place features curved aquamarine walls, ceppo terrazzo, a white stucco ceiling, and pink seashell furniture.

Address: 2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

2. Dine Art – Best dinner party venue HongKong that serves Italian Cuisine

Dine Art is the best restaurant in Hong Kong that serves Italian cuisine
Photos from Dine Art

Dine Art combines fine food and art under one roof, making for a unique and enjoyable dining experience. Cosimo, the chef at Dine Art, has put together a delicious menu of traditional Italian dishes that are perfect if you’re craving a true Italian taste for your dinner party. 

The restaurant offers guests a private dining experience that is both exclusive and cosy, whether it is for a family reunion or a dinner party with friends. Its dinner menu has a five-course meal made with the freshest, quality ingredients from Italy and other parts of the world.

Dine Art’s lunch box is delicious and affordable. In addition to the tasty lunch sets, they also serve dinner in a private kitchen that can fit up to 24 people. This makes them the perfect choice for a celebratory dinner party for those who want something stylish and delicious.

Dine Art’s place is spacious and inviting, making it included in the list of ideal restaurants in Hong Kong for dinner parties. It can be a venue place for private events, corporate gatherings, or other private functions for up to 120 people. It offers a variety of options for food and drinks that fit your budget.

You can also use its two outdoor balconies to take advantage of the natural light and fresh air. Thus, you and your guests can have a relaxing night away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On request, the place can also arrange a unique lighting setup and get a DJ for your party to make things more fun.

Check out more details about Dine Art here!

Address: Hong Kong, Wong Chuk Hang Rd, 40號, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 16/F, Flat A

3. Yashima – Best dinner party venue HongKong that serves Japanese Cuisine

Yashima is the best restaurant in Hong Kong that serves Japanese cuisine
Photos from Yashima

Do you want to have some Japanese food for your upcoming dinner party? Yashima is one of the most recent omakase-style Japanese restaurants to open in Central. It looks like a zen garden in Kyoto and serves traditional Kaiseki food. It. 

Takahashi Kouya is the head chef at the restaurant. He is from Tokyo and has been working in the kitchen for more than 30 years. The restaurant has three seasonal omakase menus, which cost between $880 to $2,680 for lunch and dinner. 

Fresh, in-season vegetables and seafood like abalone, prawns, Hokkaido uni, and hairy crab are on these menus. They go well with Yashima’s sake or plum wine.

Since Yashima only uses seasonal ingredients, its menu changes almost every day. Traditional sushi like akami, chutoro, and anago is available. But small cooked meals like the Matsuba crab “spring roll” topped with fried Hokkaido corn also amaze and surprise customers.

This Japanese restaurant in HongKong is quiet and open. It reinterprets the traditional Japanese architectural aspects, such as its colour and ornaments. As you step into the restaurant, it is as if you are in Japan!

Address: G/F, 2-4 Kau U Fong, Central, Hong Kong

4. Whisk – Best dinner party venue HongKong that serves French-Japanese Cuisine 

Whisk is the best restaurant in Hong Kong that serves French-Japanese cuisine
Photos from Whisk

Whisk is a restaurant in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui where friends and families can get together to enjoy simple, modern Western food. Chef Li worked in a number of well-known restaurants before taking over the kitchen at Whisk. 

At WHISK, the food is made with the best ingredients from all over the world to satisfy daily cravings. Omakase menus inspired by the seasons are put together with expert French cooking techniques and hand-picked Japanese ingredients. These menus, alongside thoughtfully curated a la carte dishes, go well with a Wine Spectator-awarded wine list. 

The meat and seafood are carefully prepared so that their natural flavour and beauty shine through. WHISK’s weekday dining offers a great culinary experience. Its premium semi-buffet brunch is a lively, gourmet way to have a dinner party. 

The restaurant looks like it has a lot of different rooms, but don’t let it overwhelm you! The dining lounge has a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable chairs. If you want, you can also book it for VIP events.

Check out more details about Whisk here!

Address: Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Rd, 118號, The Mira Hong Kong, 5 樓

5. Mora – Best dinner party venue HongKong that serves Chinese Cuisine 

Mora is the best restaurant in Hong Kong that serves Chinese cuisine
Photos from Mora

Chef Vicky Lau opened her new restaurant, Mora, after her last restaurant, Tate Dining Room, was given two Michelin stars. Mora wants to change the way we think about soy and the way we eat it. 

The menu features soy-based foods. Soybeans are an important part of Asian food and culture, and they can be used in a number of different ways. Featuring set prices for lunch and dinner, the restaurant also has a large à la carte menu. Their Mapo tofu is a must-try.

Also, a lot of the soy-based products that Mora sells are made in their own factory. This factory uses an extraction method that is said to make a soy product with a denser texture and a stronger soy smell. 

Mora is a small restaurant on the historic Upper Lascar Row with only 28 seats. The Upper Lascar Row in Hong Kong is known for its antique shops and markets. Since there are fewer cars around the area, you are sure to find a fresh and relaxing environment during your dinner party here. 

The restaurant’s interior has a soothing colour scheme of milk, featuring soft and smooth lines. Its dining room has plush sofas covered in emerald velvet and comfortable dark wood furniture.

Address: 40 Upper Lascar Row, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

6. Trafalgar – Best dinner party venue HongKong that serves British Cuisine

Photos from Trafalgar

Want to have a laid-back and tipsy dinner party? Come to Trafalgar! You will feel like you are in the United Kingdom even if you don’t fly there if you go to a traditional place that also has its own brewery. 

Trafalgar’s menu has some of the best examples of British food around. People often go to this place because they can get delicious draft beer, cider, and wine. But don’t miss out on the chance to try some great tea as well! They also serve casual finger foods, burgers, steaks, and pies. 

There is a TV screen on each of the four walls of the room so that you can watch sports channels all the time. Because it is right in the middle of Wan Chai, Trafalgar is right in the middle of everything that is going on there. 

The pub has a traditional British style, making it the perfect place to watch your favourite sports games with a pint and some pub food. You can take advantage of its open-air beer garden with a balcony as you watch live games on screens inside or outside the venue or on big projections on the walls.

Check out more details about Trafalgar here!

Address: Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Lockhart Rd, The Broadway, 5樓

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Hong Kong is, without a doubt, one of the cities that can call itself the “restaurant capital of the world.” At Venuerific, you will never run out of choices for the best restaurants in Hong Kong for dinner parties. Check out more venues where you can hold your dinner party here! 

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