Best Cafes in Singapore for Brunch Dates (New and Old)

best cafes in Singapore

The best cafes in Singapore are lurking around the island’s every corner, but you only have so much time to find out what fits your brunch mood the best. Taking things further, you have a date with you, so what cafe will have what you’re looking for in the brunch date?

Today, Venuerific is here to decide for you. Here are the best cafes in Singapore for your next brunch date!

Best Cafes in Singapore for Brunch Dates (New and Old)

6 Letter Brunch

Images from 6 Letter Brunch

Brunch isn’t brunch without an Instagram moment—for both food and venue. Ticking these two important boxes is 6 Letter Brunch, a garden themed cafe located along Frankel Avenue. 

You have all the brunch staples in this spacious brunch spot—from trendy indoor houseplants to sunny backyard dining. Have a go at their pancakes as well, especially their Pancake Wonderland which comes with gelato, cream, and cookie crumble (among other delicious things). 

For a savory treat, you can also try their spread of sourdough toasts, garnished with smoked salmon, avocado and egg, and bananas and nuts. (This is called the “Three Musketeers!”) Pair these with unique lattes (Charcoal Latte, Macadamia Latte) or other espresso drinks.

Address: 103 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458225
Must Try: Pancake Wonderland, Three Musketeers, Charcoal Latte

B for Bagel

Images from B for Bagel Instagram

A bagel movement has been started in Seoul, Korea, and its next stop is Singapore. Debuting their first overseas store, B for Bagel is more than just its trendy orange hues and bold typography. This bagel hub is your next brunch date cafe. 

Bite into a soft chewy bagel and ease into conversations with your brunch partner. Better yet, explore flavours you have never seen in a bagel before…or something you’re comfortable with—whatever makes you happy! 

Join the B for Bagel gang and champion menu options like the Peach Cloud Bagel, Jambon Butter Sandwich, and the Red Curry Chicken Bagel Sandwich.

Address: #B1-125,126, Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933
Must-Try: Red Curry Chicken Bagel Sandwich, Bacon Cheese Egg Omelette Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich, Peach Cloud Bagel

Daizu Cafe

Images from Daizu Cafe

Bring your pet to your next brunch date and escape to Daizu Cafe, located in the heart of Rangoon Road. This minimalist space is the perfect spot for a chill, laidback brunch date at one of the best cafes in Singapore. (Take note: their brunch menu is only until 3pm!)

Focused on the holistic usage of soy, nutrition, and sustainability, Daizu Cafe has a unique Japanese-Western menu. Its star mains include the Tamago Ikura Sando, the Lobster Mayo Croissant, Tempura Dumplings, and Chili Crab Chirashi. 

It wouldn’t be a cafe without coffee and dessert as well. Have a go at their Matcha Tart, Fuji Kori Amann, and Daizu Brew Coffees.

Address: 129 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218407
Must-Try: Chili Crab Chirashi, Purple Potato Daizu Creme, Daizu’s Gyudon, Kamo-Nara, Lobster Mayo Croissant

Grids Coffee | Bar

Images from Grids Coffee Bar

Bright, minimalist, and merry, Grids Coffee breaks the coffee-snob stereotype and has a generally welcoming atmosphere. This is not by accident: Grids Coffee prides itself in “connecting the dots between food, people and lifestyle.”

It’s a space for everyone—no matter their background, interests, and food preferences. If you’re looking for a casual brunch date, Grids Coffee is it. It is simply one of the best cafes in Singapore! (It’s hard to miss this cafe too, located in the heart of Chinatown and it’s a 3-storey heritage shophouse!)

As for food, Grids has an extensive menu that includes all-day breakfasts, fresh Japanese milk bread sandos, chazukes/salads, and sweet baked goods.

Address: Chinatown, Raffles Place, Telok Ayer
Must-Try: Avocado Toast, Duck Ochazuke, Lox-ness (Sando), Loaded Mentaiko Fries, Feelin’ Plucky (Sando), Artisanal Teas

Blu Jaz Cafe

Image from Blu Jaz Cafe

Last, but certainly not the least, on this list of the best cafes in Singapore for a brunch date is Blu Jaz Cafe. This has all the modernity that comes with a brunch date—an attached bar, a sound system, and a plethora of food choices.

Highlights from this cafe’s menu includes their Chicken Parmigiana, Chimichanga, Cold Cut and Cheese Platter, Seekh Gilafi, and Vegetable Pasta. 

Moreover, take refuge in Blu Jaz Cafe’s quirky rooms and create unforgettable memories with your date. Choose from indoor and outdoor dining—though we’d suggest both are great choices to begin with already, given their unique, colourful murals!

If you’re serious about enjoying (and potentially extending) your brunch time because of good food, good company, and good day drinking, Blu Jaz Cafe is the spot for you. Certainly, this is one of the best cafes in Singapore.

Address: 11 Bali Ln, Singapore 189848
Must-Try: Vegetable Pasta, Cold Cut and Cheese Platter, Ribeye Steak, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Chimichanga, Seekh Gilafi, Chicken Parmigiana

We are ushering a new renaissance of cafes in Singapore. There are spaces and styles inspired by the Western culture, and some by different areas in Asia. This shows itself in the cafe’s aesthetic and menu. While some may be overwhelmed with the best cafes in Singapore, think of them as unique spaces to make new memories in. 😉

Good luck with your brunch date in some of the best cafes in Singapore! Take your next date to the next level by checking out these Top Restaurants in Singapore You Must Try This Year!

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