Hygiene Badges: 5 Corporate Meeting Rooms For Below 10 Pax in Singapore

The CoVid-19 crisis has caused economies around the world to grind to a halt, leaving us thankful that there is still some economic activity in Singapore. 

In this economic downturn, every sales lead and business meeting is vital in securing the future of the company (and our jobs). However, health is of the utmost priority as well. You have to find a meeting room that is both safe and conducive for work. As such, the Venuerific Team have helped you identify meeting rooms that follow strict hygiene practices. We identify them with a Hygiene Badge. 

Here is how you identify a venue with a Hygiene Badge on our web page. 

To qualify for our Hygiene Badge, the venue should meet at least some of these safety measures as listed here:

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For any corporate meetings below 10 pax, here are the 5 Corporate Meeting Rooms For Below 10 Pax in Singapore.

1. The Company

sofas for comfortable meetings at The Company

Boardroom for business meetings with less than 10 pax

Image Credit to The Company

If you are looking for a conducive environment to work or to host meetings in Singapore, you can look towards The Company. They offer chat rooms (1 – 4 pax) and meeting rooms (1 – 10 pax) for small, focused discussions. The Company follows strict hygiene practices for the safety of all their community members. Book today!

Safety Precautions: 5 / 7

Address: #02-01 Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Rd, 188720

Capacity: Minimum 1 pax

2. HUONE Singapore

corporate meeting rooms at HUONE Singapore affordable corporate meeting rooms

Image Credit to HUONE Singapore

HUONE Singapore challenges our preconceived concept of professional meeting rooms with their unique themes meant to instil creativity. They have 11 different set-ups ranging from a hangout-vibes Sandbox to a playful Swing Room. In times like these, it’s crucial to inject fresh motivation and novelty in your meetings to keep spirits up! Discover a suitable meeting room with HUONE Singapore today!

Safety Precautions: 8 / 8

Address: 3D River Valley Rd, #03-01 Block D, Singapore 179023

Capacity: Minimum 1 pax

3. Kloud Keppel Bay Tower

state-of-the-art meeting rooms for businesses Small meeting room for corporate

contactless hand sanitiser at Kloud Keppel Bay Tower

Image Credit to Kloud Keppel Bay Tower

When it comes to hygiene, Kloud Keppel Bay Tower spares no expenses. I mean, have you ever seen a contactless hand sanitiser? If your business meeting must continue, Kloud Keppel Bay Tower is committed to protecting the health of their guests. Discover more about their boardroom (10 pax) or the library (5 pax) now!

Safety Precautions: 7 / 8

Address: Harbourfront Station

Capacity: Minimum 1 pax

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4. CoSpace Park

CoSpace Park meeting room meeting room at CoSpace Park

Image Credit to CoSpace Park

Located in the heart of Science Park 2, CoSpace Park allows you to host professional meetings in a relaxing environment surrounded by lush greenery. They also function as a coworking space so if you are looking for a place to work conducively, give the CoSpace Park a try! 

Safety Precautions: 6 / 8

Address: 43 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117408

Capacity: Minimum 2 pax

5. Alliance Francaise De Singapour

corporate business rooms for less than 10 people Alliance Francaise de Singapour

The meeting rooms at Alliance Francaise de Singapour are sufficiently spacious to cater to meetings below 10 pax. Their strict measures include screening any visitor who has recent travel history to China, Japan, Iran, South Korea, Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Germany and ASEAN countries during the periods of time indicated by the MOH. These precautions are necessary to provide a safe environment for you to host your meetings. As long as your members clear this requirement, feel safe to book a meeting room with Alliance Francaise de Singapour today!

Safety Precautions: 6/8

Address: 1 Sarkies Rd, Singapore 258130

Capacity: Minimum 1 pax

Don’t panic. This crisis is not here to stay.

Many of us were caught off guard by the sudden implementation of such strict regulations. Singapore’s government no-nonsense approach has actually forced many venues in Singapore to install robust safety measures. Click here to find the full list of venues with hygiene badges.

*Please adhere to Social Distancing & other governmental regulations when partaking in any social activities. 


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