Christmas in Singapore 2020: Places to Visit and Things to Do

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What makes you excited during Christmas time? Order Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks’ Christmas specials? Watching a childhood movie Home Alone? Or.. get on an extended Year-end holiday to welcome the new year in another part of the world? Well, a Christmas holiday overseas may not be happening this year, but hey, did you know that there are many places and activities that you can do in Singapore during the Christmas 2020 holiday without having to spend a big budget? From simple home activities to extreme outdoor ones, we have prepared a list for you. Don’t forget to invite your friends, family, or loved ones to join these activities!

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1. Unique Glamcation Experience at Jewel Changi Airport

beige tent with flowers decoration in singapore airport

floor bed inside singapore glamcation tent with christmas gift and plant decorations

Photo credit to Now Boarding by Changi Airport

It’s been a rather difficult year, especially for you who like to travel. You might be missing the scent, atmosphere of the airport, and the exhilarating feeling of leaving everything behind for a carefree holiday. While your travelling activities are currently limited, how about making the airport as your travel destination? Jewel Changi Airport offers you the glamcation experience with your loved ones this Christmas holiday. 

Choose between the Cloud9 or the Shiseido Forest Alley for your glamping spot. On Cloud9, you will be treated to the magnificent top view of the Rain Vortex. In the Forest Alley, you can also enjoy the Rain Vortex, while being surrounded by lush greeneries. Definitely a rejuvenating experience!

Be ready to update your Instagram feed as there are also many interesting photo spots in Jewel Changi Airport, so a photo hunt in this mall would be highly recommended as well! Definitely consider this activity as one of your to-do lists for Christmas in Singapore 2020. Find out more.

2. Be a One-day Detective at The Orient Express Exhibition

orient express train in singapore with blue colours and several windows

orient express train's interior with maroon colours and dining table

Photo credit to Orient Express Exhibition

Are you a fan of the mystery thriller starring Johnny Depp, “Murders on The Orient Express“? We bet you must be in awe of the intricate set design within the film featuring an elegant and classy interior of the Orient Express definitely made the film unforgettable. But that’s not all there is to The Orient Express. Did you know this luxury train was launched in 1883 when travelling was still seen as dangerous? The train operated for more than a century and only stopped its operation in 2009. It was also the epitome of luxury travel during its heyday!

Good news! You can now get a feel of the real train by visiting the Once Upon A Time on The Orient Express exhibition right here in Singapore! Hosted in the Gardens by The Bay from 12 December 2020 to 13 June 2021, you will be able to see the original train carriages from the 1800s and other anecdotes including newsreels, furniture and displays as well as film clips that documented the century legacy of the train. Apart from the exhibition, you can also dine in the replica of the restaurant car and enjoy the exclusive fusion menu onboard. You can also book the space for intimate corporate or private gatherings, and have a unique Christmas celebration.

Make sure not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Bring your loved ones into this exhibition and turn it into one of the best Christmas gift ideas that you can do in Singapore! Find out more.

3. A Bright Christmas at Christmas Wonderland

large light artworks in singapore christmas wonderland

christmas wonderland in garden by the bay singapore with snow decorations

Photo by Christmas Wonderland

After visiting the Orient Express Exhibition in Gardens by the Bay, don’t forget to make a stop at the Christmas Wonderland! Garden by the Bay is now even more attractive with the magical light decorations. Capture your Christmas moments in Walk of Lights, the beautiful artwork by Italian craftsmen who used the brand-new luminaire light installation, complemented with the stunning white wood from the South of Italy. 

Since 2014, this annual event offers a different magical touch every year. And.. specially for this year, there is also a virtual edition where you can enjoy the Christmas miracle from your desktop or mobile! 

Christmas Wonderland is also one of our top choices of festive things to do with kids here in Singapore. There is also more than S$50,000 in cash and fabulous prizes to be won if you buy the tickets now. Find out more.

4. Run at Punggol for a Healthier Christmas

running track in punggol singapore with bridge and river view

Photo by Nishchal S

city forest in punggol singapore with several large trees and small pathway

Photo by Gu Jianping

Hey runners, have you checked your Strava lately? make sure you collect some of the running badges this month before Christmas come! 

Create a new running route in Singapore or using the favourite one from the App. Whatever it is, definitely consider doing one of your runs in Punggol. In this beautiful neighbourhood, you are always greeted with lush greenery and river view wherever you turn to. For those of you who need a Singapore running guide, this might help. 

If you’re not into running, you can also take a leisure stroll in the area with your family after your Christmas lunch or dinner, so you can burn off all the calories after! Find out more.

5. Feel the Adrenaline Rush with Sentosa Bungee Jump

a man do bungy jump in sentosa singapore with beach view and pool below

bungy jump group in singapore with sentosa beach view

Photo credit by AJ Hackett Sentosa

We challenge you not to scream when you try this extreme activity. Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore’s first and only Bungee Jump facility owned by AJ Hackett Sentosa offers you a 50 meters jump and safely flying through the air. You can see a beautiful Siloso Beach from above while you’re pumped with adrenaline! You don’t have to worry about the safety because all the equipment and jump crew are of international standards! 

Besides that, AJ Hackett Sentosa also has a Giant Swing where you can swing in the air from 40 meters with two of your friends or family! You will also get the documentation where you can upload on Instagram as one of the extraordinary things to do on Christmas time. Find out more.

6. Sail Around Singapore with Private Yacht

family trip with private big yacht in singapore

woman sunbathing in singapore party yacht

Photo credit by Marina at Keppel Bay

There are many ways you can explore Singapore despite the travel restrictions. One of which includes bringing your family members or loved ones to have a luxury-fun time on the yacht. 

The Admiral by Marina at Keppel Bay could take you to go around Singapore on a sailcation. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the Singapore sea. Be sure to soak in all the warmth of the sun by sunbathing and definitely plan for a romantic dinner with a glass of wine is you are going with that special someone. This private Singapore yacht is ready to take you on board. Find out more.

7. Brunch or Dinner in Singapore Hippest Area

private dining space in singapore with blue chairs and flowers decorations

Photo by Eat At My Kitchen

large christmas dining restaurant with white-brown interior and mini bar

A good feast is a must for the festive period. And the other thing that is not to be missed are the promotions that come with the season! Hence, we have compiled the best deals you can find for your Christmas celebration in Singapore. From the tasty Roast Turkey Breast to the Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse Log Cake, you can have them all by doing reservations in these restaurants in Singapore. Don’t miss out on other affordable offers such as Christmas delivery packages that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Find out more.

8. Have a Sweet Christmas Day with Homemade Cookies

christmas cookies in singapore with several mold

singapore cookies with christmas mold and red decorations

Will you make time for the people closest to you this Christmas? 

A family time like making unique Christmas cookies together sounds pretty simple but actually has a deep meaning. Making this activity as one of your Christmas traditions also doesn’t hurt. From shopping the ingredient needs to the process of making this sweet cookie, someday it will become a beautiful memory of your Christmas! Brew a good cup of tea as you enjoy the final products and apply the no-gadget rules, so you can have a great Christmas time by speaking to your family members.

So, have you decided where to go or what to do for this Christmas 2020? Go on and try all the experiences we listed or read this article for the best deals in town, but remember to follow the existing safe distancing protocols. Stay safe and healthy, also don’t forget to capture every beautiful moment with your friends, family, or loved ones.

Merry Christmas, terrific people!

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