What to Do on Christmas in Singapore 2022

Christmas in Singapore 2022

Many people are bouncing back this year. They’re making new memories with friends and family they might not have seen since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With all restrictions eased and lifted, the question remains: What should I do during my Christmas in Singapore for 2022?

Here are the top 10 options that’ll surely make people of all ages have fun.

1. Explore DIY Christmas decor!

DIY Christmas for Christmas in Singapore 2022
Image from Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit quite like Christmas decorations and family, right? Thus, for Christmas in Singapore 2022, find do-it-yourself Christmas decor that you can do with friends and family.

This goes especially for families with a lot of children and kids-at-heart. These activities are more than just their final products, too. Creating your own wreaths and ornaments makes for great memories. Bond with your family by crafting objects that remind you most of them (and your place in it). Christmas in Singapore 2022 can just mean a lot of family time too, you know?

2. Have a Staycation with your Family!

Grand Park City Hall for Christmas in Singapore 2022
Image from Grand Park City Hall Singapore and Unsplash+

There are many staycation venues in Singapore, as it is a worldwide business district after all. Take advantage of them by booking a staycation with your family in the days leading up to Christmas. You can have a restful time that highlights the love you have for each other.

Grand Park City Hall Singapore is one hotel that gives you access not only to your family, but the city’s beautiful Christmas activities. Located near Raffles City, Marina Square, and Clarke Quay, it is a prime location in touch with festivities. Discover more about its nearby locations during Christmas in Singapore 2022!

3. Host an Office Christmas Party!

Barouv Singapore for Christmas in Singapore 2022
Image from Barouv Singapore and Panupong Piewkleng

Office mates were a big part of your year? Host a special holiday party for your colleagues as part of Christmas in Singapore 2022. Don’t want to have it at your place? Volunteer as an organizer and do this act of service to your team. 🙂

Christmas is more than just family, at the end of the day. Spend a memorable office Christmas party at Barouv Singapore and take in beautiful sights while partying the night away. This rooftop bar is essential to the SG social scene and is easily accessible through public transport. It is also open up to midnight, serving delicious communal food all day! Take a peak at Barouv Singapore.

4. Have a Movie Marathon!

Christmas Movie Party at 21&Above  for Christmas in Singapore 2022
Image from 21&Above and Olga Korolenko on Unsplash

There are so many iconic Christmas movies worldwide. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a film buff or a casual viewer; you will enjoy at least one Christmas movie in your lifetime. (Did you know Die Hard is considered a Christmas movie?)

These being said, consider holding a holiday movie marathon for Christmas in Singapore 2022! Have your closest friends and/or family choose their favorite holiday movies and randomly pick them out.

Hold this event at 21&Above to set it apart from the rest. This venue has an iconic party attic that will definitely immerse you into the holiday spirit. As for food, don’t worry, there is a grilling spot and kitchen area you can use. Did we mention there’s also a ball pit? Yes, there is—so check out 21&Above today!

5. A Christmas Bake-a-thon with Friends!

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