Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Hong Kong Top Locations 2022

pre wedding photoshoot in hong kong

One of the many beauties of Hong Kong is its urban and natural landscapes. Thus, it is unsurprising for people to look forward to having a pre wedding photoshoot in Hong Kong. Still, not enough people see the country as a potential destination for love fests—making it hard to find the best wedding-related locations.

Today, Venuerific cherishes the ability to #CelebrateAnywhere, especially Hong Kong. Take a peek into these top pre wedding photoshoot locations in Hong Kong for 2022!

1. Le Méridien Hong Kong, Cyberport (Behind-The-Scenes)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Le Méridien Hong Kong
Image from Le Méridien Hong Kong and LovingYou Korea

Hong Kong is a world-class business district, home to a plethora of world-class hotels. Le Méridien Hong Kong is one of them, and it is certainly a unique choice for a pre wedding photoshoot Hong Kong.

Beyond the hotel’s ballrooms, it also boasts an enchanting swimming pool and many wedding settings (indoor and outdoor). Le Méridien also has unique, adaptable spaces for mid century modern shoots and “urban-meets-nature” looks. Let your pre wedding photoshoot results stand out with Le Méridien Hong Kong. Enquire with them today!

2. Boat Paradise (Ocean)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot on a yacht
Image from Boat Paradise and Gutsu (Bali Wedding Photographer)

The 2020s have been a time for luxury yachting all over asia. Its luxurious, isolated look definitely makes for exclusive-looking photos. Hong Kong, home to one of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes, can provide a special yachting experience.

Boat Paradise is a multifunctional yacht event space that has hosted cruises, DJ parties, and more. They recognize that there are many ways to experience cruising in the sea, and a pre wedding photoshoot is one of them. Views of the ocean during your pre wedding photoshoot is so Hong Kong—it’s luxurious and natural in the same package. Check out Boat Paradise now!

3. Cattle Depot Artists Village (Rustic/Industrial)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Cattle Depot Artists Hong Kong
Image from WikiWand and Klaud9

Cattle Depot Artists Village is a historic cluster of art studios. To this day, it is home to many inspired art displays from all over the world. Its rich history adds to its aesthetic—charming, industrial brick houses—making a great pre wedding photoshoot location.

While this venue is an obvious choice for artist couples, it shouldn’t be under anyone else’s radar. The village is quaint, rustic, and unique. It has been the home of some of the world’s best art; from avant-garde work to contemporary art villages. Your love is an artform, too.

4. House Studio (Contemporary)

House Studio pre wedding photoshoot
Image from House Studio and WedMeGood

Want to stay indoors for your pre wedding photoshoot in Hong Kong? House Studio, located in Soho House Hong Kong, has 2,500 square feet for you to have fun with. From its elegant round staircase to its bright contemporary interiors, this venue is worth the visit. 

Art drips in every corner of this pre wedding photoshoot location. (Don’t be surprised if you see floor-to-ceiling windows, refined white walls, and designer chandeliers!) However, it remains useful from the production side too. It has 2 projectors, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a Cloakroom, and storage space.

Check out House Studio for a contemporary-style photoshoot!

5. Victoria Peak (Garden)

Victoria Peak Hong Kong natural pre wedding photoshoot
Images from Jeremy Wong Weddings

A local tourist destination, Victoria Peak is known as the highest point in all of Hong Kong. While it houses some of the country’s biggest cash grabs—hotels, peak tram, and peak tower—it manages to keep its magic alive.

Showcase beautiful, lush greenery in Victoria Peak’s gardens. Use this as a backdrop for your pre wedding photoshoot and you’ll be left with simple, stunning results.

6. Event Hire at M+ (Romantic)

Event Hire at M+ pre wedding photoshoot location
Image from Event Hire at M+ and Jono Symonds

This venue is best known for teetering between abundant banquets and intimate celebrations. It has experience in hosting all types of gatherings, offering only the finest cuisine in the country. 

However, what people might overlook at Event Hire at M+ is its beautiful views. Situated in the middle of the West Kowloon Cultural District, this venue has panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. 

With profound and moving visuals, your pre wedding photoshoot will surely benefit from M+’s aesthetic. This goes especially for its rooftop outdoor area. Take a look at Event Hire at M+ now!

7. Hong Kong Observation Wheel (Architecture)

Hong Kong observation wheel pre wedding photoshoot location
Image from Hitchbird

Ending this list with a Hong Kong Icon! A trip to Hong Kong certainly isn’t complete without the Hong Kong Observation Wheel. Thus, if you want to make a statement with your pre wedding photoshoot, this is a great choice to go with.

Showcase the grandeur of your love and Hong Kong with this pre wedding photoshoot theme. Either take pictures 60m above the ground or use the Wheel as your backdrop. Either way, you are sure to stun people with your photos!

Also: taking pictures here at night is an underrated experience. If you want unique pre wedding photoshoot pictures, maybe try this out! Make sure your photographer can do night shoots though.

No matter where you are, events love love! Even though a pre wedding photoshoot in Hong Kong might not seem like a common choice for international audiences, those who live and have experienced the country will certainly see the hidden gems in this list.

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