Survival Tips to Host a Kids Birthday Party in Malaysia

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Blank Slate / Minimalist venue 

Yuespace Hartamas for hosting kids birthday party in malaysia

If you are planning to go all out on your kids’ birthday party in Malaysia, take a gander at ​​Yuespace Hartamas. Located in Sri Hartamas, this multifunctional space lives by the quote “We provide space for your own creation.”

This empty space can become a carnival, a tea party, an art workshop, and anything you set your mind to. Each guest has 1,500 square feet to explore. As a party planner, you also have a dedicated Event Manager working with you. 

Carnival themed birthday as kids birthday party ideas
Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

If you want a tailored, customized kid’s birthday party in Malaysia, Yuespace Hartamas is for you. Check it out now!

Activity Day (limited guests) 

DeHoz Co-Studio & Kitchen for hosting kids birthday party in malaysia

Sometimes, kids want an activity, not just a party. Should you want a small kid’s birthday party in Malaysia that has art, cooking, or decorating activities—check out DeHoz Co-Studio & Kitchen. This unique loft-style venue can accommodate a small home party, a cooking class, and even a cupcake baking workshop!

children decorating cake for the top kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from ​​rudi_suardi

For your soon-to-be chefs, hosting an activity day at a venue with complete amenities such as DeHoz Co-Studio & Kitchen solves most of your problems already. It even has overnight stay rooms available for your slumber party themes. 

Book DeHoz Co-Studio & Kitchen on Venuerific today!

Garden Party

garden theme for kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from Cassa Detik

Planning a big fairytale party for your kids’ birthday party in Malaysia? Cassa Detik—experienced with imaginative events and parties—is the venue you should book. 

Able to accommodate up to 500 standing guests, Cassa Detik is a spacious and fresh venue. It is perfect for playing, scavenger hunts, and fun physical games with your kid/s. Aesthetically, it can easily be turned into a magical garden or a fun carnival. 

Girl blowing bubbles for kids birthday party wishes
Image from wundervisuals

If you want a simple, royal lunch for your kid’s birthday party Cassa Detik can do it too, since it also hosts small-scale events. Plan out your next kid’s birthday party in Malaysia with Cassa Detik!

5. Food and drinks should mostly cater to your theme.

Safari balls and safari themed cookies  for kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from Ahead of Thyme

Fulfil birthday wishes for kids in Malaysia while making everything fit your theme. This goes especially for food options! 

If you’ve got a tea party, serve a spread of mini cakes, dainty sandwiches, and beautifully coloured drinks. If you have a safari-themed party, you can have fun with the names! 

(Think serving “animal” crackers, “jungle vines” (liquorice sticks), “monkey food” (banana pudding), “tropical feast” (spread of fruits), and more.) Kids love it when you get creative, so you can try asking them if they have any ideas too!

6. Have games for your guests!

Pinata game for the best kids birthday party in malaysia
Image from monkeybusinessimages

For spacious venues, you can have an egg toss, a newspaper dance, and even several rounds of musical chairs! Scavenger hunts are all a no-brainer, especially if you are going for a more nature-theme birthday. 

Smaller parties can focus on more intimate games like card games, board games, and virtual escape rooms. Either way, you should never forget to have activities with your guests—it’ll be the most memorable part of their day. 

(Tip? Get prizes that will pique the interests of kids and adults! Again, this party can be for both, so have a little something for you winners—they’ll be so excited to join!)

There are so many ways you can get creative with a kid’s birthday party in Malaysia. It all starts with a budget, an idea, and a venue to execute these. Kid’s birthday parties are always a treat for the eyes as they breathe innocent life into an otherwise loud party scene!

If you’re looking for more party ideas, you can take a peek into the world of baby showers too. The themes of kids’ birthdays and baby showers often overlap, and it all depends on execution to tell the difference.

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