8 Fun Baby Shower Themes in Singapore for 2022

Woman holding her pregnant belly while holding baby shoes

Baby shower themes planning took a dip in recent years because they all had to be online. However, with Singapore’s new COVID guidelines, fun events like baby showers are back in business! 

It might be a big adjustment to plan parties with 20+ guests now, even for people who love holding events pre pandemic. However, this is what this list of baby shower themes in Singapore are here for. 

Here, you will find the best themes that make the most out of the country’s updated guidelines and elegant flair! Reunite with your friends and family (yes, all of them) in style and celebrate the arrival of your new family member.

Baby Shower Meaning

If you have never held a baby shower before, this is essentially a party for a woman who is expecting a baby. Friends and family are invited, and are expected to bring gifts for the baby and/or mother. 

Of course, a baby shower is what you make of it. For example, traditionally these showers have female guests only. This has changed in recent years, where dads and men welcome the arrival of a newborn too!

1. Dinosaur Theme

Image from Make Life Cute

Baby shower themes in Singapore that turn out popular often have something to do with an outdoor aesthetic. Creating a twist on the well-loved safari baby shower themes is the dinosaur theme. 

This also uses lush greenery, is a call to adventure, and is used best as baby shower themes for boys in Singapore. 

Image from Popular with the Poplins

Decorate an outdoor area with dinosaur cut-outs, big banana leaves (cut like prehistoric leaves), and a cute dinosaur backdrop? You’ve already got yourself a dinosaur baby shower. As a bonus, you can give safari hats to all your guests and give children “dig up dinosaur bones” to play with!

The Backyard at the SIRI House provides a not-too-hot outdoor area for your dinosaur theme baby shower. Located at Dempsey Hill, its outdoor aesthetic fits the safari/nature theme well.

Discover more about The SIRI House!

Address: 8D Dempsey Rd, #01-02 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672
Capacity: 20 - 110
Amenities: Air conditioning, Full Bar, TV Screen, Tech Support
Food and Beverage Option: Canapes, Cocktail, Communal Dining, Full Course, Modern Asian, Wine

2. Tropical Rainforest Theme

Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

If you want trendier baby shower themes in Singapore, the tropical rainforest theme is another smart choice. Also similar to the safari theme, this has a greener and more colorful palette. Birds of all colors thrive in the rainforest, so even guests can wear big palm trees or floral prints. 

Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

To add to the charm of this theme, you can opt to celebrate it in a venue with a lake or pool around it. Vineyard Bistro, nestled in the intimate greenscape of HortPark, is one of these venues. With aged-wood tables, overhung foliage, and a reflecting infinity pool, Vineyard Bistro is a perfect spot to create your Tropical Rainforest. 

Explore the Vineyard Bistro!

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, #02-02 Hort Park, Singapore 119578
Capacity: 1- 80
Amenities: Air conditioning, Swimming Pool, Event Staff, Tech Support, Wifi, Sound system
Food and Beverage Option: French, Italian, Full Bar

3. Honey Bee Theme

Image from catchmyparty.com

Highlighting the cuteness of having a baby is a Honey Bee baby shower theme. If you want a nature-theme baby shower that isn’t best celebrated outdoors, this is the theme for you.

Be the Mother Bee of the event and decorate your space with honeycomb backdrops, pastel-colored flowers, and even have a beehive-style cake (that is as lush and light as the theme itself)! You can even add bee-shaped balloons as a finishing touch. 

Image from catchmyparty.com

Baby shower themes in Singapore, such as these, are best celebrated in a laid back minimalist space with natural lighting. The Under Der Linden Restaurant, a quaint spot in Queenstown, is great for this. 

This restaurant has beautiful decorative flora and fauna. It also has a spacious indoor area that will protect your guests from crowding.

Read more about the Under Der Linden Restaurant!

Address: 5B Portsdown Rd, Singapore 139311
Capacity: 1- 100 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Microphone, Full Bar, Wifi, Event Staff, Projector
Food and Beverage Option: French, Fusion

4. Floral Theme

Image from Aura Party Decoration

When it comes to baby shower themes for girls in Singapore, it might not get better than a maximalist floral theme. Dress up your venue with pastel pinks and whites. Get a naked floral cake. Set up your table with an array of roses, candles, and crystal vases. 

Image from Happiest Baby

Floral baby shower themes are simple but elegant choices for mothers-to-be. Not only are they Instagrammable, they are timeless. A venue like The Atelier & Co can give the most justice to this baby shower theme. 

This open concept event venue is only filled with lush and exotic florals—everything else if yours to shape. Have your guests marvel at The Atelier & Co’s floral cellar and celebrate your motherhood in bloom!

Address: 2 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159919
Capacity: 1- 150 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Arcade, Sound system, Private Loading Elevator, Arcade Game Machine, Outdoor Roof Terrace
Food and Beverage Option: External Catering

5. Beach “Baby on Board” Theme

Image from  IBZStore

A nautical baby shower theme is popular in lists of baby shower themes for boys in Singapore. However, if you want a more gender-neutral theme, a Beach Theme is an equal alternative. You can have seashell decorations, a beautiful aqua blue gradient cake, and message-in-a-bottle giveaways. 

Image from taylorbradford.com

Give each guest a luau necklace upon entrance and you have a cohesive baby shower theme. To take this a step further, you can celebrate your party on the sea itself, with the Yacht Zen Sea 1. 

The Yacht Zen Sea 1 has its own snorkeling equipment, paddle board, kayak, floating mat, and sea scooters. Make your baby shower a memorable experience for your guests by also offering beach-themed activities!

Learn more about the Yacht Zen Sea 1.

Address: 11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Capacity: 1- 20
Amenities: Air conditioning, Sound system, Galley with Amenities, TV Screen, Salon Area
Food and Beverage Option: BBQ, External Catering Allowed

6. Great GatsBaby Theme

Image from creative_desserttables

On the other end of the baby shower themes in Singapore spectrum is Great GatsBaby—a play on the 1920s “Great Gatsby” aesthetic. 

Here, you take a more elegant approach. A black-tie event, shades of purple, black, gold, and white will grace its premises. You can even have feathers and glitter as decorative pieces. If you’re on a budget, look for antique pieces in your household and bring them to your venue. Get out your pearls and gowns to celebrate the elegance of motherhood! 

Image from creative_desserttables

You cannot just choose any event space for this. An elegant baby shower in Singapore has to be held at an elegant spot such as Tanoke. Graced with lush teal walls and ​​accents of metal and wood, this is a unique spot for your Great GatsBaby baby shower. 

Discover TANOKE!

Address: 7 Purvis St, Level 2, Singapore 188586
Capacity: 1- 50 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Wifi, sound system, events staff
Food and Beverage Option: Fusion, Japanese, Full Bar

7. Petit Prince Theme

Image from MintCandy Designs

Based on the timeless classic that is The Little Prince (or Le Petit Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this baby shower theme is fun, unique, and heartwarming. It is mostly used as baby shower themes for boys, but depending on color combinations, you can use this for girls too. 

Create a beautiful world in this baby shower theme. Print (and frame) quotes from the book, have a rose for each guest, hang golden star cut-outs, and even prepare soft pillowy interiors for your guests to sit in. Welcome your little prince (or princess) through this cloudy wonderland aesthetic—best done with Cloud9 Events.

Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

Located in Lai Teng, Cloud9 Events has its own minimalist backdrop. With movable furniture, you can turn this spacious area into Planet B-612 in no time. You’re in good hands, as Cloud9 specializes in soft, romantic interiors like weddings and solemnizations. 

Choose Cloud9 Events for your baby shower in Singapore!

Address: 1 Ubi View, Singapore 408555
Capacity: 1- 70
Amenities: Karaoke Machine, Games, Assorted Board Games, Foosball Table, Mahjong Set, PlayStation 4, Arcade Machine
Food and Beverage Option: External Catering Allowed

8. Little Red Riding Hood

Image from onanordinaryday.com

Last on this list of baby shower themes in Singapore is the Little Red Riding Hood theme. Recreate an enchanted forest with red accents and create a spread of apples, pies, and other homey finger food for your guests to enjoy. (Do not forget to put your food in hand-woven baskets, to add an extra touch!)

Get your gingham table spreads and clothes ready as you decorate and dress up for this baby shower. Add a “Once Upon A Time” flair by creating mock story books for your guests to put their well-wishes on!

Image from plan the perfect baby shower.com

When it comes to a venue, the Viva Loca Katong was made to host a Little Red Riding Hood baby shower. Woodsy, classy, and accented in red, this charming hub looks straight out of a storybook, and is spacious enough to hold up to 120 people.

Address: Katong Square, 88 E Coast Rd, #01-15/16, Singapore 423371
Capacity: 1-120 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Full Bar, Bar Tab
Food and Beverage Option: Local, Pizza, Tapas

Now that events can now run in their full capacities, it is time to hold the perfect baby shower of your dreams. Hopefully, these 8 baby shower themes in Singapore give you an idea of what you can do. A baby shower is a special day for all your friends and family, as it is one of the last memories you have with them before your life changes forever!

Make the most out of these precious times, and create precious moments with them too. Baby shower themes are a great way to amp up the flavor and uniqueness of these events. You can discover more fun baby shower themes in Singapore with our Pinterest Baby Shower Ideas Singapore 2022 article!

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