Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas in Singapore for 2022

Woman with baby blue and baby pink shoes

Planning a gender reveal party is not easy. Other than planning the food and the guests, one also has to plan how they will reveal their baby’s gender. Should it be through a big bold move? Or should it be through small tasks that slowly reveal if it’s a boy or girl?

Indoors or outdoors? Event staff or Do-It-Yourself? There are many factors when it comes to a gender reveal party.

This list highlights classic but unique ways to reveal your baby’s gender, as well as the best spaces to celebrate your gender reveal party in Singapore.

1. Gender Reveal Cake @ The Atelier & Co

Cake with "Oh Baby" written on it. Blue candy coming out of a white cake.
Image from Betty Crocker

A gender reveal cake is simple but effective. When you slice it, it should reveal an outpour of either pink or blue candy (or icing!). Not to mention, it is a double whammy for your gender reveal party: you get to reveal the gender of your baby and feed your guests with cake.

The Floral Atelier glass room filled with flowers

Since this is not a particularly messy way to reveal your baby’s gender, you can opt for an indoor Instagram-friendly venue. The Atelier & Co. is an example of this, with its open concept space and eye-catching floral cellar. 

Have your cake and eat it too at The Atelier & Co!

Address: 2 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159919
Capacity: 1- 150 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Arcade, Sound system, Private Loading Elevator, Arcade Game Machine, Outdoor Roof Terrace
Food and Beverage Option: External Catering

2. Gender Reveal Box @ The Vineyard Bistro

Box with pink smoke coming out of it, box with "boy or girl" written on it
Image from Vandi Fair

Giving you a little more freedom when it comes to your gender reveal party is a gender reveal box. The most common way to reveal gender with a box is to have helium balloons inside. Once you open them, they just float up, spreading the news to everyone at your party. 

However, some opt to have colored smoke or even another person (wearing a baby costume!) inside the box.

Indoor space with wooden interiors and lush green decorations

Whichever method you choose with a gender reveal box, you will need space for the big reveal. The Vineyard Bistro offers space—an indoor space that looks as fresh as an outdoor space—and gives you a lush picturesque venue at the same time. 

Create precious memories at the Vineyard Bistro!

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, #02-02 Hort Park, Singapore 119578
Capacity: 1- 80
Amenities: Air conditioning, Swimming Pool, Event Staff, Tech Support, Wifi, Sound system
Food and Beverage Option: French, Italian, Full Bar

3. Gender Reveal Bingo @ The 7th Heaven Cafe

"Team Girl" and "Team Boy" bingo cards
Image from William Hoza

If you and your friends love to have a game night, a gender reveal bingo might be an interesting option for you. In this gender reveal party idea, your guests are divided into “team girl” and “team boy.” 

The game will have set winners from the beginning; the goal is to have the team of your baby’s gender win, revealing the news to all guests!

Lounge area with billiards behind it

This laidback yet fun way to reveal your baby’s gender should be celebrated in an equally entertaining venue. 7th Heaven Cafe, with its karaoke machines, card games, and pool table, should be a perfect fit for this celebration. 

Explore your gender reveal party possibilities with the 7th Heaven Cafe!

Address: Tampines, ​​Singapore 528882
Capacity: 1- 100 
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Projector, Pool Table, Sound System, Karaoke Machine, Event Staff 
Food and Beverage Option: Beer, Buffet, Burgers, Cocktail, Coffee, Dessert, Finger-food, Full Course, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly, Western, Wine 

4. Gender Reveal Pinata @ RedDot BrewHouse

Box with question marks on it colored pink and blue
Image from LalasParty and Parties with a Cause

A pinata is a classic party addition, so why not use it for your gender reveal party? It is flexible too. Like the cake, you can have pink or blue candy inside. And like the box, you can set up pink or blue smoke inside.  

Have selected guests passionately hit the pinata for the gender revelation! This will surely make funny memories for you and them.

Open, grassy area with table and chairs
Image from RedDot BrewHouse

Gender Reveal Pinatas will take up space, and you would want an outdoor venue to protect from hitting items you do not want to. The RedDot BrewHouse, located in Dempsey Hill, has a beautiful lush green outdoor area perfect for this party. 

Visit the RedDot BrewHouse for your gender reveal party!

Address: 25A Dempsey Rd, #01-01, Singapore 247691
Capacity: 1- 250 
Amenities: Bar Tab, Full Bar, Microphone, Stage, Projector
Food and Beverage Option: BBQ, Burgers, Pizza, Dessert, Italian, Vegetarian Friendly

5. Gender Reveal “Olympics” @Kaboodle

Ball toss game of gender reveal and popping a balloon belly for gender reveal
Image from Strphany Philips and Jennifer T

Make sure that your guests are game to get physical for your gender reveal party before choosing this option. Here, they will have a series of mini games to play. 

Common choices are a ball toss, “pop the baby” darts, and cake cupcake eating competitions. For each game, there will be a color reveal of either pink or blue. The first team to finish all games can count how many pinks and blues were revealed.

Play area with soft blue cushions
From there, the gender of your baby will be known.

Rent the whole Kaboodle area for your fun and physical gender reveal idea! This recreational space is home to many games and an event staff you could use for your party day.
Address: Katong Square E Coast Rd, #86-88, Singapore 428788
Capacity: 1- 40 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Wifi, a TV Screen, games, Events team
Food and Beverage Option: Vegetarian-friendly, Finger-food, coffee, tea, wine

6. Gender Reveal Beverages @KOMYUNITI

Pink and blue drinks, purple drink with glitters
Image from Patti Wiles and Signature Drink Lab

It’s true that soon-to-be mommies cannot drink alcohol. However, they do have a line of non-alcoholic cocktails that they can drink in solidarity with their guests. To execute this idea, there must first be pink and blue drinks for your guests to drink. 

The main event will have a bartender create a special pink or blue drink in front of your guests. Where else should you hold this other than KOMYUNITI, which offers their own bartending classes?

Bar area of KOMYUNITI

Managed by award-winning mixologist As’ad (better known as Utt), this is the perfect venue to center a beverage for your gender reveal party. See what you can cook up with KOMYUNITI!

Address: 366 Orchard Road Level 10, YOTEL, Singapore 238904
Capacity: 1- 170
Amenities: Air conditioning, Swimming Pool, Pool, Event Staff, Full Bar
Food and Beverage Option: Burgers, Canapes, Cocktail, Coffee, Dessert, Finger-food, Fusion, International, Korean, Local, Spirit, Tapas, Tea, Vegetarian Friendly, Western

7. Gender Reveal Balloon Drop @Social Affinity

Balloons falling from ceiling and balloons covered up in ceiling
Image from Kara’s Party Ideas and Mostly Becky

This list of unique gender reveal party ideas ends with a classic balloon drop. How to execute this? First, you will need many balloons (color should already be your baby’s gender). These should not be helium too, so that they could have a proper drop. 

Next, you will need help from event staff to keep these hidden in the ceilings with a big dark cover. Make sure the balloons do not leak or the surprise will be revealed!

Empty minimalist space

For this venue, it’s important to have a spacious and minimalist indoor area. Social Affinity, for example, is a perfect spot for this type of celebration. Its cozy interiors and open space concept will make your balloons the star of the event!

Look up to Social Affinity for your gender reveal party now!

Address: Kallang Bahru, Singapore
Capacity: 1- 250
Amenities: Aid conditioning, Full Bar, Stage, Private Room, Event Staff, Dressing Room
Food and Beverage Option: Coffee, Tea

Gender reveal parties have only been more popular this last year thanks to social media. These Instagrammable events have become very important parts of a pregnancy journey, and why shouldn’t they be? These are milestones that will always be a cause for celebration. 

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