Private Party Ideas with Suitable Venues in Singapore 2021

We are currently still in a pandemic but that doesn’t mean that all celebrations need to be put on hold. Celebrations and parties will continue, albeit on a much smaller scale. The task then is to find suitable venues in Singapore that can accommodate the needs of your private party! After all, where’s the fun in throwing a party at home – now a blurred space between work and recreation? We have found venues for 8 private party types and with a quick read, you too can learn the most unique events spaces to heighten the life of your private party!

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1. Baby Shower Private Party @ SIRI HOUSE

Looking for a location to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy? Baby Showers are almost a right of passage into motherhood. Gifts are exchanged and stories are shared on what the expectant mother can look forward to in motherhood. Baby Showers are usually thrown in comfortable, indoors settings where the appetisers are just an arm’s reach away for the expectant mother 😀 But the party is always better when it’s different from the norm. Why not host your private party in the outdoors backyard of the beautiful SIRI HOUSE?

Alfresco dining area Outdoor dining area

Photo credit to SIRI HOUSE

Having an outdoor venue provides ample opportunities for you to host a multi-dimensional party. If you are keen, you could also consider throwing a gender reveal party in their lush green backyard! Pop your coloured confetti or burst a big ‘reveal’ balloon and surprise yourself and your guests! If the weather changes, the private party can easily be shifted indoors in SIRI HOUSE’s cosy bar and restaurant. Options are endless with this versatile space so we highly recommend you check this venue out

2. Graduation Private Party @ Achates

With the onset of the pandemic, many things have changed, routines disrupted and important milestones left uncelebrated. One such milestone is the deserving graduation ceremony held for students who have completed a rigorous education curriculum. With many graduation ceremonies in Singapore postponed, cancelled or transitioned online, the onus now falls on us to commemorate this occasion in our own special ways. Private yacht docked at the boatPrivate Karaoke space inside a boat

Photo credit to Achates

The best way to celebrate this momentous occasion is through a fanciful celebration, and nothing beats a private party on a yacht! Check out the beautiful Achates – a fine, luxury boat that promises a great time at sea. Charter this comfortably-priced yacht and celebrate with your graduated friends in its spacious indoor lounge or outdoor sun deck. Quench your Karaoke desires with the in-built entertainment system or gather in the cockpit and crack on some board/card games. Learn more about this party boat here!

3. Bachelorette Private Party @ Intercontinental Singapore

Girls just wanna have fun! Well, girls can have their fun any day of the year but an occasion of a bachelorette night calls for some levelling-up. Bachelorettes are special in being customary celebrations of singlehood before the bride ties the knot! In this noteworthy event, the bride’s squad gathers and raises a toast to new beginnings. Hence, there is usually something extraordinary planned to turn this event into an unforgettable experience. If you are a bridesmaid planning this party, give your girls a treat by booking Intercontinental Singapore!

Beautiful function room with chandliers Suite of a hotel room

Photo credit to Intercontinental Singapore

There are many ways one can celebrate in a hotel – from private fine dining to booking a personal event space for your planned bachelorette event. Not to mention, if all that partying tires you out, you can easily pop next door to a luxurious hotel suite for a girls slumber party! We cannot recommend this place enough for a high-quality time, so check it out here!

4. Bachelor’s Private Party @ Major99

If a bachelorette party is being thrown for the bride, then boys would want to have their share of fun too. Since boys generally prefer simpler event planning, why not opt for an exciting venue that offers varied ranges of fun in one space? Look no further than the majestic Major 99 for your private party! Be ready to round off your bachelorhood on a high at Major 99, and etch a night for your boys to remember. 

A pub with a pool table

Major 99 is a KTV pub (a Singaporean’s paradise!) with private karaoke rooms, pool tables, electronic dart machines, arcade games, slam dunk machines and beer pong. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You and your lads are guaranteed the best time with these facilities, and you didn’t even have to design an elaborate plan! Bring your groom-to-be to Major 99 for an enjoyable boys night out before the wedding day kicks in with full force. Check out this fun space here!

5. Private Dinner Party @ Eat at My Kitchen

If you are looking for an excuse to throw a private party and relax with your close ones, then turn to a cosy dinner party for an evening. Dinner parties are the perfect occasion to show off your marvellous cooking, give house tours and put on your host/hostess hats. But instead of hosting a regular dinner house party, why not gather your close family and friends in an elegant private dining restaurant in town?

Magnificent kitchen open concept Dining area of a restaurant

Eat at My Kitchen is an attractive dining event space nestled in the beautiful and lush Dempsey Hills. Equipped with a magnificent kitchen for your personal use, your guests can alternate between the kitchen and the dining area. They can also relax at the living area’s comfortable couches after dinner, rounding off the private party on a high note. Want to learn more about this homely space? Find out more here!

6. Kid’s Private Birthday Pary @ HERE.SG

A kid’s birthday party is an annual festivity that is enjoyed by many. But it is also an event that needs substantial planning. To make this planning easier for you, we have searched for a delightful venue that will make throwing a kid’s private party a lot easier! HERE.SG is a unique creative space adorned with an indoor glasshouse cafe, 3D-art feature walls and customisable mood-lighting. For kids, there is an enormous ball pit just waiting for you to dive right in!

A ball pit in an event space A foosball table in an event space with mood lighting and projector screen

Possibilities are endless with such a kid-friendly space. With gaming consoles (Nintendo and Wii), a basketball machine, a foosball table, board games and more, kids will be entertained throughout the day. There are also plenty of areas to lounge around and an overhead projector to switch on some kid-friendly films in the background! If you are seeking further assistance, this accommodating venue also provides event decoration, entertainment and photography services! Learn more about this special venue here!

7. 21st Private Birthday Party @ King and the Pawn

It is no ruse that 21st birthdays are special and therefore should be celebrated with a greater grandeur compared to other birthdays. A 21st party is a colloquial expression of marking one’s adulthood and is usually commemorated with a pop of the champagne bottle! But many people celebrate this occasion in a different way. Some choose to throw a lavish party in a hotel or book a private yacht or hunt for atmospheric venues to enjoy a private party. However, the latter can be the hardest to find. We believe that King and the Pawn is an event space that will appeal to the tastes of many!

A dining area with beer and board games A room containing a bar counter and board games

Photo credit to King and the Pawn 

King and the Pawn is a board games cafe and bar. Usually, these words alone are enough to delight anyone! This space promises a great time with its 300+ board games, signature comfort foods, beer on tap, cocktails and locally-roasted coffee. With their magnanimous selection of games, you can be rest assured that there will be games suited to every kind of player. If you are unsure of how these games work, fret not, they have in-house game gurus to recommend and teach you the play!  Nothing beats the competitive thrill of board games, so save this place for your 21st! You can learn more about this exciting cafe here!

8. Marriage Anniversary Private Party@ Amara Sanctuary

It’s the time of the year to celebrate the day you tied the knot with your better half. There are many special memories attached to this date and to immortalise this romantic day, you should recreate it to the best of your ability. For the anniversary selection, we have picked a venue that is both extravagant but also affordable! Check out the beautiful Amary Sanctuary – Tier Bar, an alfresco bar overlooking the beautiful view of the resort. 

From exorbitant suites to their many high-end amenities, this 5-star resort is a treat for any occasion. For a one-off celebration, we recommend a visit to their Tier Bar. The bar is situated in tropical surroundings and also has an indoor seating area. In this cocktail lover’s paradise, you and your partner can kick back and relax with their chill music and ambient lighting. A perfect place for a romantic date night or a private anniversary celebration with your friends, check out how you can book this space here!

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We hope you gained something from our selection of private party venues suitable for each occasion! We know that there are many people out there still planning private party events and this tough period has made it difficult to find the right venue. Here is where we come in to help you find some of the best unique event spaces at affordable prices, not letting the pandemic rain on your parade! If you have a different private party in mind, choose between an extensive range of venues right here.  

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