8 Best Bridal Shower Party Ideas in Singapore 2022

Two women with a smiling bride in the middle

It has been a while since people in Singapore can celebrate a bachelor party and bridal shower party the way they want to. With COVID-19 restrictions changing on and off, many had to take these online.

Since the world of events is now as free as it was pre-COVID, many are now excited to get back to their wedding parties. However, quite a few have also forgotten how to throw one. 😬 It’s not their fault, it been a while!

If you’re one of these people, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Here are the best, unique bridal shower party ideas in Singapore (and event venues Singapore too)!


1. Tea Party Bridal Shower @ Another Day

Tea set and tea set on a table
Image from colincowieweddings.com

Start classic with a tea party-themed bridal shower! Embrace your classic femininity and sip some tea with your bride gang. Decorate your tables with pastel flowers and lace covers. Feed your guests with delicious finger-food spreads. 

Experience an easy but unique bridal shower with a tea party! Celebrate it best at Another Day, which offers tea tasting workshops and Singapore’s first ancient style dress-up script experience hall.

Tea party room with red walls and wooden floors
Choose from 5 creatively designed rooms and hold your bridal shower party at Another Day, our VCA 2022 winner for Most Innovative Event Venue!

2. Pajama Party @ Here.SG

Women on a bed with balloons and people toasting a glass of champagne
Image from fizkes and kkshepel

Throw it back to your childhood memories by having a pajama party with your bridal squad! Dress up in cozy but stylish pajamas and celebrate your upcoming wedding by playing games, popping bottles of wine, and by even having a movie night.  

Take your pajama party to the next level by celebrating it at Here.SG. This creative event space has an indoor glasshouse cafe, customizable mood lighting, a ball pit, and a mini stage (where you can definitely set up a cozy cushion area for your sleeping).

Spacious events area with games and a stage

Explore bridal shower party possibilities at Here.SG!

3. Yacht Party @ Yacht Kingdom

Three women on a yacht wearing bikinis and nautical themed bridal party
Image from Johnce and Narongrit Sritana

Live the high life at your bridal shower party by spending it on a yacht! Sail the high seas with a bridal squad and enjoy the scenic views of Singapore—all while dressed to the nines. 

Wear matching swimsuits, an all-white nautical ensemble, or even long luxury dresses for this bridal shower party in Singapore. This is for people looking for a party with a youthful vibe.

Yacht 260 view

If you are planning a yacht bridal shower in Singapore, consider spending it with the Yacht Kingdom. With an enormous outdoor deck for lounging and drinking, this can certainly accommodate your girl gang. Its amenities include a 56-foot saloon with a bar counter, an entertainment area, and 360 panoramic views. 

Start planning your yacht party at the Yacht Kingdom!

4. Bridal Shower Brunch @ Nalati

Table with spread of desserts and a bride with her friends in front of desserts
Image from Kara’s Party Ideas and IPGGutenbergUKLtd

If you want a theme that gives you a lot of room to be creative, consider having a simple bridal shower brunch. This type of bridal shower party can go from bubbly, to luxury, to somewhere in the middle of both! 

Decorate your bridal shower brunch in Singapore with balloon bouquets or through dozens of flora and fauna. You can even opt for set meals or a brunch spread with fresh fruit, granola cups, and several types of bread.

Green walls, brown wooden floors and tables in restaurant space

The best place to celebrate a bridal shower brunch in Singapore is Nalati, which is the first of its kind garden-themed restaurant at Republic Plaza. With its second floor events space, Nalati can be home to a beautiful bridal shower party in Singapore!


5. Hotel Staycation @ Pan Pacific Singapore

Two women with cucumbers on their eyes and women wearing white with confetti on a bed
Image from Bride and Breakfast HK

Whisk your girls away for a rest and relaxation weekend through a hotel staycation bridal shower party. Book a room and plan a special lunch with your girls at a luxury hotel. 

Celebrate with your friends by doing what you love doing together—take a trip to the spa, talk about everything over delicious food, and finish with a movie night in a beautiful hotel room. As a bonus? You can wear matching outfits throughout the day!

Big hotel room with living area, bed room, and bathroom

Plan your next bridal shower party in Singapore at Pan Pacific Singapore. With over 790 contemporary rooms and a unique Keyaki Garden Pavilion, it has the perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

Boko your hotel staycation for your bridal shower party in Singapore at the Pan Pacific Singapore!

6. Cocktail Classes @ KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant

Mimosa bar, four women toasting
Image from Allison Cherry and IPGGutenbergUKLtd

To be honest, sometimes the most fun bridal showers are those that have an alcoholic zing. If you are your bridal squad love bonding over a glass (or two, or three, or four, five…etc.) of the best cocktails, consider taking classes on how to make one. 

This activity will surely spice up your bridal shower party in Singapore. Together with your friends, you can make your favorite drinks and invent new ones. Not to mention, you’ll all have a trendy “drunk-blush” look at the end of the activity.

KOMYUNITI bar area

KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant is the perfect location in Singapore for these cocktail classes. Located at the heart of Orchard Road, KOMYUNITI is managed by Head Chef Benny Lim and award-winning mixologist, As’ad. It is best known for its quirky cocktails and creative gastronomy. This event venue offers cocktail workshops that teach guests how to make three different cocktails. 

Start planning your unique bridal shower party in Singapore at KOMYUNITI!

7. Baking Session @ Studio Recreate

Woman wearing pajamas while rolling dough. "Love is sweet" baking jars.
Image from alfexe and Measuring Cup Optional

If you’re not interested in alcohol as much as you are in cakes, then how about having a baking session for your bridal shower party? 

Get your girl crew a picturesque kitchen, a go-to cake recipe (or a video tutorial), and get baking. You can order special aprons for your bridal party and make a game out of the best cake decorations. The best part? You get to have delicious cake right after this activity…so it’s a win-win idea.

A Scandanavian kitchen

To escape from the confines of your own home, consider throwing your baking bridal shower party at Studio Recreate. This boutique zen-inspired kitchen has floor to ceiling windows, taking in as much natural light as possible (aka great pictures!). 

This also has professional grade kitchen equipment that can turn a basic baking experience into a luxury party. Book Studio Recreate for your bridal shower party in Singapore now!

8. Art Appreciation @ LivingWithArt Gallery

Museum with bride visitors. Painting area with easels and aprons.
Image from Becky’s Best Bites and Nearly Newlywed

For girls that love art, consider spending your bridal shower party appreciating it. You and your friends can have a mini painting or drawing session with a professional artist. Some that do this spend a day in an art-filled room, appreciating and discussing artworks in front of them. 

Spacious area with paintings on walls and white stools in the middle.

You can opt to do both, especially if you want a bridal shower in Singapore with unique activities. Dress for a cocktail party or go themed with matching white “art” jumpsuits!

Spend this at livingwithArt Singapore, located in Outram. This venue has beautiful and unique art that makes for an eccentric aesthetic. Moreover, this venue looks like a museum—there’s so much to see and take inspiration from! Live with art at livingwithArt Gallery now!

Now that you have bridal shower themes and bridal shower party ideas in Singapore, it’s time to make your choice! Will you go for a romantic, luxurious theme? Or do you want a laid back and activity-filled day with your girls? 

Whether you choose a tea party bridal shower or a bridal shower cocktail glass, one thing is for sure: there is a venue perfect for your dreams either way. Plan further ahead into your wedding and see the best wedding reception venues in Singapore!

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