Best Team Building Activities in Singapore For Offices Back in 2022

team bonding game in Singapore

Since the restrictions in Singapore are easing, offices are opening back up again—full of power and energy to go back to work and meet their officemates. But how to get strengthen the bond again? We at Venuerific can help: use thesee ice breakers and the best office team building activities in Singapore!

It’s no surprise why offices are excited to physically go back to work. Life is not the same without seeing officemates (turned friends) everyday.

1. Skit Game @ Distrii Amphitheatre

Woman speaking in front of people and a woman holding a note pad
Image from wichayada suwanachun

You might remember the skit game from school. Basically, you will be grouped in teams of 4 or more. Then, you will have skit prompts ready inside a hat.

There could be prompts such as “a day in the office”, “the day I found out I got a job at…”, or even “the worst customer experience.” If you want to go outside of office work, you can too, with prompts such as “when a man is afraid of everything” or “the world’s unluckiest person.”

Ampitheatre with big screen in front

Where else better to do this than at the Distrii Amphitheatre? Equipped with private offices, meeting rooms, team spaces, and a conference/event hall, this is a great space for team building activities in Singapore.

2. Show and Tell Game @ The Cocoon Space

Man holding an old radio and a man speaking in front of a crowd with hands raised
Image from Joesef Key and Holiday Smart

Prior to the office team building day, ask your officemates to bring an important item with them. This could be anything they want, and not necessarily just office-related.

Then, one by one, you will discuss the item you brought to your teammates. The task is fairly simple, and officemates can chime in and ask questions.

Tables in a meeting room with big whiteboard

Unlike the Skit Game, this game does not need a big space. This can be held in a coworking space or a simple meeting room. Whichever you prefer, you can look to The Cocoon Space at Design Orchard for this team building activity. 

This event venue has co-lab rooms, an auditorium, and incubation rooms for your team building activities in Singapore. Book The Cocoon Space!

3. Blind Drawing Game @ UMAZING Events

Woman with red blindfold and colorful nails and a woman drawing while men look at her
Image from Elizabeth Hachem and Philip Barry

The next team building activity on this list is the Blind Drawing Game. You can have teams with 3-4 members each, preferably. 

In this game, each player has to choose an artist to be blindfolded. The remaining members would have to instruct the artist on how to draw an item without sight. (Also without knowing what the item is!). The team with the closest drawing to their item wins.

Tables in meeting room with projector

If you’re going to be doing this and other team building activities in Singapore, you may want to check out UMAZING Events. This venue has everything you need: a projector, a white board, and corporate packages that you can use. 

Explore how amazing UMAZING Events actually is!

4. Play Board Games @ All To Gather

Man putting cards down on a table and three friends playing a board game
Image spectrelabs and Edwin Tan

The beauty of playing board games with your team is that everyone has a say on what to play. Because of this, you are sure that everyone is involved and interested in the game you’re playing.

The downside of this is that board games rarely accommodate groups of 10 or more people. Instead of having all of your officemates play together, they will have to be separated in groups of 5 or more.

Still, if you have an entire day with the office, you can switch around team players and games. It’s really your choice!

Room with sofa, board games, and foosball table

All To Gather, a Venuerific Choice Awards winner for Most Popular Event Venue, is a perfect team building event venues in Singapore. It is spacious and its amenities include card games, large Jenga, Competition Foosball, and all sorts of other games.

Make memories with your teammates at All To Gather!

5. Bowling Team Building @ Civil Service Club Tessensohn

People playing bowling and a pink bowling ball close up
Image from ASphotowed

Moreover, this builds your interpersonal relationships with them—something most of you would appreciate since you probably haven’t seen each other in a long time!

If you want team building activities in Singapore that almost all members would understand, why not go bowling? Playing this as a team building sport injects positivity and healthy competition within your team.

Bowling alley area

If you’re looking for a good spot to hold your bowling team building activities in Singapore, consider the Civil Service Club Tessensohn. One of its many amenities is a high-tech bowling center with open-play, cross-lane and league modes. You can use up to 20 of their lanes when you buy out the venue. 

See what the Civil Service Club Tessensohn has in store!

6. Human Bingo @ Stal

People with their hands together and a human bingo card
Image from fizkes and My Free Bingo Cards

A common ice breaker in team building activities is called the “Human Bingo.” There are samples of human bingo cards that can be found online, if you don’t have time to create your own.

However, the more specific to your team, the better!

In Human Bingo, each member will have a bingo card with different prompts on it. It could be “Own 4 cats” or “Knows how to whistle”—it really depends on the organizer. The goal is to find members of your team that fit each description.

The first person to get 5 people in each BINGO row wins!

Large common area with bar and motorcycle

Playing Human Bingo is quite easy, and it does not require much when it comes to the venue. However, team building activities usually just start with this game, and there are more difficult ones to come after.

Should you be planning a large corporate team building day, consider Stal. Their fun indoor area changes the aura for your team but can also accommodate workshops, meetings, & other private events.

A bonus? They have a pool and a bbq grilling area on their rooftop. After your team building, why not have a fun office party? Discover what other team building activities in Singapore you can hold at Stal!

7. Battle of the Bands Team Building Activity @ City on a Hill

Hands playing drums and women performing music
Image from ToL_U4F and Team Music

It is time for your team to unleash their inner rockstars! Create teams with 4-6 people and give them 1 hour to practice whatever song (or dance!) that they want.

When the hour is up, have each team perform for your office. This can be the final team building session of your day—it will be like a local party and concert for your team!

Auditorium with stage for music

A Battle of the Bands team building activity will require more than just common office items. You will definitely have to find a team building venue for this. Might we suggest City on a Hill?

With a music room, a dance studio, and an auditorium, this space is perfect for a Battle of the Bands team building activity! Promote camaraderie and the arts by booking City on a Hill now!

Finding the right team building venues in Singapore can take a lot of work, especially if you’re planning many types of team bonding activities. Hopefully this list narrowed down your choices! 

If you’re still looking for the perfect venue for you (which we totally understand), you can check out the Best Training Rooms and Classrooms for Rent in Singapore! You’ll surely get an idea or two. 🤔

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