Top 5 Ideas for a 2 Day Team Bonding Adventure around Singapore

The Best Team Bonding Activities to Motivate and Engage Your Team!

Looking for an exciting way to motivate and engage your team? We have the Top 5 Ideas for a 2 Day Team Bonding Adventure around Singapore! Oftentimes, we find our team low on morale and in need of a little pick me up! Organising a 2-day team bonding retreat is the perfect Morale Booster! 


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“There’s No I in Team”

Regardless of a Local or Overseas retreat, we got the Top 5 Ideas for a 2 Day Team Bonding Adventure around Singapore!

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1. All Inclusive Resort Stay in Batam

Just an hour away by Ferry, a corporate retreat to Batam is an affordable and unique adventure.

Why choose an All-Inclusive Resort Stay in Batam?
+ Close proximity to Singapore
+ Affordable Accommodation 
+ Cheap Seafood
+ Large Range of Activities

Possible itinerary recommendation

An All-inclusive resort stay is the epitome of a Singaporean-styled retreat. A balance of lounging along with an array of team bonding activities.

  • Lounge in the Villas at Montigo Resort 

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  • Team Bonding Cooking Classes
Corporate Cooking Classes

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  • Water Activities

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2. Outdoor Activities at Johor Bahru

In addition to the favourable exchange rates, JB has many great outdoor activities just off the boarder of Singapore.

Why choose Outdoor Activities at JB? 
+ Ultimate proximity-to-Singapore Winner!
+ Affordable prices for outdoor activities

Possible itinerary recommendations

  • Stay at FlexiAsia Bayu Puteri Apartment
Apartment-Styled Accommodation

Photo taken from: FlexiAsia BayuPuteri

Photo taken from: FlexiAsia BayuPuteri

  • Go-Kart Racing and Paintball Challenge

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  • Play Golf at a Country Club


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3. Island Getaway in Lombok, Indonesia

Imagine arriving in paradise in just 3 hours! Lombok, the less known sister of Bali, has so much to offer.

Why an Island Getaway in Lombok?
+ Pristine Beaches 
+ Serene and picturesque landscape
+ Value for money 

Possible itinerary recommendation

  • Repose in The Oberoi. This beach front resort is absolutely superb. As a matter of fact, find out more and book this amazing space here!

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  • Take advantage of the hotel facilities while planning your team bonding activities!
Plan Beach Activities

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4. Charter a Yacht and cruise to the nearby island

Treat your team to an adventure of a lifetime! An unprecedented experience for the whole team. Notably, Marina at Keppel Bay can create Team boding packages specifically catered the the needs of your team.

Why take a yacht trip? 
+ Once in a lifetime experience  
+ Amazing views at sea 
+ No distractions! Great team bonding opportunity

Look Forward to…

  • Sailing out at sea!

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Sail away to a jolly good time!

5. Take a Corporate Fishing Trip

Although Singapore is surrounded by water, we rarely take time out to appreciate what nature has to offer.

Reminisce in the good old days (with a slight upgrade), we are trading in our sampans for a jet powered fishing boat! The best way to build camaraderie is by connecting with our primitive instincts- to hunt. (in this case, fish)

Why a fishing trip? 
+ Best team building activity 
+ Exciting and engaging

Look forward to…

  • Spending a day on this beauty


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  • The adrenaline rush when you make your first catch!


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All in all, Team building activities are paramount to any successful team! As the saying goes…

“Teamwork Makes the Dream work!”

So? What are you waiting for? Look no further for your next trip.

Try one of these Top 5 Ideas for a 2 Day Team Bonding Adventure around Singapore. Its’ time to build your dream team now!

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